Human Design Glossary

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The following is a glossary of Human Design System terms in order to make the language and meaning of published writings more understandable.


A quality associated with the Channels and Gates of the Abstract Circuit: Experiences, Feelings, Emotions, and Reflections: making sense of the past for the benefit of the Collective. The opposite of Logical Process. (see Logic)


Any Gate that is colored in the Body Graph, whether part of a Defined Channel or not.


(see Centers)


In Hexagram Theory, Lines occupying parallel positions in the lower and upper Trigrams are in Harmony with each other. They represent a Common Theme. These Harmonies are the 1st and 4th Lines (which represent the foundational Line of their respective Trigrams), the 2nd and 5th Lines (representing Projection Lines), and the 3rd and 6th Lines (which represent Mutation Lines). (see Dissonance and Resonance)


The ancient study of stars, planets, celestial bodies, and their influence on someone’s life or environment; a precursor to the modern science of astronomy; an astrological calculation provides a snapshot of the planetary positions at the time of birth and places them within the Synthesis, the Mandala.


An invisible energy field surrounding living beings, extending about 1.8 meters in all directions. Its frequency or how it communicates who we are to others governs how we impact or connect with others. (see Types)


What is white or Undefined in a Body Graph; the source of Conditioning, Education, Nurturing, and Potential Wisdom in Life.

Inner (Personal) Authority:

(see Authority)

External Authority:

(see Authority)


One of the Tools for living and making decisions.
Inner (Personal) Authority, the source of inner guidance for making decisions for oneself; one’s personal GPS.
External Authority, the appropriate realm of the mind, freed from decision-making process and able to use its gifts in service of others.


Theme of the not-self of the Projector or Projected Channels. (see Projector) (see Type Channels)

Lack of Choice:

Allowing your life to unfold gradually with Awareness through correct Auric interaction with others (Strategy), guided by your Inner (Personal) Authority of your Form; the result of lack of choice is that by observing what life brings you and not trying to control or manipulate it, you awaken.

Big Bang:

Regarding the Human Design System, the Big Bang is a Conception. The meeting of the original Yin (the Egg) and the great Yang (the Sperm), which then initiated the expansion (Growth) of the Universe. In the Language of Voice, the conception of the unborn child.


A term used by Ra Uru Hu to represent the dualistic nature of the cosmos. (see Binary)


Any system that embraces opposite poles as integral to its understanding of the whole; Human Design is based on juxtaposing opposites, ‘the this and that of everything.’

Personality Calculation:

Moment of birth; based on the date, time, and place of your birth.


A quantum created by the union of two Gates; pathways that carry or connect and transform energy between the nine centers in the Body Graph.

Type Channels:

Generated Channel, energy designed to respond.
Projected Channel, energy designed to be recognized and invited.
Manifested Channel, energy designed to initiate and impact.
Reflected Channel, undefined, designed to reflect.


Body Graph. The blueprint (program) for your energy, how it operates within you, and how it interacts with others’ energy. The primary tool for Human Design analysis.


The study or mapping of energy flow through channels, gates, and centers in the Body Graph. (see Circuits/Circuit)


Energetic nuclei of the Body Graph with 9 Centers that transform energy as it flows through the Body Graph; associated with the Endocrine System of the Body.
Ajna, center of Conceptualization; prepares and directs mental awareness towards the Throat.
Heart/Will, center of the material world, willpower, ego strength, and self-esteem.
G, center of Identity, love, and direction; where we connect with our geometry through our Magnetic Monopole; the center of the Higher Self; how we connect to the totality.
Throat, center of metabolism, manifestation, and communication; represents the most significant and recent mutation in the 7-centered bio-form (alongside Ajna); opened the way for sophisticated verbal communication 85,000 years ago.
Spleen, center of survival awareness that connects us to our animal instincts; existential state of Awareness/Safety/Physical Health in the moment; our immune response.
Root, center for maintaining momentum in life; adrenal pressure to get things moving.
Solar Plexus, center of emotional intelligence, the emotional wave; currently mutating as the Center of Awareness (Spiritual awareness) in preparation for the upcoming evolutionary shift in 2027.
Sacral, center of our creative life force energy operating in response.
Head, center of inspiration; pressure to think and question.

Single Cell:

The design of the Single Cell is Gate 15 in the G Center connected to Gate 5 in the Sacral Center. Its Integrative Potential is Gate 3 – Mutation.

