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Lo Human Design

Human Design System

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Human Design is a synthesis of ancient knowledge, modern and contemporary sciences, translated into a graphic/visual language that shows us the genetic map of who we are. Through the analysis of this genetic map, we have the opportunity to understand the choice we made to incarnate on this planet: what our talents and vulnerabilities are. It can be considered a user manual for life, a practical tool to show how we are designed to make healthy decisions and live as unique beings.

The first step to being yourself is to trust your own Definition and experience your Strategy (or Authority). The next step in Human Design is to reveal what is open within you, to help you recognize where and how you are conditioned. Understanding your Conditioning is crucial when embarking on the journey to allow your true Inner Authority to guide you.

What are the features of Human Design?

Human Design encompasses a synthesis of modern sciences such as quantum physics, biochemistry, genetics, astronomy, and ancient esoteric systems like the Hebrew Kabbalah, the Chinese I Ching, and the Hindu Chakras. It’s a logical system of self-awareness that penetrates our spirit and reconnects us with who we truly are, explaining the workings of the human psyche in a completely innovative personal analysis.

The distinctive features of this system are:

Central principle: the principle of form.
The human form determines life and its quality, and the mind is merely a “passenger” traveling within this form.

Therefore, Human Design’s unique goal is the simultaneous transformation of the body and the mind. In the framework of this transformation, a person will need to learn, first, to make decisions about their life and for themselves from the inner authority of the body, and second, to stop using the mind to make decisions. The mind must learn to be a “passenger” and should only deal with analyzing and synthesizing incoming information.

Focus on your uniqueness.
Human Design reveals what makes you unique. This isn’t a self-improvement system; it’s a self-awareness system. You don’t have to improve anything about yourself, engage in regular exercises, set and achieve goals, or pump yourself up with motivational slogans. Your chart will show you who you are and who you’ve never been. One of the goals of this system is to aid our children in the unique development of their nature and in recognizing their talents.

Practicality and empirical testing.
The practical value of Human Design lies in its ability to accurately describe the unique nature of each individual. Furthermore, based on this nature, it shows how to make the right decisions on the wide range of life’s issues. Understanding this is like acquiring a personal “instruction manual.” Every aspect of this knowledge can be “put to the test,” identified, and seen in your life. Every aspect of this knowledge allows us to answer the question “what should I do with this?” There’s no need to accept the human design on faith; you can autonomously decide how much the information it provides about you or your loved ones resonates with you and holds value.

Mutational knowledge.
No matter how pathetic it may sound, this knowledge isn’t for everyone. One word can clearly express the essence of Human Design and its postulates: heresy. This knowledge is vibrant, provocative, full of information that shakes the foundations of many sciences, from psychology to particle physics. Experience shows that the beauty of this heresy is often appreciated by a person who has already learned or felt something in their life and needs answers from a different scale and perspective. And of course, there will always be people for whom Human Design is just “commercial knowledge,” “pseudo-science without sufficient facts,” “another typology in the spirit of socionics,” or “yes, you can say that about anyone.”

The Maverick Way.
The modern world is entirely built on communities and groups of people united by a goal or belief – whether it’s a commercial organization, a psychological support group, or a religious community. Human Design doesn’t require participation in group meetings (they simply don’t exist), wearing specific clothes, or performing rituals, prayers, or meditations. This is a deeply egoistic knowledge that leaves you alone with the world and somehow distances you from any external help and advice, as you yourself live your life.

The ability to be yourself.
Unlike most other systems, Human Design knowledge doesn’t come with any potential reward for its study or use. You most likely won’t become a wealthier person. The only gift Human Design can offer you is a strong sense within yourself that you are real, living your life, and following your destiny.

A holistic description of the mechanics of the world

Within Human Design, there are several areas that develop various aspects of this knowledge:

Primary Health System (PHS)
that examines strategies for nurturing and maintaining the body’s health based on individual differences.

Rave Psychology
which aims to work with human consciousness and psychology, providing tools for living a more conscious life.

Individual analysis
that allows each person to know their true nature, see the impact of global cycles, and discover their purpose.

