Monkey 47 Gin
Monkey 47 Gin

Monkey 47

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This gin has 47 botanicals and a base distilled from molasses instead of grain. The nose is lively with lime zest complemented by juniper, lemon essential oil, lemongrass and a hint of coriander. The Monkey 47 (I suggest you go check out the website, because in my opinion it is wonderful), is produced by Black Forest Distillers GmbH.

The story goes that in 2006, Alexander Stein, heir to the Jacobi brandy dynasty and former manager of Nokia, learned of the existence of an extraordinary gin recipe from the Black Forest. Stein quickly fell in love with the legend of a young Royal Air Force officer with a varied and multifaceted biography. He was excited about the idea of producing a Black Forest gin based on regional ingredients and set to work to bring the monkey back to life.

In late 2008, Stein left the telecommunications group and returned to his native Baden-Württemberg, Germany. There he founded Black Forest Distillers GmbH. The choice of the Black Forest was deliberate, because in addition to its natural landscape and innovative inhabitants, it is also home to Black Forest Distillers’ essential ingredients: natural spring water and special varieties of aromatic berries and fruits. By chance or through a stroke of luck, Stein made the acquaintance of Christoph Keller, a highly acclaimed distiller. Since then, Keller, who settled in the Oberen Hegau near Lake Constance in 2005, has been devoted with great success and meticulousness to his passion: distillation.

His creations are highly praised by experts and have been recognized internationally with more than 100 awards in the past three years. Since 2009, Keller regularly appears in the top category of the 50 best distillers in Europe chosen by Gault Millau. So the idea was born, a plan was drawn up, and the Black Forest distillers sealed their partnership.

Montgomery Collins’ Black Forest dry gin would be: a master gin with floral notes, the freshness of tangy citrus, a light juniper tone, a spicy, peppery flavor and a subtle hint of blueberries to give that certain “je ne sais quoi.” Made exclusively by hand using traditional distillation methods and 100 percent fresh plant ingredients and paired with Black Forest soft water.

Given the incredible complexity, trying to identify all the scents is a real gamble. The palate is equally complex, although the citrus is immediate and unmistakable. Long, warm finish of lemon pulp, grapefruit peel, cinnamon and Froot Loops cereal.

This gin can be safely drunk on its own, to savor its 47 very balanced botanicals, or it can be used to make an excellent gin and tonic, for which I recommend Fever Tree Premium Indian and a slice of lime.