The Channel of Maturation (53-42)

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Circuit: Feeling
Channel Type: Generated

The Maturation Channel connects the Root Center to the Sacral Center through the Gate of Beginnings (53) and the Gate of Growth (42).

The Maturation process is the pivot of the (abstract) Human Experience mode. This process requires entering a completely new cycle of experience and reflecting on it to gain the wisdom that the cycle offers.


The quality of each Channel in the Feeling Circuit is experienced cyclically in the uninterrupted movement from Commitment to Fulfillment, from the beginning through the center, to the end of a project, relationship, or life. The Abstract Experimental Process creates the Collective story from which humanity learns.

The great gift of experience is that it is collected and preserved for future generations, allowing us to develop intellectually much faster than we do biologically.

It is important to learn from our experiential history, discover what works to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Each new experience builds on the past one.

If a cycle ends prematurely, we will need to repeat it until it is complete. This process is not goal-oriented.

Embody the wisdom that all life experiences are appreciated as part of an endless journey. Maturing through experience is one of the keys to being human.

We are all driven and pressured to seek new experiences, as this is how we gain our depth.

Reflecting on our depth, we can translate our experience into information for others.


All your experiences must be transformed into a satisfying solution so that you can turn around and look back before starting a new cycle.

Reflections shared with others help you reveal valuable lessons learned from experience. This way, a new experience built on the old one can begin.

It is important to start an experience using your Strategy and Authority. If you don’t, you may get stuck in a cycle that you will soon lose interest in and cannot complete.

To navigate this territory appropriately, it is important to understand expectations.

When you have expectations, you are open to frustration, disappointment, and emotional collapse. Simply being in an experience for what it is – without expectations – is healthy for you.


As the Energetic Format* for the Feeling Circuit, the Maturation Channel establishes a Cyclical Frequency that permeates each Gate and each Channel in the Circuit.

It influences how those who possess it see and experience their lives, as well as how they interact with others and impact them.

The commitment to entering a new experience sets the maturation process in motion, a process that can take a couple of hours or a lifetime.

Those with the Maturation Channel have a deep affinity with history and are attuned to all Life Cycles: physical, social, and planetary.

When they enter an experience through their Authority, they are equipped with the energy to initiate something, find satisfaction in its development, bring it to a successful conclusion, and above all, share its long-term benefits with others for the common good of humanity.


– Development as a structured progression that is both Firm and Lasting –
Center: Roots
Quarter: Civilization
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Form
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Penetration
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Beginnings
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Cycles

Gate 53 is the Pressure to initiate the Cyclical Maturation Process and a sequence of Development from Conception/Ideation to Completion.

This is an Energetic Format that applies to all forms of life, as well as to Relationships, Ideas, Projects, Trends, and even life cycles of Nations and Civilizations. It brings the necessary fullness to start something new.

If you take the time to decide where to commit your energy correctly, you will start the cycle whose time has come and be able to see it flourish, mature, and leave its seeds for the future.

Your role is to provide the push to set the cycle in motion. Following your Strategy and Authority will help you avoid starting projects or relationships for which you are not equipped or interested in completing, or that you cannot pass on to someone with Gate 42, who can bring what you started to its completion.

If your Beginnings continue to face Resistance or are interrupted before their maturation, your Disappointment can lead to Depression.

If you commit correctly to starting something, you are not obligated to complete it alone.

You will find that you can properly release the pressure, take what you have learned from the experience, and enjoy sharing the wisdom with others.

Without Gate 42, you are not designed to finish everything you start, but you may feel frustrated thinking that you always have to do so.


– The expansion of Resources that maximizes the development of full Potential –
Quarter: Initiation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Mind
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Maia
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Fulfillment
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Limitations

Gate 42 is the Tenacity to stay in a Cycle in order to maximize its Intrinsic Potential.

The Abstract Cyclical Process generates balanced growth and development using experiences collected from humanity to create a foundation for future progress.

Each cycle you enter builds on the lessons of the past. When a cycle has run its course, you will determine what is necessary to bring it to a conclusion.

Before you can start a new cycle, the first cycle must be brought to its natural conclusion, otherwise what was not finished and is incomplete will have to be revisited in the new one.

This is particularly true in relationships where you feel stuck or hindered by unresolved behavioral patterns that may come from your childhood.

You are focused on what requires energy to complete a Cycle or Process, and weak or insufficiently supported beginnings will make you feel anxious and uncomfortable.

It is important that what engages you is right for you, because otherwise it will be very difficult to extricate yourself from something you have committed to, such as an unhappy marriage.

Waiting until you feel comfortable to commit energetically, through Strategy and Authority, will maximize your potential for satisfaction.

Without Gate 53 providing the initial spark, you may realize that you lack the endurance to complete the process or you may feel frustrated trying to start things that will not actually move forward.

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