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As I mentioned in my introduction, I love eating and drinking and fortunately I grew up with a cooking mother, who made me taste everything and if I’m honest, I still take advantage of her today if I want to try dishes that I wouldn’t know how to tackle on my own.

Usually this happens: I see a recipe on social media that I would like to taste, I call my mother and start by saying:

“Hi mom, you know I tried that dish in that restaurant and I really liked it a lot!!”

She, who feels the competition much more than I do, answers: “Oh really?!? Well, I’m glad..” and then moves on to other topics. After a week she calls me and says:

“You know that dish you told me about… I made it too, and in my opinion it turned out better than what you tried at the restaurant!”

At that point the game is done… I thank her and I arrange to have lunch together, and also to see if she’s right again!

Joking aside, I recognize her with a special gift, if you like you can visit her Facebook profile, besides some embarrassing photos of us children, you will also see what she is capable of (don’t do it when you’re hungry!).

But let’s get to the point. In this section I will report my experiences with good food and drinking. Dishes, wines, cocktails, beers, restaurants, in short everything I’ve tried in relation to this subject.

Steamed Marinated Salmon and Potatoes

This is how I prepare marinated salmon with steamed potatoes using the Monsieur Cuisine . The ingredients are for 4 servings, so if you need to reduce or increase, I...

Monkey 47 Gin

Monkey 47

This gin has 47 botanicals and a base distilled from molasses instead of grain. The nose is lively with lime zest complemented by juniper, lemon essential oil, lemongrass and a...


HENDRICKS’S GIN – The Original

Although it is the most commercial gin, as it can be found in all supermarkets, this gin, accompanied with the right tonic and a slice of cucumber that enhances its...