Tantric Channels:

Channels 5-15, 14-2, 29-46 between the Sacral Center and the G Center; the Fertile Vital Forces of Sacral Empowerment directed in a specific direction as the expression of the Higher Self through the G Center.

Tribal Circuit:

(see Circuit Groups)

Throat Center:

(see Centers)

Spleen Center (Spleen):

(see Centers)

Solar Plexus Center:

(see Centers)

Heart/Will Center:

(see Centers)

Integration Channel:

Fundamental component of the Individuation Process; a group of four channels that serve as the Key Defense Mechanism of Form; channels 34-20, 57-10, 34-57, and 10-20.

Left-Angle Cross:

Fixed Destiny. (See Incarnation Crosses)

Hexagram Constellation:

A slice of the Mandala that includes the Zodiac degrees and the Gates/Lines/Hexagrams of the I Ching; each Constellation spans 5°37’30”.

Right-Angle Cross:

Personal Destiny. (See Incarnation Crosses)

Rave Body Graph:

At the center of the Rave Mandala; captures the imprinting of the two Awareness Crystals that determine what differentiates a human from all others; a design of Uniqueness.

Rave Cartography:

Mapping the surface mechanics of the Human Design System®.

Rave Chart:

(see Chart)

Head Center:

(see Centers)

Health Centers:

Spleen and Throat (see Centers)

Heart/Will Center:

(see Centers)

Root Center:

(see Centers)

Sacral Center:

(see Centers)

Awareness Centers:

All human beings have three potential fields of awareness: Ajna – mental awareness; Spleen – body awareness; Solar Plexus – spiritual awareness. (see Centers)


17 Energy Centers used for centuries in the East to relate body energy to physical body, the exoteric realm to the esoteric realm; in 1781, humans began evolving into our current 9-Centered beings.


Organizes and graphically represents the flow of energy throughout the Body Graph; 6 Circuits within 3 main Circuit Groups, plus the core Integration Channel; the Circuit represents how we connect and work with one another.

Circuit Group:

The three main Circuit Groups are:
Collective, key word Sharing; reflects on what has been or anticipates what may move forward and secure life, like a large group.
Individual, key word Empowerment; inspired by intuitive knowing that emerges in the now.
Tribal, key word Support; ensures ongoing species replication by making predictions for survival; material and spiritual success/vitality.

Collective Circuit:

(see Circuit Groups)


Key life transition points that are measurable. The point itself is the mid-point in a 7-year cycle representing a transition process one goes through, with Cycle Return readings providing guidance for the journey of life. Additionally, we move through a yearly cycle known as the Solar Cycle Return. (see Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, and Chiron Return)
Solar Return – A forecast of what lies ahead in the coming year in terms of education, development, and personal connections.
Saturn Return – Explores mechanics and patterns revealed in the Body Graph between ages 28 and 32 and gives signals for our evolving maturity.
Uranus Opposition – Explores mechanics and patterns revealed in the Body Graph, showing the shift from the direction and environment of the first 40 years of life to the new direction and environment for the latter part of life. This occurs between ages 38 and 40. (Midlife crisis)
Chiron Return – Explores mechanics and patterns revealed in the Body Graph for the final flowering of life purpose and begins between ages 48 and 52.

Left-Angle Cross:

Transpersonal Destiny. (see Incarnation Crosses)

Lunar Cycle:

The 28-day lunar orbit around the Earth; a cycle moves around all 64 Gates of the Mandala; the Lunar Cycle is the Reflector’s Strategy for decision-making and its version of Personal (Inner) Authority.

Life Cycle:

Based on the orbit of the planet Uranus, which takes 84 years to orbit the Sun. When Uranus has moved to a position exactly opposite its original position on the day of birth, this is the halfway point or Uranus Opposition.

Incarnation Cross:

A composite of the Gates and Lines of the Sun and Earth in your Personality and Design Data; trace polarities that intersect as a “Cross” within the Mandala; indicate each person’s Life Purpose and provide an identity of Human Evolutionary Potential; there are 768 Incarnation Crosses (192 basic ones with multiple variations).

Individual Circuit:

(see Circuit Groups)

Rave Cosmology:

The study of the Cosmic Background/Foundation for the revelation of the Science of Differentiation and the Human Design System; information given to Ra Uru Hu by the ‘Voice in 1987 in order to understand the Principle of Form and our place in the Cosmos.

