The Awareness Channel (61 – 24)

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Circuit: Knowledge
Channel Type: Projected

The Awareness Channel connects the Head Center to the Ajna Center through the Gate of Mystery (61) and the Gate of Rationalization (24). The mental abilities of the Individualist include the Inspiration of Gate 61, Inner Truth, and the Rationalization of Gate 24, The Return. This is a Mental Definition that brings a sudden experience of Knowing, a Satori.


The Awareness Channel creates the Individual Thinker. The Pressure in the Head Center to know the unknowable is conceptualized through the Ajna Center via rational responses. Thinking with this channel is not about discovery but how our Acoustic Mind processes Inspiration.

It is about the Mutation that is possible when there is an opening in the reflection process, and a new thought can enter. The Mind ruminates on things over and over until the moment of Mutation or Satori arrives, and you simply Know. Individualist Thinkers cannot comprehend, understand, tell, and reflect on it in the way Abstract Thinkers do (Channel 64-47).

They cannot recognize patterns based on this measure or make a prediction for the future as Logical Thinkers do (Channel 63-4). The Awareness Channel is here to know what is knowable and valuable, to know what is knowable but of no value, and to know that we are not designed to know everything (the Unknowable).


Your Mind is Designed to inspire others with your Unique Knowledge and offer us the potential to see Life in an entirely new way. It is connected to something beyond this plane, listening and knowing spontaneously.

Your Mutative Knowledge breaks old Abstract cycles, shatters logical patterns, and inspires us with new awareness. You do not control your thinking, and you cannot use your thoughts to achieve something or get somewhere.

You need to recognize that knowledge simply comes when it comes. Mutation will take place or not. You are here to surrender to the serendipity of Inner Truth, which will be revealed through Gate 24.

This happens in a mutative way with its time while your Mind is occupied by acoustic stillness, the white noise, of Inspiration from Gate 61. Yours is a Mind that is truly connected to mystery. Since your mind is always busy thinking, you seek and love Silence.

Listening to or making music often calms the constant mental pressure of reflection.


The true mystery is that Inspiration is there in the Mind from the beginning, waiting for its activation through life itself.

Individualists with the 61-24 Channel don’t have to do anything. They simply receive an Invitation to focus on their Awareness at the Mental level, and while absorbed in that Awareness, while absorbed in the moment, a new spontaneous thought will emerge and be known.

Knowledge comes with its time. Capturing these illusory but empowering truths or insights, wanting to communicate to others what is truly inspiring and worth thinking about, are challenges that those with the Awareness Channel are here to meet.

The key to their success is the ability to distinguish what is knowable or not and what needs to be known or not.


– Awareness of Universal Principles underlying –
Center: Head
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Maya
JC: Cross of Reflection Opposites
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Obscurity

The Gate 61 is the pressure to know, to unveil the Mystery and to Inspire with moments of absolute recognition.

This Knowing moves us towards deep levels of self-acceptance where we can embrace what sets us apart from others. You love spending time reflecting, immersed in the unknown.

When you know you possess a unique insight and wait for the right moment to express it, you feel liberated. When your Knowing Inspires, Empowers, or mutates others, you feel Empowered.

Compared to the Collective Mind, which is both focused on what happened in the past and presages what might happen in the future, the Individual Mind desires silence now, to stop all voices and dialogues.

If you let go of the intense pressure and let the unknowable haunt you, your Inspiration can become muddled by disappointment, leading to profound uncertainty and anxiety.

The secret is to enjoy your thoughts and let your inner knowledge, your inner truth, reveal itself in its unique time. Without Gate 24, you are not designed to solve the mystery, but simply to enjoy it.


– The Natural and Spontaneous Process of Transformation and Renewal –
Center: Ajna
Quarter: Initiation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through the Mind
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of the Four Ways
JC: Cross of Reflection Opposites
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Incarnation

The function of Gate 24 is to take the Unique Inspiration of Gate 61 and transform it into a rational concept that can be communicated to others at some point.

It returns to the same territory over and over, reflecting on a thought it considers inspiring, revising it until it can be brought into Form. Your Mind cannot act on Inspiration or try to logically prove it or relate it to past experience.

This is a natural and spontaneous process of transformation, mental renewal, and unique knowledge. In one moment, knowledge is not there, and in the next moment, it is.

To use your Individual Mind to your great advantage, give yourself time to revisit and revise.

This process may involve observing or listening to something repeatedly. If you let your Mind transform organically, without trying to control it, the solution often appears on its own. You will hear it in a moment of silence, like those “aha” moments that come to your Mind in the middle of the night. Gate 24 is the Fear of Ignorance, i.e., Mental Anxiety about not knowing for sure or not being able to explain your Knowing. If you try to make decisions with your Mind, you will trigger Anxiety. Without Gate 61, you are under pressure to make Mental Decisions, not Self, seeking the next Inspiring Mystery to solve.

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