The Channel of Transience (36-35)

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Circuit: Feeling (creative channel)
Channel Type: Manifested

The Transitory Channel connects the Solar Plexus Center to the Throat Center through the Gate of Crisis (36) and the Gate of Change (35).

This is a Manifested Emotional Channel that bypasses Logical Caution and Restrictive Patterns.

It will try to do anything, whether of intrinsic value or not, to keep things moving in the direction of a new experience.


As the Creative Channel of the Feeling Circuit, the 36-35 Channel possesses the talent to seek adventures and involve others in them.

It finds expression through the need of Gate 35 to Manifest Change as in the case of “Been there, done that, what’s new?”

The Emotional charge of Gate 36 perceives its inexperience as inadequacy, thus attracting those with the Transitory Channel in search of experience, occasionally birthing a crisis just to keep things moving.

Through this Restless Desire to explore the depth and consequence of our capacity to Feel (Emotion), our species matures and evolves, and our Genetic heritage expands, translating into Collective progress.

This is learning through experience for the interest of future generations.


You are driven to seek experiences that promise something new and better in life. Your journey is Emotional, gathering Experiential Wisdom.

Long-driven in the constant change of perspectives of your unconscious Solar Plexus Wave, you can become unstable or feel down if a new experience fails to meet your expectations.

The secret is to embrace and accept your Emotional Shifts, give yourself time for Emotionally Clear Decisions, and let yourself fully live each Correct Experience on its own.

Over time and with maturity, the experience will culminate as emotional depth within your Personal Truth, whose core is accepting Life for what it is.

If you find yourself nervous or uneasy about engaging in an enterprise, take advantage of waiting for the end of your Wave.

Your Grand Achievement in life is that you will have tasted, touched, and felt many things from which you have gleaned Valuable Wisdom, Wisdom that you make available to others in the form of advice.

You inspire people to join your adventures with tales of your exploits and a sense of richness derived from a well-lived life.

Since you learn that Feeling is transitory, your advice to others will be “seize the moment” and participate in every new experience that is correct, rather than living with the feeling that nothing in Life matters.


For those with the Transitory Channel, interacting with others means fully sharing the experience with them.

Their need for a new experience, and the inherent feeling that nothing lasts, makes it difficult to maintain intimate relationships.

Their partners pay the price if they find themselves involved in adventures that are not right for them. Doing anything for the first time is not easy, results are unpredictable, and most people are not equipped to handle the crises that result.

Deeply emotional experiences often have a sexual dimension, but since the focus here is on the emotions provoked by the experience rather than the other person, both parties can be disappointed when the experience is over.

When two people connect at an electromagnetic level through this Channel, one with Gate 35 and the other with Gate 36, the balance and stability of the relationship will be constantly subjected to the highs and lows of the Emotional Wave.


– The Rule of Cycles where Decline is a natural but not lasting phase –
CenterSolar Plexus
Quarter: Initiation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through the Mind
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Eden
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Crisis
LAC: Left Angle Cross of the Plan

Gate 36 is the place where your Fears of Vulnerability and Inexperience (Emotional and Sexual) are resolved or transformed into Experience; where you create and encounter the challenges of Change and growth through Emotional Crises.

As you gain Emotional Clarity over time, you learn to handle Emotional Crises created by others and create fewer yourself.

Gate 36 requalifies the strong Wave that goes from Hope to Suffering and guides human experience toward Change.

Its Energy is directed straight to the Throat Center, and this means that the entire range and depth of your Emotions are set for Manifestation.

All that is needed is someone or something to trigger the release. Without Gate 35 providing a proper grip or giving a focused direction to this Energy, it can be experienced as a personal Crisis.

You learn over time to stand firm, adapting patiently to the continuous change of emotions.

These emotions can be wonderfully stimulating and natural for you to express or immensely overwhelming for you and uncomfortable for others.

In both cases, let them unfold as this is how you reach your Emotional depth to access your Truth.

Without Gate 35, feeling inadequate and unable to meet your expectations makes you nervous.


– For the Design, progress cannot exist in a vacuum and is dependent on Interaction –
Quarter: Civilization
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Form
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Awareness
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Experience
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Separation

Gate 35 is driven by a Restless Curiosity and high expectations to explore new horizons for the sheer thrill of it, but not alone.

The Voice of Gate 35 says “I Feel,” and what it usually feels is a Desire for Change. Yours is a voice of impersonal, relational experience.

You are driven not by Awareness but by a hunger for the Depth of feeling conditioned by the Emotional Wave.

Like hunger, desire, and curiosity can only be temporarily enhanced. You are focused on collecting experiences from which you can learn rather than repeating them to master them.

Mastery for you is expressed as Wisdom and manifests as advice. Your memories can bring a better satisfaction than the experience itself.

Your taste for new experiences and the need to see what or who is on the other side of the mountain can keep you healthy and alert.

When you enter the experience correctly for the thrill of it, remaining an objective observer, your clear sharing brings the potential to transform Humanity.

Experience seekers often do not take the time to consider the repercussions of their actions, and without Gate 36, you are prone to seeking an emotional push in the hope of escaping the pains of boredom when there are no new experiences to dive into.

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