Profile 6/3 (Role Model/Martyr)

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In this article you will find a summary table and descriptions of the background, personal and interpersonal areas of the 6/3 profile.

Left Angle - Transpersonal Karma



Behavioral IdentityRole Model
Projected AttitudeAdministrator
Limited PerspectiveOptimist
Desired RoleObjectivity
Intimate StrategySoulmate or Not
Security StrategyTrust or Not
Emotional ResonanceSympathy / Apathy
Awareness ResonanceLeadership or Not
SexualityMade and Unmade Bonds
HumanityMade and Unmade Bonds
Wave ResonanceLoyalty / Rejection
Frequency ResonancePartnership / Dependency


The Role Model-Martyr, the culmination point of the 12 Profiles, combines the Conscious and Solitary 6th Line, which seeks perfection in life, with the Unconscious, Agitated, Materially Oriented, and Mutative 3rd Line. The 6/3 Profile is one of Transition and Change, which can lead to a potentially chaotic and destabilizing life. It doesn’t matter where the 6th Line is in the tripartite process of life; the 3rd Line unconscious continues to push it into Subjective Experiences. And through this process, the 6/3 becomes the Wisest of Role Models, fundamentally discovering that Uniqueness is Perfection and that we can trust no one else when making Decisions but ourselves.


As is true for all 6 Lines, you will go through a Three-Phase life process. For the 6/3 Profile, these 3 phases are experienced differently because the first 30 years are experienced as a 3/3 Profile, which is a doubly intense process of Trial and Error and sometimes very challenging. You gather subjective experiences, commit yourself, and try almost everything, even ending up in situations and relationships that don’t work. You can be Disappointed and ultimately Conditioned, feeling pessimistically that nothing works in Life.

It is not necessary for you to go through an initial Traumatic phase, and how you experience this initial phase depends on the Education and Conditioning you receive as a child. If you grew up as yourself, respected as an individual, and were given guidance on how to make Decisions in your own way, you will have a simpler initial phase. If you follow your Authority, you will gain Wisdom from these Subjective Experiences and discover what is right for you to find out. 6/3 children need to be encouraged to ‘see that the Trial and Error Process is not about Mistakes but about Opportunities to Learn. Otherwise, you might end up with both an Inferiority complex and a Martyr complex, along with resentment and a deep pessimistic view of life.

Between the ages of 30 and 50, you “spread your wings” to experience a more Solitary and Objective Observation Process. This is when you withdraw from the Subjective Experiences of 3/3 and become a 6/3, but you don’t get the relief of staying safe on the roof as the 6/2 Profile does. Your 3rd Line Unconscious continues to push you to engage again in the Experimental Trial and Error Process, with feelings like “it’s not just this; there must be more” and “there are still things to try and things that need to be explored.” You move up and down the scale between being Connected and being Detached, between Sympathy and Apathy. If you get burned by an unpleasant or discouraging experience, you will withdraw for a while until you get bored or a new adventure seems appealing, and then you will go down again and get involved in the new experience. You are guided by your Conscious 6th Line Optimism, where everything is possible, and where you can find something to trust and a Soulmate. You move back and forth between Pessimism and Optimism.

From the age of 50 onwards, you experience the potential of fulfilling your Uniqueness and flourish in the Role Model. From this point in your life, if you have survived, you have gained a vast amount of Wisdom and will be seen as a Wise and Objective Counselor with a unique perspective on Life. But at the Unconscious level, there is your 3rd Line, ready for the next Discovery, the next Experiment that could disrupt the Tranquility and Perfection that the 6th Line would like to enjoy. Objectivity is your saving grace; it sustains you. It is what you aspire to, and it brings Harmony into your Life. Yours is a Life of constant Transition, of Engagement and Detachment. Having a Partner in life is important to you, and it is right for you to have a life of Made and Broken Bonds, being able to withdraw and re-engage. When you operate as your Sole Authority, you experience the Correct Transitions for you. There is nothing worse for you than a Mental Decision that goes wrong, and this can lead to Painful and Harmful Experiences.


Role Models-Martyr are born with the ability to bounce back and an innate ability to support their Direction. Life works for them when they can embrace the chaos and confusion and wonder of the early years, and receive it all as essential discoveries and teachings because this is the Foundation of their precious Wisdom. The 6/3 Profile needs Supportive Relationships with people they trust, people who provide the option to distance themselves from Bonds or break them when necessary, to Reconnect and Strengthen them.

The 6 Lines shape for us the new way of living in this 9-Centered world. The old ways were based on Leaders and Followers, with the 5 Lines Universalizing us to be Homogenized Humans who continuously gave their Authority to others. Human Design came into the world to free the Individual and nurture the Uniqueness of all Human Beings. The essence of this is Embodied and Demonstrated in the theme of the 6th Line. As we enter a new era of Change, approaching 2027 and the way of being in the world of the 6th Line, the structures and institutions that support giving our Authority to external Influences will continue to crumble.

In the old 7-Centered Model, we were told what to do. It is not in the nature of the 6th Line to do this. They prefer to innocently model what it means to live our lives correctly as ourselves, through our Authority. They walk among us in their posthumous phase as Kirone as examples of 9-Centered Beings, allowing Uniqueness to unfold. The 6 Lines teach us that it’s okay to be ourselves and that we can find what we need within ourselves.

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