The Channel of Community (37-40)

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Circuit: Ego
Channel Type: Projected

The Community Channel connects the Center of the Solar Plexus to the Heart Center through the Gate of Friendship (37) and the Gate of Solitude (40).

The Community resides at the heart of the Successful Evolution of Humanity.

The organic nature of the Community, and the point of transition it provides between the struggle for survival and liberation from that struggle, is subject to the ebb and flow of the Emotional Wave.

Gate 40 is willing to work to take care of those it loves but requires its rewards and rest.

Gate 37, with its Affectionate gift, is always seeking Recognition and its place within the whole.


In the Community Channel, Tribal Negotiation is supported by the energy of two powerful engines that provide depth through clarity over time and the willpower to succeed.

Within the Community, one must enter into Negotiation correctly. The bond of the Community or Family, and how it will manifest in the future, is guaranteed by the Willpower behind the Negotiation.

The alignment of the Ego and Solar Plexus Centers also means that no good Negotiation can be impulsive or spontaneous and must be carefully considered and formulated over time to be equally beneficial for both parties.

The 37-40 Channel is an Opposition in the Mandala and therefore very common. It has had a huge Evolutionary influence worldwide during the current Earth Cycle (1610-2027), where we have all felt its impact through the Right-Angle Cross of Planning.


If Defined by the 37-40 Channel, you are waiting to see who will ask you to become part of their organization or community.

You are also trying to discover where you belong or how you fit into the spiritual big picture.

The right invitation will not come through impersonal contact, such as a phone call, but instead through a form of ‘touch’ or direct personal contact over time.

Ultimately, every human being is existentially alone, yet, for practical purposes, you are the one who forms the bridge allowing individuals to live in a community where everyone has an honorable place and a respected function.

You understand the importance of making a good agreement and how to seal it. “I’ll do this for you if you do that for me. Let’s shake hands or sign here.”


A strong, clear, and flexible Negotiation is necessary if the Community Channel, the Marriage Bond Channel, is to bring supply and distribution into a harmonious relationship.

From this part of the Ego Circuit, the path to the heart of Man is through the stomach, not through his wallet.

On the Emotional/Social side of the Body Graph, support is not expressed by things that money can buy, but by what it takes to work side by side and progress together.

Investments do not focus on stocks or bonds but on each other and the needs of the entire group.

This is the highest ideal of Communion, and there is little evidence to support Hierarchy.

No one feels superior or inferior because everyone willingly contributes what they can to be included, faithful, and supported by a larger group than themselves.


– The Macro and Microcosmic Manifestation of the Organic Nature of Communities –
Center: Solar Plexus
Quarter: Initiation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through the Mind
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Planning
JC:Juxtaposed Cross of Agreements
LAC:Left Angle Cross of Migration

Gate 37 is the most common in the Body Graph. When your strength is recognized by others, you can hold together both a family and a community with your human warmth, friendliness, and educated/educating nature.

You have the ability to establish an emotional connection with others through touch and an uncommon sensitivity that perceives their openness or accessibility to you.

People will want you to be their organizational representative and to welcome newcomers or strangers.

It’s an offer you might gladly accept if the negotiation, or what you’ll receive in return, is sufficient and clearly accepted by all.

Gate 37 is the Gate of the Mouth, so planning, gathering, and preparing food often play a central role in your family and community gatherings.

In the negotiation between Gate 37 and Gate 40, it is the latter that provides the Willpower, and you are the Distributor of its wealth and ability.

Without Gate 40, you are seeking those who can provide the necessary resources to the community so that you have someone to negotiate with and something to distribute.

What you fear most is getting trapped in the Traditional Roles of the Tribe or having to live them.


– The Transition Point between Struggle and Liberation –
Center: Ego
Quarter: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Bonds
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Planning
JC:Juxtaposed Cross of Denial
LAC:Left Angle Cross of Migration

Gate 40 is one of the three Gates of Solitude (the 12 and the 33 are the other two) and brings with it a sense of isolation even when in the midst of a group of people.

This Solitude is the beginning of the process of Individuation/Identification. You need to separate yourself from the Tribe.

Essentially, it is the Desire for Integrity residing within you, expressed and experienced by others as your strong Independence or as distancing from their interdependence.

This is an aspect of the Willpower of the Ego that is essential to the survival of the Community.

Gate 40 is the love of work, and when you are involved in work that is right for you, you will derive great satisfaction from providing what you have promised to a grateful Tribe.

Negotiation relationships need to be renegotiated often and remain clear.

Yes, you are willing to work and exercise the ego’s willpower to take care of your family or community, but they have access to the resources you have earned only if they maintain their part of the negotiation.

They need to show appreciation and loyalty for your efforts and support you Emotionally, nurture you, give you time alone to rest and take care of you with the resources you provide them.

Without Door 37, you may find yourself searching for Friendship and a Community to which you can offer your Ego Willpower.

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