Collage Ironman
Collage Ironman

What can I say, I’ve tried all kinds of sports and I have to say that I’ve accomplished some feats that even today I struggle to believe I came out alive and satisfied.

I believe I am very lucky genetically and that nature has helped me a lot, because every time I try a new sport it takes very little to get comfortable with its gestures. Of course I don’t become a professional in no time, but I can definitely have fun, which is my main goal (for me there is no sport without fun, obviously effort is an integral part of it).

A prime example, to make you understand, was with golf. After having the first lesson with the teacher and listening to all the things I should pay attention to in order to make a decent swing, I immediately thought, ok I won’t even be able to take the ball, but from the first swing the teacher was left speechless, saying, “Oh, you’re either particularly talented or very lucky!?!?” Obviously it was the latter, as with the second swing I didn’t even take the ball, but in no time I was able to play my games, aware that there was no talent, but just good management of one’s own body and coordination.

I hope to intrigue you with all my experiences and if you need a partner for some training here I am!

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