Genetic Continuity:

A quality of interrelation that exists within the Body Graph between similar parts of the whole; for example, all 1 Lines of the 64 Hexagrams carry an introspective quality or all Gates in the Individual Circuit are potentially fortifying.


Both partners have the same Channel or Defined Gate in their Body Graph. This is the potential for friendship, shared experience.


Integration of two Designs; the foundation of the relationship is established where Definitions exist in the composite. There are four distinctive connection types. (see Partnership, Compromise, Dominance, and Electromagnetic).


One partner defines the entire Channel, while the other only defines a Gate within the Channel. The partner who possesses only an Activated Gate in the Channel is always compromised by the partner with the complete Channel.


The vast majority of Awareness Crystals are not embodied in living forms and never will be. Grouped into “Clusters,” they maintain a continuous planetary field of awareness. Within each of these “Clusters,” specific Crystals are waiting to incarnate.
When not embodied, Design Crystals, with their integrated Magnetic Monopoles, accumulate in the Earth’s mantle.
Personality Crystals orbit within the Atmosphere.
The initiation sequence or Conception takes place when the Magnetic Monopole and its Design Crystal are drawn by the magnetic Monopole of the male from the Cluster beneath the Earth’s mantle. The attracted Design Crystal enters the center of the male Solar Plexus and positions itself in Gate 6.
At the moment of orgasm, the Design Crystal, now within the single sperm and guided by the Magnetic Monopole Crystal, moves through the Intimacy and Reproduction Channel (59-6) from the male Solar Plexus to the female Sacral Center and into the egg. This is the moment of conception and the initiation of an incarnation cycle. As the Neutrino stream penetrates the Mother, it also penetrates the cell and passes through the Design Crystal’s cell, initiating the construction of the baby’s Body.


Pressure, expectations, or influences from external sources that the mind uses to conform to patterns that are not part of who you are (not Self); adaptive strategies that become habits and take us away from our true Self and Purpose of Incarnation or suppress and erase them.


All Personality data in black on the Body Graph that we experience, are aware of, and identify with.


A point of transformation/awakening when one becomes an objective observer of their own Life.

Body Graph or Rave BodyGraph™:

The matrix of circuits (channels and gates) and centers, located in the center of the Rave Mandala, which captures the imprinting of Neutrinos from both Personality and Design Crystals, defining individual and unique differentiation for life; first drawn by Ra Uru Hu on January 5, 1987, under the guidance of the Voice. The primary tool for Human Design analysis.

Design Crystal:

An aspect of the primary Yin that transforms Neutrino data into Body and life. Located in the Ajna Center. (see Vehicle)

Personality Crystal:

Aspect of the original Yang that transforms Neutrino data into the Potential of Self-Reflective Consciousness; located just above the Head Center, manifests conscious awareness of “who you think you think you are.”

Crystals of Awareness:

Every living being is endowed with two Crystals of Awareness: the Design Crystal, an aspect of the original Yin, and the Personality Crystal, an aspect of the original Yang. There is no Personality Crystal in the individual cell or inanimate. (see Design, Personality Crystal)


Channels that are colored within the Body Graph, and the two Gates and Centers at the two ends of the Channel; Definition represents what is consistent and reliable for you. (see Undefined)


The imprinting of Neutrinos on the bio-form; an awareness that resides beneath the level of conscious awareness of each; recorded in red in the Body Graph; distinguishes the ‘Human Design System’ from all other Systems. (see Vehicle)

Design of Sun and Earth:

The Design Calculation of the Sun and the Earth. They represent the direct inheritance from the Father (Sun) and the Mother (Earth).


One of the two energetic influences that can be fixed by a planet, which is then emphasized within a Line. (see Lines)


Theme of the Not-Self of the Reflector. (see Reflector)


The Universe and all that it contains has a Dualistic nature. Humans, through their genetic structure (DNA/RNA), are also Designed as Dualistic bio-systems. In physics, the Universe began as a Duality with its expansion through Quarks and Leptons. This is our reality of up-down, inside-out, right-wrong. In Human Design, Duality is reflected through the two sets of Data (Personality and Design) that determine an Individual’s uniqueness in the Body Graph.


