AIR – Courting Legend

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A movie about the story of shoe salesman Sonny Vaccaro and how he led Nike in the search for the greatest athlete in sports history, Michael Jordan.

Sonny Vaccaro is an icon in the world of sports and sports marketing, with a career spanning decades that has profoundly influenced the way brands and athletes relate to each other.

Born in 1939 in Trafford, Pennsylvania, Vaccaro spent much of his life working in the world of sports, first as a coach and then as a sports executive and marketing man. His career led him to work for numerous sports companies, including Nike, Adidas, and Reebok, becoming a key figure in the sports sponsorship market.

One of his biggest innovations in the world of sports marketing was the introduction of sponsored sneakers. Vaccaro played an important role in convincing sports companies to sponsor professional athletes and offer them a sponsorship contract to wear their sneakers during games. This idea changed the world of sports and created a new source of income for athletes, allowing them to earn more and become brand ambassadors for sports companies.

Additionally, Vaccaro was also one of the first to understand the importance of the international sports market and helped bring American basketball to Europe and Asia. He created the first international basketball tournament in the 1980s, the “Nike Super 6,” which saw teams from all over the world participate.

Sonny Vaccaro was able to seize the opportunities offered by the international market and create innovations that revolutionized the world of sports. Despite the controversies that marked his career, Vaccaro remains an important figure in the history of sports and sports marketing.