Partnership analysis
that enables each couple to gain insights into the possibilities and limitations of their partnership and thereby build fundamentally different relationships of depth and quality.

Family analysis
which is a way of looking at family dynamics that helps families find simple ways to interact and communicate based on the respect for the personal characteristics of each family member.

Child development direction
which provides your children with the opportunity to receive the education, training, and development they truly need.

Dream Rave Analysis
which offers an incredible and fantastic perspective on a person’s life while they sleep.

Business areas BG5 and OC16
which show a person how to succeed materially, and the business owner is given the opportunity to instantly assess the potential of their employees.

Cosmological direction
which intersects with the latest discoveries of physicists and astronomers and claims to describe the structure of the entire Universe.

As you can see, the scope of Human Design is vast; it’s not limited to a single topic and concerns the most important areas of life and the needs of modern humans.

How it works

Human Design uses your birth data to create a BodyGraph – a map of your uniqueness. A BodyGraph lets you see your genetic type and what’s permanent in your nature. These are the key components of the system. You can immediately start an experiment with the Strategy of your genetic type and your Inner Authority, a place where you make the right decisions for yourself, to understand how relevant this knowledge is for you. Human Design is an experimental scientific system that, so far, can’t be proven by many criteria other than experimenting with your own life. The whole scientific value of this system can be proven by a person in a unit of time for themselves and not for others.

Synthesis: Science and Ancient Traditions

Despite its mystical origin, Human Design is closely tied to modern scientific discoveries and ancient wisdom.

Modern physics.
In 1998, it was demonstrated that neutrinos are born in stars, have mass, and pass through planets and people with great intensity. Physicists believe that the passage of neutrinos through a person has no consequences, but according to Human Design logic, it’s not so: our bodies program neutrinos. The correlation of a person’s birth time and place allows us to calculate the footprint of a neutrino caught in a born person and translate this footprint into the language of behavioral traits.

Principles of genetics.
Each person’s genome contains about 30,000 genes. Genes carry instructions for amino acid synthesis into proteins, from which cells are built. Each individual cell of our body contains a complete map of the genome, but depending on the type of cell it is, only certain genes will be expressed or not. For instance, the epithelial cells of the heart muscle contain information about all the body’s cells, but only what is activated in them allows the heart to perform its tasks: pumping blood. Human Design follows the same logic. Every person carries the same genetic matrix, but only certain parts of it are activated within them. You can see activation data and understand what is genetically expressed in a person through your BodyGraph (an individual graphical chart of the body).

Hindu chakra system.
In esoteric traditions, chakras are understood as energy centers that distribute energy throughout the human body. According to “Voices,” the number of centers reflects the evolutionary movement of humanity. Neanderthals had a five-center structure similar to the structure of modern mammals. Starting from 1871, the first beings with nine centers appeared in the world, for which the seven chakras of Hinduism have already passed.

Astronomy and astrology.
Just like in astrology, a person receives their individual BodyGraph based on the exact date, time, and place of birth, using the astrological wheel of planets. However, the human design does not work with the concept of “houses” and zodiac signs adopted in astrology; it also uses two dates to create a bodygraph and compare them.

I Ching and DNA.
Our genetic code consists of four nucleotide bases, which are organized into groups of three. Each of these chemical groups (called codons) corresponds to an amino acid. Similarly, there are four main combinations of Yin and Yang in the I Ching, which are also organized into groups of three, known as “trigrams.” And just as our DNA’s two chains complement each other, each I Ching trigram has a partner trigram, and together, these two symbols create a “hexagram.” Our genetic code contains 64 DNA codons, 64 hexagrams are described in the I Ching, 64 gates in a BodyGraph. And we can also see the four bases of our genetic code, manifesting in our body’s biochemistry as four types of human beings: Manifestors, Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors.

Human Design is thus something more than a simple sum of the disciplines, practices, and principles included in it. While other systems can accurately and in detail describe the world or some of its aspects, only Human Design indicates what a person should do in this world and how to make the right decisions for themselves.

So what are you waiting for calculate you chart here.