In the theory of the Hexagram, any Line relationship that does not create Harmony (e.g., 1/4) or Resonance in relation to another Line is considered a Dissonance. There are six possible Dissonant relationships in any given Hexagram.


One partner defines the entire Channel, while the other does not activate either of the two Gates of the Channel. The Defined Channel can only be accepted and surrendered to as a way to experience the other’s energy.


A construction of 6 stacked horizontal Lines that are both Solid (Yang) and Broken (Yin); the basis for the classic I Ching and the Rave I’Ching, the 64 Hexagrams that form the foundation of the I Ching are mathematically correlated with the Codons of the structure of our DNA, our Genetic composition. (see Gates)


Partners who each define one Gate of a Channel, thereby defining the entire Channel and creating Vital Force; represents the basic dynamic of a relationship, attraction, and repulsion.


Astronomical calculations of the positions of planets, the Sun, and the Lunar Nodes.


One of the two energetic influences that can be fixed by a Planet and emphasized within the Line. (see Lines)

Frequency of Awareness:

Each center of awareness operates at a different frequency. Ajna – all the time; Spleen – in the now; Solar Plexus – in a wave over time.

Energetic Formats:

Distinct energies, fueled by the Root Center and guided by the Sacral Center’s Response, that exert significant influence on all other channels in the Circuit and Design as a whole; Format Channels run between the Root Center and Sacral Center: 53-42 (Collective/Abstract), 60-3 (Individual), and 52-9 (Collective/Logical). There are no Format Channels in the Tribal Circuit.

Form/Form Principle:

Our physical forms; our 9-Centered form was the focus of the Revelation of the ‘Voice’ and the basis of the Human Design System.


Each human being through their Personality Crystal is connected via a Fractal Line to other Personality Crystals. Fractal Lines were formed during the Big Bang when the first Crystal of Awareness shattered. Information moved down our Individual Fractal Lines. There are 66 Fractal Lines, 66 Archetypal Ways in which Information moves, and each possesses nuances that are fundamentally different from each other.
These Fractal Lines are each associated with a Star of the Universe (including our Sun) since Stars produce Neutrinos. Each Star is a data bank of Awareness and through its Neutrino Flow establishes specific lines of information movement. Each human being is connected to one of these Fractals and all others who share the same Fractal. This creates a sense of familiarity among people who are closer to each other on the Fractal Line.


The opposite of Resistance; what is experienced through fulfilling Type and Purpose:
Surprise for Reflectors
Peace for Manifestors
Satisfaction for Generators
Success for Projectors


The theme of the Generator’s non-Self or Generated Channels. (see Generators) (see Channel Types)


Gate 2 is the seat of the Magnetic Monopole (the Driver), which knows the trajectory of the vehicle, where the Form is going, and how to get there; the Driver must not be influenced by the Passenger. (see Magnetic Monopole)

Manifesting Generator:

A Generator with manifesting capability; a Warrior Buddha that operates (makes Decisions) through Response, but then quickly moves into action.


One of the four Types; has a Defined Sacral Center; here to work and provide the energy of Vital Force; Generators comprise roughly 70% of the population; an embracing and enveloping Aura, operates in response. (see Manifesting Generators)

Adjacency/Adjacency Principle:

Holding two opposite Polarities in a quantum; for example, Design and Personality held together by the Magnetic Monopole, much like “Self” in the Body Graph, or two Gates held together as a Channel.

Fixed Adjacency:

When both Exaltation and Detriment in a Defined Line are fixed and emphasized. (see Lines)


Trajectory or angle of Incarnation or life path; the angle is determined by the 88° increments that separate the calculations of Personality and Design Suns on a Chart. (see Fractals, Profiles, Incarnation Cross)
Right-Angle Geometry: personal destiny, ego-centered in its process, less aware of others.
Adjacency Geometry: fixed destiny, a bridging geometry between Right and Left Angles.
Left-Angle Geometry: personal karmic destiny; intersects allies to fulfill its destiny.

Rave I’Ching:

A description of the values of the Lines for each of the 64 Hexagrams. Completed by Ra Uru Hu on December 12, 1989, in Frankfurt, Germany; based on the ancient Chinese book of Changes; a key tool in Human Design Analysis. (see I Ching)

The Human Design System:

The Science of Differentiation, founded by Ra Uru Hu, which allows us to understand the depth of our Uniqueness, based on the Revelation of the Form Principle given by the “Voice” in 1987.


