Profile 4/1 (Opportunist/Investigator)

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In this article you will find a summary table and descriptions of the background, personal and interpersonal areas of the 4/1 profile.

Juxtaposition - Fixed Destiny



Behavioral IdentityOpportunist
Projected AttitudeAbdicator
Limited PerspectiveFatigue
Desired RoleSolitude
Intimate StrategyConfidant or No
Security StrategyBenefactor/Dependent
Emotional ResonanceKindness/Meekness
Awareness ResonanceCorruption or No
Wave ResonanceWeakness/Strength
Frequency ResonanceWeakness/Strength


Opportunist Investigator represents an interesting Juxtaposition of the 4th Line, Socially Open and Friendly, and the 1st Line, Unconscious, Introverted, and Insecure. The 1st Line is the Foundation of the Lower Trigram, and the 4th Line is the Foundation of the Upper Trigram; together, they create Harmony of Purpose. This is a Profile that comprises only about 2% of the world’s population, and with its Fixed Destiny, it serves as a bridge between the Personal Destiny of the Right Angle and the Transpersonal Karma of the Left Angle. Neither this nor that, neither Personal nor Transpersonal, there is only one Juxtaposition Profile for each Hexagram. The 4/1 moves along its specific Geometric Line, like a train on tracks, possessing a movement and a Direction through life that cannot be altered.


You are designed to study, learn, and establish a solid Foundation in an area of Life that fascinates you and then influence others with your Knowledge base. Your Foundation is anything you like to delve into and want to share with others. Investigating and becoming an Expert on a particular topic transforms your Intrinsic Insecurity into Authority. Once you have established yourself as an Authority, you can then go to your network and become an influential expert in your field. With your 4th Line ability to interact with people, you have a natural ability to communicate your Knowledge base to others effectively.

Your Role is to work with the Network and bring together research and development of Personal Destiny Profiles with the marketing and Universalization of Transpersonal Karma Profiles. You have one foot in both worlds, yet you operate differently with a Role that is separate and distinct from them.

For you, Fixed Destiny is a Life dedicated to pursuing your unique Geometric Line, whatever it may be. To learn more about what your Fixed Destiny is here to Investigate and Externalize, observe the Personality Sun and Earth located in your Body Graph. This will give you an idea of your Purpose, of what you are here to do in Life. As you begin to live your Life through your Strategy and Authority, your life aligns perfectly with your Purpose and your Destiny.

For all 4 Lines, the quality of Life depends deeply on the quality of their Network (family, friends, colleagues). Their Opportunities to Externalize their Foundation come through people in their network or through friendly associations, as they are not designed to Influence strangers. To effectively Externalize their Knowledge base, a personal connection is necessary. For example, if someone you know asks you to speak at an event, it’s better for you to show up as soon as possible and make face-to-face connections with the audience as much as you can. It’s also important for you to have a solid Foundation for your Life in the areas of Home, Finance, Relationships, and Work. Getting this in a constantly changing world can be a Challenge.

Although the 4/1 is Fixed and Solid like an Oak, there is an intrinsic vulnerability in this Profile. You are so Fixed that you can break, and the pieces may be difficult to put back together.

Understanding how you are Designed and what your Purpose is can help you stay on track and deal with the Challenges of Life. In order to remain steady in your Direction and enjoy the journey, it is very important that you be exactly who you are, without changing for anyone, and maintain a sense of balance and health. Others will adapt to you, as you cannot adapt to them. You can proceed along with others temporarily, but you must always return to your unique Fixed Path.


Life and people are a true Education for the Opportunist Investigator, as they learn through Interaction that not everyone sees the world as black or white, right or wrong, as they actually do. They have a sudden awakening regarding the ways of the world, which makes them somewhat vulnerable and prone to sadness. However, the 4/1 learns through these experiences, and their Fixed Destiny drives them forward. It’s important to rise above the fray, and in addition to their broader network, they need a close circle of trusted friends and confidants who provide unconditional love and support without resistance. Opportunist Investigators love studying Human Behavior and investigating in some of these areas: Psychology, Sociology, Astrology, or Human Design.

To have a good start in Life, Education and a secure and solid home life are very important for a 4/1 child. They need to be encouraged and given the opportunity to study what they love and enjoy. Relationships for 4/1s to work must be built on the foundations of Friendship and Integrity since the intimate strategy is Brotherhood/Sisterhood or friends first and then Intimacy. The other in a relationship with the Opportunist Investigator will have to adapt. 4/1 Profiles can be the most loyal and generous of friends, but they cannot stay in a Relationship if they encounter resistance or if there is a lack of trust or loyalty. It’s better to be completely honest and transparent with the 4/1 Profile, as the Abdicator resides within the 4th Line. If they encounter Resistance, they will move on to someone who wants what they have.

If you argue with a 4/1 Profile, they will nod politely with their head while remaining firmly and calmly in their deep inner truth. It’s very difficult to change the mind of a 4/1 Profile, but it can happen if you prove your points with solid facts.

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