The Channel Of Structure (43 – 23)

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Circuit: Knowing
Channel Type: Projected

The Structure Channel connects the Center of the Aina to the Throat Center through the Gate of Inspiration/Inner Vision (43) and the Gate of Assimilation (23). Inspired Knowing and Rationalizations of Channel 61-24 are received from Gate 43, where they spontaneously break through as Intuition, which Gate 23 assimilates and expresses. Empowerment and evolutionary change are possible when new perspectives and innovative thoughts are clearly explained and accepted.


When the Mind is connected to the Throat Center through this Individual Channel, it engages in a Mutative and Metamorphic Process that effectively Empowers. The Structure Channel conceptualizes and expresses a unique and original perspective in a way that changes how people see and think.

Using Key words, for example, is an extremely efficient way to say something. To make Empowerment and Change effective, the magic of Strategy and Authority is required.

If people with this Channel do not wait for the correct timing, their unique Knowing, no matter how well expressed, will rarely have value or be understood by others.

All External Authorities respond to the natural flow that results when expression is guided by one’s Strategy and Authority.


Your challenge is simply to let go of control and allow your Mind to Process in its own way and time. All you can do is develop a skill to explain what you know simply and clearly.

By doing so, opportunities to express your unique insights, your Genius, will naturally emerge as others recognize your gifts. There is no need and no real ability to plan what you will say in advance.

You do not need to know why your Mind says what it says or connect meaning when it says it. Your Mind is here to embrace not only your Knowing but to explore what is unknown. You are a person whose thoughts seem to be light years ahead.

To embrace your Genius, you must be aligned with the flow of your Unique Design. When your Intuitions are rightly recognized, and your sharing is appropriately timed, you will not be deemed Mad.

Recognition allows your individual Knowing to penetrate and change the Collective or Tribal. When your timing is off in any way, you may feel dismissed, alienated, and at times, your Unique Thought may be rejected. Expressing your External Authority is a process.

It takes time to learn how to communicate your innovative thought, and people do not change easily. It may require explaining multiple times before a new concept takes hold, and your Genius is truly recognized.


The gift of the Structure Channel is the ability to develop techniques and concepts that increase efficiency. This Mind can look at how something has been done or is being done and suddenly know a better and faster way to do the same thing.

This innovative thinking results in leaps in quality that can move entire organizations to higher levels of efficiency and potentially bring a new level of improvement and wisdom to the world.

To maintain the Integrity of their Inner Knowing, people with this Channel may appear deaf to others (see Gate 43).


– In order to maintain the conquest, a new order must be established equitably –
Center: Ajna
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of Explanation
JC: Juxtaposition Cross of Intuition
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Dedication

Gate 43 is the Gate of the inner ear and listens only to its unique inner voice. It can spontaneously rationally transform Inner Knowing into Individual Intuitions and new Perspectives. Your knowing is not supported by facts, and it takes courage to stand behind and explain Intuitions that seem bizarre and completely outside the norms of the Collective or Tribal. You have the ability, when the timing is right, to mentally shape a unique and transformative

Awareness in its final form. When fully Conceptualized, your Intuitions need to be invited down into Gate 23 in the Throat to bring the potential of Mutation, the possibility of a new Perspective, out into the world.

Nothing is harder for you than listening to others and truly hearing them. It is not your fault, nor is it a problem that needs to be adjusted, but it is simply your genetic protection from extraneous influences.

Gate 43 carries the Fear of Rejection. Without Gate 23, you may wonder how to clearly communicate your resolving Intuitions. Mental anxiety can arise when you fear that your ideas are too strange, and if you cannot explain them, you become vulnerable to the possibility of rejection.


– Amorality. The Awareness and Understanding that lead to the acceptance of Diversity –
Center: Throat
Quarter: Civilization
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Form
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of Explanation
JC: Juxtaposition Cross of Assimilation
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Dedication

Gate 23 is where Inspiration as Inner Knowing is finally translated into language. Its amorality, acceptance of Diversity, and the ability to break through mental intolerance open the way for Mutation to take hold in the world.

Expression through the Gate of Assimilation begins a new way of thinking. Here, your unique voice can finally say, “I Know.”

What you know or do not know will always attract the attention of others, but it can also keep you looking in from the outside. Intuitions that are potentially different and transformative need to be communicated clearly in their essence. If your Unique Perspective is truly valuable to others, you must wait for the right time to speak and explain it in a simple and accessible way.

If you do not, you will be rejected as a Mad person. It is equally important that you speak about things you truly know. Over time, your Genius will be recognized, and you will gain the respect of others. Without the Conceptualization of Gate 43, you may experience mental anxiety realizing that what you say is not quite clear and, therefore, misunderstood or rejected.

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