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My bike experience has had several starts, beginning when I was very young, when my maternal grandfather tried to put all his grandchildren, male and female, on bicycles, up to 2018 when the bike was the second phase of the IRONMAN I did in Cervia.

It has always been a love-hate relationship, love because it is a beautiful sport, hate because it is very tiring and every time you start, you get a major soreness.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to make a big investment to buy a bike and clothing, as my brother was a professional and I am using all his equipment. One important thing I did, however, was to have myself positioned correctly. This made a huge difference for me because, after cycling 180km in the IRONMAN, I got off the bike without any problems and ran the marathon.

So, if I can give you one piece of advice, whether you want to ride thousands of kilometers or just go out for a ride occasionally, invest some money to have yourself positioned correctly (I went here and found Alberto particularly good).

The clothing I use is from the brand ALÉ, and I must say that it is really excellent (even if inherited), the shoes are DMT triathlon shoes and I have never had any problems with them.