Il Canto
Il Canto


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It all started as a joke one evening at a friend’s house, who was showing me his practically new bass amplifier and had connected his bass guitar to let me hear some jingles. The story of that amplifier, purchased the day before my friend’s band broke up, deserved a follow-up. So I told my friend that if he wanted to keep playing music, I had the knowledge to start a band. He looked at me and said, ‘Sure, as long as you sing…’. At that moment, having never taken singing lessons and having no idea what it meant to sing for two hours in front of strangers, I was caught up in enthusiasm and said, ‘OK!’

Within a few weeks, one of the most beautiful projects of my life came to life. The Aritmia Rock Band! I started going to singing school, initially with a local teacher and later with the legendary Michele Luppi (don’t get your hopes up, I don’t sing like him…), but he taught me a lot and I’m always happy to go and listen to him sing. Then, through lots of concerts, I perfected my technique and could sing for hours without my voice losing intensity. Of course, I’m not a professional, but I won two singing contests, so I took some satisfaction from that. Soon, I’ll be releasing around ten covers, with piano/guitar and vocals, which you can find on current distribution channels (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc.), so maybe you can tell me what you think.

But let’s get back to Aritmia. We played a lot of gigs and had a lot of fun. Our repertoire was a mix of Italian and English songs, we did everything from Vasco Rossi to Dream Theater, unfortunately we had to adjust some keys, but most of the time the result was more than listenable. Unfortunately, as we got older, some of us had family obligations or other commitments, and we had to close the band down.

After the adventure with the rock band, I played a few gigs as a guitar and vocals duo, and currently, there’s a plan to start again, maybe adding piano (if I can).

At the moment, I’m also studying Seth Riggs‘ method, an American vocal coach (you’ll find the link to his book below), which is super interesting, easy to follow and very focused on expression.