All prenatal Design data (88° of the Sun prior to birth) is experienced unconsciously; Design data represents our genetic heritage; characteristics others experience in us that we recognize over time; the red in the Body Graph.

I Ching:

A system of ancient Chinese wisdom that prophesies and interprets the changes we experience as we move through life; dating back to 3000-2000 BC. (see Rave I’Ching)


A quality associated with Channels and Gates in the Individual Circuit; the Energy of Mutation, Melancholy, Empowerment, and Uniqueness that ensures the Tribe’s ongoing survival.


Manifestor Strategy; brings peace to their manifestations.


Projector Strategy; waiting for an invitation brings recognition.


According to the ‘Voice,’ a Living Dualism in Evolution. Not yet “born,” it remains a Fetus within the Womb. The Child. (see ‘Voice’)

Kabbalah or Cabala:

The Tree of Life, from Jewish mysticism; one of the four parts of the Synthesis given to Ra Uru Hu; corresponds to the Design Circuit.


The 6 divisions of a Gate that are related to the 6 Lines of the Hexagram; 6 Themes representing and describing the progression or development of the Gate; the level beneath the Gate in Human Design’s 6-line configuration; these Themes are represented by numbers 1-6 and create a basis for examining an individual Gate in detail.


A quality associated with Channels and Gates of the Logic Circuit: Patterns, Formulas, verification and proof; looking forward, understanding, and providing proven patterns for the future in order to safely lead the Collective. The opposite of the Abstract Process. (see Abstract)

Lunar Nodes:

Each of the two points where the Moon’s orbit intersects the ecliptic. Lunar Nodes determine the geometry of our movement through Space; in mystical language, our “Destiny.”

Rave Mandala:

Mystical synthesis given to Ra Uru Hu by the ‘Voice’; registered trademark of the Human Design System®. Its formula is composed of four older systems: Astrology, framing the calculation of the BodyGraph; the I’Ching, integrating our Genetics into the BodyGraph through the Gates; the Hindu Chakra system, which correlates to the energy of the Centers’ nuclei; and the Kabbalah and its Tree of Life, which corresponds to the Circuit and Channels that create the definition of Vital Forces in our Design.


(see Rave Mandala)

Magnetic Monopole:

Our Primary Monopole, located in the G Center, which only attracts; it draws our life towards us along a specific Geometry, determined by Fractal Lines that connect us to the Totality. (see Driver) (see Fractal)


One of the four Types; Undefined Sacral; a motor other than Sacral connected to the Throat; Manifestors make up about 9% of the population; has the ability to Initiate or Manifest and is here to Impact; Closed and Repelling Aura.


The operating criteria of our human form; Human Design reveals the Mechanics of our existential experience.


The thinking authority and inner awareness of the 7-Centered form; with the advent of 9-Centered beings in 1781, the Mind Authority was transferred to the Vehicle; most of our conditioning and Resistance we experience is our mental inability to make or accept that change.


Energetic Centers that manifest as action when connected to the Throat Center; Root Center, Sacral Center, Solar Plexus, and Heart (Ego) Center.


Subatomic particle produced as a byproduct of fusion in the core of Stars; carries a small amount of Mass; carries Information through Space.


White areas in a Chart, also described as “open, inconsistent, and flexible” places; sources of both Conditioning and Wisdom; where we go to school to learn about life; our experience of the other. (see Defined)


The mental construct when it identifies with what it is not. (see Conditioning)

Emotional Wave:

The movement from Hope to Pain (hurts), from high to low; originates in the Solar Plexus, the wave is experienced in three different ways: as Need (Tribal); as Uncertainty (Individual); and as Desire (Collective/Abstract).

Passenger/passenger awareness:

The healthy functionality of the potential of the Personality Crystal; Self-reflected and surrendered awareness that witnesses Life from the back seat of the Vehicle.


Any activation of a Gate that connects a division in a person’s chart and defines a Channel that would otherwise be undefined. (see Definition Types)


The designation given to Hexagrams when moved from the outside of the Mandala Wheel into the BodyGraph; in the BodyGraph, they represent openings in Centers at both ends of the Channel, filtering the flow of Energy between Centers. (see Hexagrams)

Dormant (Latent) Gate:

A Gate (in an Undefined Center) that stands alone in a Channel and is open to receiving the Harmonic Gate through an Electromagnetic Connection from the Aura of another or through a Transit.

