The Channel of Synthesis (19-49)

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Circuit: Ego
Channel Type: Projected

The Synthesis Channel connects the Root Center to the Solar Plexus Center through the Gate of Desire (19) and the Gate of Principles (49).

Tribal forms of mysticism evolved through the pressure of humanity’s needs for food, shelter, protection, territory, something to believe in, and something that held everything together.

Gate 19 puts pressure on us to approach each other and manifest the Tribe’s interrelation, while Gate 49 urges us to reject what is incompatible with our higher ideals and support for our mutual connection and spirit.


Sensitivity to needs is rooted in touch, like sealing a deal with a handshake, and is based on the Emotional side of the Ego Circuit in the realm of Belonging.

This Sensitivity is the foundation of the Tribe for Marriage, bonds, and Divorce. The frequency of Acceptance or Rejection of the 19-49 Channel is the glue that determines who belongs and deserves support from the Tribe; who can access the table and who cannot.

There is nothing Logical (democratic) or Abstract (experiential) in this frequency, and it cannot be simply imposed on the Tribe, as forcing it would not work.

The Tribe’s Code, expressed as “Love, Honor, and Obedience,” is what holds the Tribe together.

Each member of the Tribe owes their life to every other member. In return, they are promised the satisfaction of their basic needs.

Loyalty is a key to the Tribe’s survival, but here, this loyalty is governed by an Emotional Wave.


You are very sensitive to your position in the grand scheme of things. Wanting to be needed and to provide support, and/or needing to be wanted and supported, is critical to your happiness.

Family, however defined, is your business, and you are willing to do the necessary work to make it a success.

For instance, taking time to explore the depth and impact of the Emotional Wave on a potential partner through a long courtship, before committing to intimacy and the responsibility of cohabitation, or marriage and growing a family.

The three most important needs for you within the Tribe are protecting Resources, sanctifying your territory, and a clear understanding of your Tribe’s belief system.

Your potential gift is to be recognized as someone who can always balance Practicality and Rightness.


The 19-49 Channel initiated the evolution of social communion through the establishment of principles for marital relations (later cemented by the marital bond in the 37-40 Channel, the Community Channel).

Like the Archetype of the Bride and Groom, this Channel possesses a Frequency that holds the family together; it is the origin of rites, traditions, and unifying celebrations of the Tribe.

The tradition of the dowry, for example, provides a material foundation for the union so that the couple can focus on offspring production and growth.

The Root Center exerts Pressure through Gate 19 to connect with others in ways that bring joy and happiness.

When dominated by the Not-Self, this Channel is characterized by constant and inappropriate rejection, both of oneself and others.

The 19-49 Channel forms a cross-species connection between Mammals and Humans, authorizing us to domesticate and raise them to work the land, be companions, and provide food.

This Connection is also where we find Sacrificial Rituals of Animals to appease the Gods and gain their favor.


– That all things are connected is clear and evident through the action of Approach –
Center: Root
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right Angle Cross of the Four Paths
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Need
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Improvement

The Gate 19 enhances two essential human needs: the need for access to basic resources like food and shelter, and the need for the Spirit.

These needs make us interact or bond with others in specific ways.

When everyone has enough to eat, a place to live, and a God to worship, life is experienced as a healthy community, where everyone supports each other, and we contribute our unique contribution to the whole.

When there is desire or need or excessive inequality in the tribe, common support breaks down, and nothing works.

You are here to be vigilant and sensitive to which resources are held by your family, community, and ultimately the global community.

You bring others to an awareness of what resources are needed for everyone to survive, as well as thrive and achieve their personal or common potential.

How you approach this depends on the specific line (or lines) defining your Chart, but the process usually involves negotiating with people or institutions that share your Principles and are in possession or control of what is necessary.

You know what is needed and rely on Gate 49 to fulfill those needs.

The consequences of directing the Pressure of the Root Center inward include hypersensitivity, dependence on being needed, or personal need as in this case:

“Does anyone care about me? When will my needs be satisfied?”


– Ideally the Transformation of Forms based on higher principles and not just for Power –
Center: Solar Plexus
Quarter: Initiation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through the Mind
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Explanation
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Principles
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Revolution

The Principles of Acceptance or Rejection, Marriage or Divorce, and ultimately Revolution, are direct outcomes of living with Tribal Hierarchies influenced by the Emotional Wave.

Since Gate 49 puts you at the apex of one of these Hierarchies, you feel the need to be Respected.

This translates into you exerting Force to Accept or Reject a person or their request to access your Resources or their appeal to start a Revolution on their behalf or someone else’s.

Your Sensitivity or Insensitivity to other people (and Animals) and their specific needs is based on resonance with your Principles.

In other words, the people you accept into your circle are those willing to stand by your side and support your Principles; you will be inclined to reject the rest. Yours is a Social Program for Change and Reform.

It is particularly focused on Food and its distribution; people who have enough to eat do not go to war.

The Revolution is either avoided by meeting needs or accepted as a necessary evil and a last resort.

You could be the one whose acceptance or rejection influences which path is taken to meet the needy part.

What makes you nervous is the Fear of Rejection and the consequences of Unpredictability.

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