Profile 1/4 (Investigator/Opportunist)

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In this post you will find a summary table and descriptions of the background, personal and interpersonal areas of the profile 1/4.

Right Angle - Personal Destiny



Behavioral IdentityModesty
Projected AttitudeAuthoritative
Limited PerspectiveEmpathy
Desired RoleCreativity
Intimate StrategyPursuer/Pursued
Safety StrategyIndependent/Exploitative
Emotional ResonanceWeakness/Strength
Consciousness ResonanceWeakness/Strength
SexualityConfident or Not
Wave ResonanceKindness/Pettiness
Frequency ResonanceCorruption or Not


The combination of the Investigator and the Opportunist creates a fluctuation of Introspection along with a natural gift for building close relationships. The 1/4 possesses an inner drive to creatively express what they have found by investigating the people they know. While the Conscious Investigator is focused on getting to the root of what makes things work, the Transpersonal Opportunist seeks a way to bring this knowledge out. To do so, they befriend people as part of a personal network that will eventually become the recipient of their messages. The Opportunist Investigator holds a special platform from which to influence others, and once they secure a solid foundation and connect with a network, they become the Engaging Authority.

There’s something very special about this Profile. Both the 1st Line and the 4th Line are in harmony with each other, and although they operate in different ways, both are Foundation Lines. The 1st Line establishes the foundation of the ground floor of the house, and the 4th Line establishes the foundation of the second floor. This is a unique circumstance, as both Profile Lines are essentially interested in the same thing. There’s harmony in what they want to Investigate. Harmonic Profiles (1/4, 2/5, 3/6, 4/1, 5/2, 6/3) are a minority in the population and play a role in the world as “Innocent Agents of Transition,” bridging Information to the other 6 Profiles.


You are here to grasp the foundations of anything you’re interested in at a very deep level and take this base of knowledge and Externalize it within your network. You are driven to seek Authorities who can teach and prepare you, so that you can eventually establish yourself as an Authority in a field or topic that intrigues you. As you emerge into the world as an Authority, your Insecurity turns into Security and provides you with a solid ground to stand on. You shift from a position of Weakness to one of Strength and can be a force for others as well. To deeply immerse yourself, you need alone time, like Chameleon-like Introspection that allows you to immerse yourself in what you’re investigating. You’re not a community creator; instead, you enjoy a creative solitude that’s therapeutic and enriching in your life.

Your natural Cordiality is also an Intimate Strategy that attracts listeners and eventually partners. What you’re seeking is a Confidant, and a lasting relationship begins by building a friendship first. When you follow your Strategy and Authority, you have clarity in your introspective Investigation process and await the Right Opportunity to tell others what you’ve learned and discovered. You’re not just learning for yourself or personal interest, but with an eye to attract those who might be interested in the information and could benefit from it. In fact, you don’t have to personally discover or experience something before you want to share it with others.

Investing in your Network and maintaining it is one of the most important things you do in life. Your Investment in people brings future opportunities to express your knowledge base. Knowing how to make decisions about which people to invest in is crucial for your well-being; investing in the wrong network or people is harmful and leads to burnout and fatigue. All your new associates need to come to you through an introduction from your Network. You’re not designed to influence Strangers. Your 1st Line Investigator doesn’t care about others, and your friendly 4th Line Opportunist is Unconscious, so the only way to know who’s right for you is through your Strategy and Authority. Your life’s opportunities come from Networks and people you know, and it’s important that you never leave one thing (like a job, lover, or home) until you have something else to replace it with. If you do so without a replacement, you’ll experience a very heavy period while searching for a substitute.

Taking occasional breaks from your network is just as crucial in order to recover from the fatigue that comes from your social network. You can become exhausted by listening to others, as it takes considerable time and energy to cultivate your network while awaiting your opportunity to speak your Truth.


The 1/4 Profile is the ‘Conscious Authority and Unconscious Abdicator.’ The Opportunist Investigator doesn’t handle resistance well, and when they encounter someone who rejects their influence, they abdicate without changing their position and simply move forward to find someone else open and willing to listen. The quality of the 4th Line’s life depends on the quality of the Network. They are very strong and influential individuals, rooted like an oak projecting a strong and Authoritative Aura. Authentic Opportunists don’t personally create their Network; they encounter it through their Strategy and Authority.

The 1/4 seeks Support and relies on others until they reach a point in life where they become an Authority, providing for themselves. Once they find themselves on Solid Ground and are in control of their Life, they are rewarded with an Opportunity to be a generous and caring benefactor for others. When they are children, they will simply believe what they are told. It’s important for the Parents of 1/4 children to provide only reliable information that they themselves are certain about. It can be devastating for a 1/4 child to later discover they were deceived. 4 Lines can express a petty side when provoked, which can come back to haunt them. Although changing the 1/4’s deep-rooted understanding might seem impossible, this fixity combined with Empathy towards others is what brings Transition and Evolution to our Tribal and Collective Foundations.

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