Having done a lot of sports, I have also received many massages. Some were preparatory for sports activities, others for pure pleasure.

From this, the passion for massage was born. Being massaged from head to toe, receiving positive energy, feeling the body entering a state of physical and mental well-being, stimulated me to want to be an active participant in this art.

I confess that it is not easy at all, we are all different, with different expectations, different skin, and different muscle structures. Every time it’s a new world to explore and understand, and the more you understand it, the more satisfied the massage recipient is.

In my opinion, massage is an extremely personal and intimate experience where, whether you are being massaged or the masseur, the connection that is created is very energetic, and the deeper and more empathetic the dialogue between hands and body, the more effective the massage is for both.

There are different types of massage, each with its own purpose. I like them all, but if you have never had one, I recommend starting with a nice relaxing massage, which relieves tension and allows you to fully appreciate this world.

If you are an athlete and need recovery instead, you know better than me that massage is not very pleasant, especially if it’s deep tissue. But you also know that 48 hours after the massage, your muscles will be reborn, and your performance will improve.

I have always massaged applying the maneuvers that various masseurs used on me, trying to understand, with the massage recipient, what sensations were perceived, and although they were good in my head, there was always the desire to certify this passion of mine with a professional course that would give me all the elements to perform this art to the best.

Given this passion I am continuing my journey with the National Massage School TAO realising how beautiful this world is, full of small details that truly make a difference during the massage session.

That said, if you find yourself in the Verona and would like to try my hand, write me a message, and I will be happy to book you a session.