Le Croci e i Nodi
Le Croci e i Nodi

Incarnation Crosses and Lunar Nodes

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Incarnation Crosses

The incarnation crosses reveal the purpose of our life. The activity of our life is expressed as our purpose, captured in our Incarnation Cross and lived through our Profile, the costume we wear. Our incarnation crosses are not something we are entitled to or something inevitable, nor do they emerge automatically as we go through our deconditioning process. Only when we operate as our unique and differentiated self will the theme of the Cross begin to express itself through us and reveal the purpose of this life.

Once we align with our individual path, our Cross and our Profile naturally take control of our potential awareness in this life. Fulfilling our purpose requires patience and discipline, along with the ability to make the right decisions.

Each Cross contributes to a specific facet, an archetype that is expressed and brought to life through us to form the Maya world in which we live. Each of us is an aspect of totality and each offers a unique contribution to the development of the Whole. Our Cross embodies the full expression of our potential awareness in awake living.

An incarnation cross is formed by the crossed polarities of Personality and Design Sun/Earth. The Sun and Earth are always exactly opposite each other in the wheel. The two calculations of the human design are done about 88 or 89 days apart. If you were to mark the positions of Personality and Design Sun/Earth on a wheel and draw lines to connect the Sun/Earth oppositions, the result would be a cross.

Lunar Nodes

In the design analysis, the Lunar Nodes divide life into two basic dynamics, the South Node phase and the North Node phase. The Nodes are not planets, but positions – points where the Moon’s path crosses the ecliptic – and they constitute an essential aspect of our design.

The North Node of the Personality reveals the perspectives we develop on the world in the second half of our life, while the Design Node outlines the way we live and relate to our environment.

The theme of our North Nodes lays the foundation for the mature way of experiencing life after our Uranus Opposition (38-43 years), as we move from the South Node to the North Node and shift into a place of fulfillment. During the North Node phase, we integrate our learning experience from the first half of life.

The South Node phase is the development phase of the first life experience until we reach our Uranus Opposition at around 38-43 years. The transition from the South Node to the North Node symbolizes the point where we have reached maturity.

The South Node of the Personality, through the gate/line it activates, illustrates how we perceive the world around us and the perspectives we develop about it during the first half of life. From the design perspective, it describes the initial environments that shape the backdrop within which we experience life.

If you want to see your incarnation cross, calculate your chart here.