Profile 6/2 (Role Model/Hermit)

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In this article you will find a summary table and descriptions of the background, personal and interpersonal areas of the 6/2 profile.

Left Angle - Transpersonal Karma



Behavioral IdentityRole Model
Projected AttitudeAdministrator
Limited PerspectiveOptimist
Desired RoleObjectivity
Intimate StrategySoulmate or Not
Security StrategyTrust or Not
Emotional ResonanceSympathy / Apathy
Consciousness ResonanceLeadership or Not
SexualityShyness / Audacity
HumanityNurturer / Exploiter
Wave ResonanceAdvancement / Retreat
Frequency ResonanceDetermination or Not


The Transpersonal Role Model – Hermit is here to teach us all how to live authentically without depending on external authorities, being accountable to our unique perfection, and accepting it. The Talented Hermit Unconscious wants to be left alone to do its thing. In the metaphor of the house, the 6th Line sits on top of the roof, separate from everything else in the house but with a view of the next house or the next hexagram. Role Models are not necessarily interested in what happens inside the house; they are more interested in a broader view.

This rooftop perch gives the 6/2 the ability to be removed from the ‘drama of life and allows them to objectively observe and offer a detached perspective, just like the sage on top of the mountain. The 2nd and 6th Lines have something in common, as the talents of the Hermit are always noticed, and the Role Model Observer is always observed.


You may feel somewhat out of sync with the world. You have a broad view of life, allowing you to see the big picture and be wiser beyond your years. Profiles without the 6th line do not possess the ability to see life as you do, which can make you feel disconnected from others or wonder in amazement why they don’t see what is obvious to you. When your 6th Line and 2nd Line are combined, they give you the ability to be a Democratic Administrator, a Unique, Capable, and Wise Authority.

Like all 6th Lines, you will go through three significant phases in life. It is important for you to embrace each aspect of this process as it matures you and prepares you for your Correct Call, which is the role of the Trust-based Leader. The first 30 years are marked by trial and error, collecting valuable experiences and losing some of your innocence as you are exposed to the harsh realities of life and what doesn’t work. The second phase of your development is a time of retreat, where you heal your wounds, regain your optimism, enjoy life, and observe the things that work. Your 2nd Line Unconscious Hermit is comfortable during this phase, like a natural retreat. After age 50, you will receive a call that will re-engage you with life, and you will become a true Role Model and a living example of the Wise, Aware, and Objective Observer.

You are always noticed and possess great Transpersonal strength even when you are withdrawn and solitary.

A harmonious life for you means no plan or pressure to prove your worth. Your ability to stay above the fray, away from the insignificant dramas of life, helps you remain objective. You are more interested in deep and meaningful things; the superficial doesn’t engage you. Others see you as an Objective Administrator and will seek your advice. As a Transpersonal person, you are listened to by others, and your advice carries great weight. If you say whether something works or not, or if a person is good or bad, people take your word for it. Your 6th Line, when healthy, is fundamentally optimistic – hoping and dreaming for the best in life for everyone, including yourself. At the same time, your 2nd Line Unconscious sees the fragility and self-hatred that exists within humanity.

Your natural genius and innate talents must be protected, and you must allow them to unfold naturally to be called upon and made available to the world. You are not a generalist, and there is a specific and special call that will allow you to bring your gifts to light and embody the strength of your Role Model. This call is not something you find by searching; it must be a call from others. There is a noble, self-sufficient, optimistic, and visionary quality that emerges from you if you can stay in your process, maintain your perspective, and safeguard your gifts during the first two phases of life. However, your Unconscious Uncertainty can hold you back and prevent you from sharing your special gifts with the world. Your Strategy and Authority will guide you to the right people and the Correct Call.


Role Models – Hermit are idealists who seek perfect life and the perfect companion; someone they can be with, relate to, and be proud of. The potential partner must be brave and break through the 6/2 barrier. During the first 30 years of the Trial and Error Cycle, they may dive into intimacy only to suffer from disillusionment and disappointment. Typically, it becomes possible to meet a partner only after they have entered the retirement phase of life, and even then, a lot of time can be spent in this phase trying to turn the partner into a perfect model. It is important that the 6/2 lives their truth and does not try to change the truth of others. Trust is invigorating for the Role Model – Hermit, and they can only be intimate with someone they can trust. If trust is betrayed, access to the 6/2 will only be at a superficial level.

Supporting the 6/2 child in discovering their true nature and not blaming them for every trial and error they go through in the first 30 years is very important. They may not be sure of their gifts and can be their own worst critics since they are always seeking perfection. They need encouragement to explore and try things. When something doesn’t work, a parent can guide the child to learn from the discovery by asking, “What have you learned from this experience?”

The third part of 6th Line development is something all humans go through and is shaped and accentuated by the 6th Lines as they guide us through this transition to the new 9-Centered Form. They are here to show us how to live as differentiated 9-Centered Beings, capable of operating and making decisions through our authority. Role Models – Hermit are here to show us how to live according to our wisdom.

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