The Channel of Recognition (41-30)

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Circuit: Feeling
Channel Type: Projected

The Recognition Channel connects the Root Center to the Solar Plexus Center through the Gate of Emotional Recognition (30) and the Gate of Contraction (41).

The pressure of the Root Center (full) of Gate 41 begins with a feeling of Restlessness, motivating the Imagination to fantasize about countless scenarios of what “could be.”

When connected to Gate 30, the Emotions of the Solar Plexus warm the full, producing an intense need to seek or move toward the direction of a new experience.


Genetically speaking, Hexagram 41 is the Initial Codon of our DNA.

When the Sun moves into Gate 41, in January of each year, we begin a new Solar cycle (a new year), and a new physiological process of Humanity begins that keeps us united in evolution.

All possibilities of Human Experience are stored within this Gate, and the entire experiential process is guided by the enhanced Desires of its Roots for new experiences and the expectation of being satisfied in the end.

This hunger can only be temporarily satisfied. The Abstract Process is Focused on the result, the completion of a Cycle, and is guided by a Desire or Expectation that ‘applying’ to something will eventually become boring.

This is the beginning of the Human experiential journey.

The evolution of our Culture, the progression from Ignorance and Innocence of inexperience to the Wisdom gained from Lessons learned through experience, culminates in the Channel 36-35.


You are a person with great imagination and an infinite Desire to live Life and Feel it deeply.

Your Dreams, Fantasies, or Desires, sometimes accompanied by sexual implications, create expectations that, when in the hands of Fate (Gate 30), may or may not be fulfilled.

Over time, you have learned that Desire can bring great joy or excitement as much as suffering, and the satisfaction of every Desire will not last long.

Your restlessness for new experiences is balanced by developing the Patience and self-control necessary to follow your Emotional Authority and take enough time through your Wave, allowing for a Clear Decision.

The secret for you is to simply enjoy your Dreams and each experience in itself, without succumbing to the pressure of Expectations. This way, your experiences will be more satisfying, your reflections more intense and touching, and your sharing will have a greater chance of awakening the sensations of others.


In the Recognition Channel, the pressure to move is connected to an intense Sensation or Emotion that provides the Energy to jump from Inexperience into Experience at the slightest signal.

Waiting for the course of Emotional Waves gives those with this Channel the time needed for Clarity to emerge before deciding which of their Desires is right to jump into.

This pressure could lead to quite wild turns, which generally also involve others, but it can also stimulate deep reflection in all participants after the adventure is complete.

Each new experience allows them to perceive or connect to a Shade of Emotion that they can describe.


– Limiting Resources to Maximize Potential Development –
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Fantasy
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Alpha

Gate 41 uniquely initiates the human experiential path as a hunger to experience emotions.

It starts with the Desire to interact with others through Emotions. When this Initiating Root Desire pressure builds in you, it might manifest as a vague expectation, a sexual fantasy, or a restless need to experience something new with someone.

You are not sure what this new experience is, when it will happen, or with whom.

Gate 41 guides you toward the satisfaction of your Desire and the fulfillment of your Destiny, both of which remain in the hands of Fate (Gate 30).

You bring balance to this unfocused and often confused restlessness by writing or fantasizing about how satisfying your wildest Desires might be or experiencing them indirectly through literature and film.

Gate 41 holds the potential of all Human experiences but releases or Initiates only one at a time.

This is its limit, and yours. Each experience you enter through your Strategy and Authority holds a promise that a new Feeling awaits your Discovery.

Letting go of your expectations, you can move freely through each encounter, avoiding becoming pessimistic about future ones.

Without Gate 30, there is a sense of waiting for something without knowing what you want.


– Freedom Recognized as an Illusion and Limitation Accepted as Fate –
CenterSolar Plexus
Quarter: Initiation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through the Mind
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Contagion
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Destiny
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Industry

The Fate Gate teaches us that Life is not what we expect it to be—it is what we allow it to be.

Your Experiences are conceived from a Desire that meets Life on the highs and lows of your Emotional Waves.

This Desire can be felt as an obsessive hunger that weaves the Desires of different lives together, influencing every interaction until satisfied or fulfilled.

The only control you have is on the Clarity with which you enter each experience, not the outcome,

As Desire can only be temporarily appeased, Life without Clarity becomes a wild emotional ride.

Over time, you see that freedom to fulfill your wildest Dreams is merely an illusion, and an unfulfilled Desire should not be taken personally.

Balance in your life comes through letting go, through accepting what is.

By doing so, you need not fear Fate, feel under pressure, or chase the fantasies of Gate 41.

Accepting your Limitations or your place in the larger pattern of Life, your reflections on Feeling and Desiring deeply as you experience your Humanity become a Gift to Share with Others.

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