Profile 4/6 (Opportunis/Role Model)

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In this article you will find a summary table and descriptions of the background, personal and interpersonal areas of the 4/6 profile.

Right Angle - Personal Destiny



Behavioral IdentityOpportunist
Projected AttitudeAbdicator
Limited PerspectiveFatigue
Desired RoleSolitude
Intimate StrategyConfidant or No
Security StrategyBenefactor/Dependent
Emotional ResonanceKindness/Meekness
Awareness ResonanceCorruption or No
NatureRole Model
MemoryThe Optimist
SexualitySoulmate or No
HumanityTrust or No
Wave ResonanceSympathy/Apathy
Frequency ResonanceLeadership or No


The Opportunist Role Model has the potential to be a significant and influential representative of what it means to live a life at 9 Centers. Completing the Personal Destiny process initiated with Profile 1/3, the 4/6 externalizes its foundation and model through Self-awareness, living solely as ‘itself. This is an unusual profile because both Lines are Transpersonal, yet its Role remains one of Personal Destiny, and it remains ego-centric in its life. The 4th Conscious Line develops and employs its social gifts and personal networks to enrich its sphere of influence, but the 6th Unconscious Line rarely allows itself to get intimately involved as it must maintain distance and not be bound to observe what lies ahead.

At an Unconscious level, Profile 4/6 lives its life in three phases, and the first 30 years can be a challenging period as the 6th Line lives as a 3rd Line and continuously encounters life in a very subjective way. During this period, there is inner turmoil because the 4th Conscious Line desires stability and solid foundations while the 3rd Unconscious Line must go through the process of experimentation, trial and error, and the resulting discovery. The 3rd Unconscious Line learns through exploration, in a very profound way, the truth about what this material plane really is. When the 2nd Phase of life begins at 30 years, the Opportunist Role Model, now on the roof, enjoys a much-needed respite, taking subjective experiences and transforming them into objective wisdom. With a broader perspective, they see that this can actually be it. While on the roof, the 4th Line establishes its stability by engaging in family, career, and trustworthy friendships. In the final Phase, which begins at 50 years, Profile 4/6 descends from the roof and gets involved in life again, influencing and externalizing a new transcendent perspective that is neither this nor that. Through the simple process of living life, they will shape what it means to be uniquely themselves, rather than being defined by the nature of the world around them.


There is a natural inner tension between your conscious desire to connect and the quality of relationships, and your unconscious desire to stand out so that you can objectively evaluate and judge what life really is and where we are going. You are generally the Cautious Voyeur, standing on the edge of the group, observing with impartial transpersonal eyes, waiting for opportunities to contribute a new perspective and change the thinking of others. Built within your 4th Line is the Correct Communication Opportunity, to communicate Truth to others. However, you are not interested in being changed by others. When you encounter resistance from others, you withdraw and seek those who are receptive to what you have to share. Time spent alone is restorative and essential since interactions with other people can drain you. Living through your Strategy and Authority will lead you to relationships that will eventually allow you to Influence, Externalize, and shape who you are uniquely. Be careful with relationships you can trust so that you can truly become a living example of a Leader without followers.

You possess the genuine ability to develop intimate relationships, which takes time and an investment of your energy. It’s also natural for you to observe and evaluate people from a certain distance. Each relationship is important because these will be the friendships that you will influence at a very deep level and that will take care of you over time with the opportunities you need in life to shape your new perspective. You are not designed to influence strangers; you need those you already know, and they must be correct for you in every way, not just because you see the potential to influence and externalize. You might be in a relationship for years before a real opportunity presents itself, and the energy invested must be solely for the relationship itself. In the wrong relationships, you will invest your energy without receiving it back, abdicating who you are and encountering wrong opportunities, disappointing experiences, sadness, and fatigue.


To properly raise 4th Line children, we must give them time to mature from dependents to benefactors. They should not be forced out into the world. 4th Lines can be dependents for a long time, but once they become themselves, they make a significant change. Recognizing how important it was for them to have a benefactor, with their characteristic loyalty, they will reciprocate by taking care of those who did so for them. Many 4th Lines become philanthropists and benefactors of society as a whole, creating foundations that open opportunities for others.

Relationships are everything for 4th Lines. The quality of their life is directly proportional to the quality of their network. Profile 4/6 operates like a 3rd Line, but during the first phase of life, they can encounter relationships and networks that don’t work. The most valuable guidance a Parent can offer during the first 30 years of Profile 4/6 concerns the relationships they enter because these can determine the success or failure of the development into the Transcendent Role Model that will occur after 50 years.

Sometimes, Profile 4/6 individuals can be Eternal Undecided due to the fact that the 4th Line wants Involvement/Participation while the 6th Line simply wants to Observe. They need to get out of their eternal indecision, sharing their astute observations with us. The Opportunist Role Model possesses a Generous Spirit that wants the best for everyone, capable of bringing love into the world with their warm heart and wise mind. When their trust is betrayed, their sensitive heart can easily get hurt, and the Warm Heart becomes cold and even hostile when rejected.

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