Profile 5/1 (Heretic/Investigator)

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In this article you will find a summary table and descriptions of the background, personal and interpersonal areas of the 5/1 profile.

Left Angle - Transpersonal Karma



Behavioral IdentityHeretic
Projected AttitudeThe General
Limited PerspectiveThe Savior
Desired RoleAttraction
Intimate StrategySeducer/Seduced
Security StrategyDistributor/Accumulator
Emotional ResonanceAltruism/Egoism
Awareness ResonanceDiscipline/Rebellion
Wave ResonanceWeakness/Strength
Frequency ResonanceWeakness/Strength


In the I Ching, the Eminence or Dominance of the 5th Line embodies the theme of the Hexagram. For the Heretic Investigator, the 1st Unconscious Line represents the Authoritative Foundation and is accompanied by the 5th Line, which consciously projects everything that the Foundation could or should be. The result is that the 5/1 Profile is the most Transpersonal, with the highest Universalizing Potential of all 12 Profiles. This is the Profile of Saviors and Generals or of Deception and Paranoia, and it is very alluring. Heretic Investigators have the role of projecting rescue or assistance to others with a practical solution in times of crisis.


Transpersonal Destiny means that you are here to deal with Karma, and you are designed to have encounters with others that can be important and potentially transformative for both you and them. If you could imagine your life as a grid with intersection points representing these encounters, you might get an idea of how you are destined to meet allies in life who are here to assist you as much as they are here to receive assistance from you. These karmic encounters, often felt as déjà vu, can be as complex as a business deal or as simple as someone asking you for directions. You are conscious at some level of your 5th Line Transpersonal Awareness, an Alluring and Seductive Line onto which Projections are continuously cast. Others sense, without even knowing you, that you have something potentially significant and helpful that they need. This Projection draws people to you, providing you with the ability to make the encounters in life that you need to fulfill your unique Life Purpose.

Others project onto you that you can lead, help, or save them, and when it comes to the Correct Projection, you will enjoy stepping into that role and being able to deliver practical solutions with your problem-solving skills. There are moments, however, when you feel that the Projections are not right for you, and you feel insecure and unsure if you can provide what the other person needs and wants. It’s important for you to know which Correct Projections to say yes to. When you say yes when it’s not correct, you can get trapped in the illusory web created by others’ Projections and take on commitments you can’t keep, tarnishing your Reputation. It’s healthy for you to be skeptical and a little paranoid about others’ Expectations.

Ra said, “The Hopes and Dreams of Humanity rest on the shoulders of a 5th Line.” This is a great responsibility to carry, and the best way to operate within this field of Projections is to stand on a Solid, Practical, and Authentic Foundation.

One advantage of being a 5th Line is that others’ Projections start out Positively. People project onto you that you can deliver what they need, and if you provide something practical, your Reputation will thrive. If a practical solution is not provided, if what you give them is a house of cards, your Reputation will suffer, and the Heretic will be put to the torch. Without a Reputation to trust, your 5th Line Consciousness may have to change direction and start anew somewhere else. You must ensure, before getting involved, that you are prepared with a practical solution that works for anyone. Do this with your 1st Unconscious Line, the Investigator. Your 1st Line is designed to get to the bottom of things, to study and establish a secure foundation of Knowledge. When you have a Solid Foundation and have become an Authority, you are prepared to impact and change society when necessary. Following your Strategy and Authority will lead you to the right circumstances and timing for Universalizing your Practical Foundation.

You are a diligent and thorough observer of the world around you, and timeliness is as essential as correct timing for your success. When both come together, you are the Heretic Investigator who can break Humanity’s habit of seeing things in the same old way and make your Heretical and Revolutionary perspective work when all others have failed.

Unlike the 4 Lines, whose greatest influence is within their personal networks or associations, you are stronger as an “Outsider to Consequences.” You are designed to communicate with new people who are ready to receive your Mutative Heretical Information. Familiarity breeds contempt for a 5th Line. You gain a great benefit from periods of retreat, outside the Projection Field, to build Strength and hone your Skills, so you can be ready to meet the next Crisis when engagement is correct for you. You find refreshment on various levels through the cultivation of Beauty and Creativity.


Heretic Investigators aspire to make themselves personally attractive to increase their chances of Universalization, as well as to seduce a partner into seducing them. They possess vulnerabilities and insecurities and are reluctant to show their true selves. Few people truly know the 5th Line because it is wrapped in an elusive field of Projection. The 5th Line steps aside or withdraws and waits for the illusion of power (the Projection Field) to be created, and the right moment to Universalize the Foundation. It provides practical solutions in crisis situations that require patient discipline. Heretic Investigators thrive on this process but must remember to return to their waiting once they have satisfied a Projection, in preparation for the next one. They must be good at recognizing when it is the right time to move on, or they will damage their Reputation. If they wait too long to leave, and there is nothing left to save, new layers of Projections that may not be right for them will be added to the previous ones. Additionally, the 5/1 Profile has an interesting connection with the 6/2 Profile. Due to the Wisdom and Trust associated with the 6/2 Profile, they can enrich or save the Reputation of the 5/1, innocently supporting their Heresy and the Practical Foundation they are Universalizing. The opposite is also true; the 6/2 can destroy their Reputation just as effectively.

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