Film - Tutto Può Cambiare
Film - Tutto Può Cambiare

Begin Again – by John Carney

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For music lovers and not, a movie definitely worth watching. A depressed producer and an unexpected musician, create a musical dramatic comedy, with a perfect mix of emotions that range from hate to love. A love that is born but cannot be consummated, one that ends painfully and one that is reborn, in short, a full of emotions accompanied by music, which makes everything even more romantic.

Tempted by the possibilities offered by a big city, Gretta and her boyfriend Dave move to New York to pursue their passion for music. When her boyfriend gets a big solo contract, blinded by fame, he betrays her with a girl working in his record label in Los Angeles, during the recording period.

Gretta realizes the betrayal listening to his new song and, shocked, decides to run away from Steve, a friend of hers who plays on the street; after settled for the night the two decide to go to a local where her friend will perform to make himself known and unexpectedly invite Gretta on stage to sing one of her songs. Her life will take a turn when Dan Mulligan, a drunken record producer and now broke because he was fired from his record label for not bringing any more innovative ideas to the company, is fascinated by Gretta’s natural and authentic talent; he decides to help the girl by recording her album using the city of New York as an open-air recording studio.

As time goes by, Gretta and Dan become good friends and he tells her about his difficult marital life: he and his wife Miriam separated after she had cheated on him with another man. The two have a teenage daughter, Violet, with whom Dan has a complicated relationship. Working with Gretta, Dan’s private life also starts to improve, especially his relationship with Violet.

Gretta, angry with Dave, blinded by his career, decides to leave him a song on his answering machine, intending to make him understand that she has chosen another life. Dave, after listening to the song, calls her asking for a date; they meet again and he makes her listen to his new song, which is an arrangement of a piece that Gretta had written for him some time ago. Gretta is upset because Dave has heavily modified the arrangement. Gretta wanted the song Lost Stars to be reserved only for the two of them, but Dave argues that a musician should communicate with the whole world. Dave invites Gretta to his concert; she, hesitantly, accepts.

Gretta’s demo is complete; she and Dan set up a party, to which his wife and daughter also attend. Dan and Miriam go out together and they have a great time during the evening. The old feelings between them seem to come back and Dan and Miriam spend the night together.