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Il modo crypto
Il modo crypto

I became aware of this world thanks to some friends who showed me a project for the metaverse. The project in question is called UERII. The scope of this project is training, and they are working to leverage new technologies (artificial intelligence and metaverse) to provide an immersive and personalized training experience, aimed at increasing the user’s learning and making the training as tailored as possible.

But having said that, I’ll stop here, as I’m not here to talk to you about UERII, but rather about my experience with crypto, which was born precisely in order to invest in this project. That is, I had the opportunity to purchase their tokens in a reserved sales, at a very low price, and to do so I had to create a wallet, buy crypto, and then buy the tokens.

All of this was “Arabic” to my ears at first, then I started to inform myself, understand what a blockchain is, study smart contracts, and finally I understood that it’s a parallel world to the stock market, at the moment poorly regulated and unfortunately because of this very dangerous.

What can I say, we’ll see how my investments will go, at the moment the project looks promising.