The Channel of Discovery (29-46)

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Circuit: Feeling
Channel Type: Generated

The Discovery Channel connects the Sacral Center to the G Center through the Gate of Perseverance (29) and the Gate of Self-Determination (46).

In the I-Ching, Gate 29 is known as “the deep within the deep,” the well of Sacral Resistance and Perseverance that can only be accessed through a ‘yes’ as a Response.

Gate 46 connects the Vehicle to the Direction of the Higher Self to be in the Right Place at the Right Time.


People with the Discovery Channel must let go of all expectations and fully immerse themselves in the depth of their experience because its full meaning will be revealed only in the end.

Gate 46, the Love for the Body – and the Love for being in a Body – connects them to their Vehicle and their Path or Direction. If a person starts an experience through a Response, they maintain a total and resolute commitment to it and are patient with a process that may take years.

The discoveries made can significantly transform how the Collective perceives or experiences the world.


There is no “changing horses midstream” for you, and you cannot look back, so a clear commitment through Strategy and Authority is vital for the satisfaction you will gain and the education you will be able to share from your Discovery Process.

You must be able to lose yourself in the experience because it may not necessarily make sense to you while you are living it.

If you can trust that you are in the Right Place at the Right Time, you will reach the end and make your discovery.

You will succeed where others have failed. For you, it’s not about being in control but instead about letting go of expectations to the Cycles of Discovery.

This is why it’s so important that you have committed your Life Force correctly and that your Sacral Endurance supports your experience all the way.


People with the Discovery Channel have an integrated openness and a tendency to say “yes” to almost all requests.

Those with an Unconscious Definition (Red) are particularly prone to giving away their Energy.

If their Commitments are the result of a Mental Decision, they will most likely have a negative outcome where others succeed, thus turning Potential Satisfaction into Frustration.

Unlike Logic, which theoretically postulates what might happen if a person does this or that, the past is the only teacher for those who learn from experience.

It will be at the end of the experience that they will discover, through examination and analysis, what is worthy of repetition and what is not, which they will then share with the Collective.

It is only through a Correct “Yes” that they can persevere through extreme challenges, not allowing others to dissuade them from the course of their experience and its potential for discovery.


– The Deep within the Deep. Perseverance through difficulties leads to inevitable Rewards –
Center: Sacral
Quarters: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Bonds
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Contagion
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Commitment
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Industry

The Potential of Gate 29 is a constant affirmation of Life. When it Responds with Yes, it Commits its Energy to something or someone new and will Persevere through whatever the Cycle of Discovery brings.

Perseverance is crucial, and anyway, what you are committed to one day may not be of interest the next.

Each commitment you take correctly supports the full maturation for the Discovery of who you are in relation to others and the world.

You are eager to say “Yes,” always ready to Engage your Energy, so it is better to wait until you have clear ideas about where to truly invest your Energy.

Your Sacral Response is mechanical, and you cannot know where the adventure will take you or what wonders you might find.

Gate 29 possesses a one-way Energy, designed to move you through even the most difficult and challenging circumstances, but only if it is truly aligned with your Decision.

Your only assurance is to let go of your Expectations and trust your Strategy and Authority to guide you to the correct experiences.

Without Gate 46, you are ready to work but don’t know what you are working for.


– Fortune that can be perceived as a result of serendipity but derives from Effort and Dedication –
Center: G
Quarters: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Bonds
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Love
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Serendipity
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Healing

Gate 46 focuses on the quality of life experienced in a physical body.

It expresses love for the body, honoring it sensually as a temple in which you are always in the right place at the right time.

You are one who lives fortune and the discovery of serendipity. Whether you succeed or fail depends on the determination of the Higher Self.

This is an Abstract Process of surrender to a cycle of experience that can fulfill your potential or bring chaos.

The lesson you learn and the wisdom you share with others derive from your determination, dedication, and absorption in the experience you are living.

Experiencing yourself in interaction with others is a profoundly spiritual process and can be evaluated when the cycle is completed.

If you cannot engage in the natural cycle of life, your body will begin to fail under the stress of constant crisis.

Without Gate 29, you may recognize the right time but lack the energy to start the process or the perseverance to complete it.

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