Harmonic Gate:

Term used to describe the relationship between two Gates opposite each other in a Channel.


The dynamic language of Human Design that compresses a large amount of information into a single word or phrase; speaks directly to our Cells.

Dormant (Latent) Gate:

A Gate (in an Undefined Center) that stands alone in a Channel and is open to receiving the Harmonic Gate through an Electromagnetic Connection from the Aura of another or through a Transit.


The costume you wear or the Role you play while fulfilling the Purpose of your Incarnation Cross; derived from the Lines of Personality and Sun/Earth Design.


Recorded in black on your BodyGraph; the mind/psyche/light of the eternal soul; “who you think you think you are.”

Planets/planetary transits:

Each celestial body and Node has its realm of influence; their movements can be tracked around the Rave Mandala of the Sun, Planets, and Nodes relative to conditioning in the BodyGraph.

Primary Health System (PHS):

Discipline within the Human Design System® that studies the Cognition of Form; a dietary regime that best supports the unique and intricate development of each individual’s brain.

Science of Differentiation:

Human Design is the study of our uniqueness, our Differentiation; a science verified through our personal experimentation with its tools for living; it’s not a belief system.


The movement or position of Celestial Bodies at a particular moment in space; movement around the Rave Mandala of the Sun, Planets, and Nodes relative to conditioning in the BodyGraph.


Beyond the personal; in terms of the BodyGraph, denotes interaction with others that is necessary to fulfill Life Purpose.


Our geometry/trajectory through space; our life path and how we’re designed to connect with others. Governed by the Magnetic Monopole, the Driver.


The world’s population is divided by Aura into four Types of Human Beings, each with a different Strategy for functioning optimally without Resistance: Manifestors, Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors. (see Aura) (see Individual Types).


A construct of 3 stacked horizontal Lines that are both solid (Yang) and broken (Yin); two stacked Trigrams, an “upper” Trigram and a “lower” Trigram, form the basis for the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching and the Rave I Ching. (see Hexagram)

Energetic Type/Non-Energetic Type:

Energetic Types are Generators who have Definition in the Sacral Center and Manifestors who have definition between the Root, Ego, or Solar Plexus Centers and the Throat Center; Non-Energetic Types are Projectors and Reflectors who lack those Definitions and consistent access to motor energy.

Definition Types:

Represent how energy flows or is interrupted by openings in the Circuit, between Defined areas in a BodyGraph; the Types are: No Definition, Single, Split, Triple, Quadruple.

Not-Self Themes:

An indication that a decision has been made through the mind, leading to Resistance.
Anger, experienced by Manifestors when they fail to inform before acting.
Bitterness, experienced by Projectors when they initiate and invite themselves.
Disappointment, experienced by Reflectors when they initiate to be recognized.
Frustration, experienced by Generators when initiating action.

True Self:

The personal and differentiated Identity that expresses its Uniqueness: aware and surrendered to the Mechanics of Design, our true nature free from conditioning.


The part of the Chart Design; our never-to-be-repeated Bio-Form that carries the conscious Personality Passenger during our lifetime. (see Design/Crystal Design)


The transmission medium that gave Ra Uru Hu the information in 1987, leading to the creation of the Human Design System®. (see Introduction and Section One)


Ancient Asian philosophy expressing the concept of the Duality of Human Experience. “Yin Yang” are complementary opposites interacting within a larger whole, as part of a dynamic system; opposite polarities that are interconnected and interdependent and give rise to each other. Anything possesses Yin and Yang aspects. Yin is the passive female principle in the natural world, Earth, Receptive; Yang is the active male principle, Sun, Creative. Yang is symbolized by the solid Line, Yin by the broken Line.

88° of the Sun:

The Personality Crystal, our Soul, is called into the Fetus at the moment the basic structure of the neocortex of the brain is complete and the Vehicle is ready for its journey of self-awareness in Form. Entry time is exactly 88° (88 or 89 days) of the Sun’s movement before Birth. Prenatal births do not alter this formula but are indicative that the neocortex of the brain has developed faster than it should. For most pregnancies, this event occurs during the second trimester. During the Final Trimester, the Personality is able to adjust to its new Vehicle. Birth time shows us the Potential of the Personality after its Adaptation Period.