Given my various work experiences, technologies, and projects I have been involved in, I occasionally provide technology consulting. Most of the time, I deal with checking and resolving configuration anomalies on systems and applications, server or web service setup and testing, system integration, source testing, security and penetration testing, and sometimes even the development of small applications or plugins for CMS (such as WordPress).

In short, wherever there is technology to configure, test, fix, develop, or follow, I make myself available. Of course, not alone, depending on the consulting requested, I involve in the work team, trusted colleagues with whom I have collaborated and continue to collaborate, in order to guarantee the best result for the customer, using the expertise that we have available.

Certainly, it has also happened to me to say no to some consulting requests, as I couldn’t guarantee a good result, I have honestly replied that my skills or those of my collaborators were not sufficient to meet the requirements.

So, if you need help in some IT project, just write to me! If my skills or those of my collaborators are sufficient to guarantee you an excellent result, we will be happy to help you.