Profile 2/4 (Hermit/Opportunist)

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In this post you will find a summary table and descriptions of the background, personal and interpersonal areas of the profile 2/4.

Right Angle - Personal Destiny



Behavioral IdentityHermit
Projected AttitudeDemocratic
Limited PerspectiveBigotry
Desired RoleHarmony
Intimate StrategyShyness/Boldness
Security StrategyNurturer/Exploiter
Emotional ResonanceAdvancement/Withdrawal
Awareness ResonanceDetermination or Not
SexualityConfidant or Not
Wave ResonanceKindness/Meanness
Frequency ResonanceCorruption or Not


Within the Hexagram, Lines 1 and 2 represent the first of the three Yin/Yang pairs, and although these two Lines operate differently, each deals with Insecurity. In this regard, the 1st Line Investigates and Studies, and the 2nd Line eventually learns to trust its natural talents that don’t require study. There’s an Innate Tension between the Hermit Personality, which wants to be left alone to do its thing, and the Opportunist Design, which wants to connect with others to Externalize something. The Conscious 2nd Line is inherently Shy and unaware of its Gifts, needing to be called upon by others in order to share them. The Unconscious 4th Line, naturally Friendly, provides Opportunities for these Gifts to be called upon, attracting people toward the 2nd Line. The Hermit, while enjoying being Invisible to others, is actually quite transparent. Others look within and see what the Hermit can’t see—its Talents and Brilliance. The Hermit can only see itself through the Projections and Feedback of others. Not as easily motivated to study as the 1st Line, the Hermit Opportunist is happiest when fully absorbed in its Safe Environment, doing what it loves most. And as it dances to its rhythm, it garners attention from others who call it to share its essential nature.


You’re naturally here to be called upon by others to share your innate Talent and Brilliance. You possess an internally built barrier, a sort of limited viewpoint, which protects you and your unique Genius from being corrupted by external interference. This barrier has a weak point, a place where it can be penetrated. The Right Call from the Right Person can lead to a Deep Transformation in your Life, propelling your Purpose and Destiny out into the World with Missionary Enthusiasm. You don’t enjoy being constantly called upon, and responding to every call brings deep stress to your body. Misusing your Energy results in fatigue, exhaustion, and ultimately burnout. Continuously responding to the wrong calls turns the 2nd Line’s barrier into a psychological barrier that refuses to listen to any calls, and you’ll eventually suffer because of this. When called upon, you’re incredibly amazing, as if driven by an invisible force on a crusade to Externalize your Gift in the world. You’re propelled and motivated by your Unconscious and Transpersonal 4th Line. While your 2nd Line might have its ways, you’d rather stay within your protected space, choosing never to be disturbed by anyone. Co-consciously, you can feel incredibly vulnerable when the call comes, as you’re taken out of your safe and secure environment and thrust into the world of social interactions. It’s crucial for you, Hermit, to take time away from your Networks so that solitude can bring a delightful sense of Harmony to your Life. You’re also quite particular about your Environment and enjoy having things arranged in a specific way that makes you feel good—so you can be left alone with your things. Your Cave, when you retreat into it, is your Sanctuary and Castle, a place where you enjoy being without interruption.

Uncertainty is part of your 2nd Line’s life. Living in a world where people expect you to explain what you do and how you do it is uncomfortable for you and even makes you question your own abilities. If you worry too much about what others think of what you do, you can become paranoid about others’ Projections. Your Gifts aren’t something you can explain; people must accept what you do, and you don’t know how or why.

Your Unconscious 4th Line and your networking instinct are effective at attracting Opportunities for your calls and achieving success and security in the world. However, you must also be “Called” into the right network. When you’re within your network, you feel nourished and can provide nourishment to others. Your influence can be contagious and noteworthy. As a Hermit Opportunist, you can oscillate between Nourishment and Exhaustion, like Michelangelo exhausting the resources of his patron. There’s no judgmental morality in this dynamic; however, if you find yourself in the wrong network, you risk becoming dependent and depleting others’ resources in an unhealthy manner.

You’re not Designed for strangers, and the only way a stranger can properly reach you is by being introduced by someone you already know in your network. Knowing how to make Correct Decisions is crucial since there are truly specific calls for you in life, and learning to recognize them is vital for your well-being. Attracting the Right Calls happens naturally when your life is properly aligned, and you make Decisions through your Strategy and Authority. Without this guidance, life can be chaotic, and the Life-Transforming Call might never be felt.


The Hermit Opportunist bonds through a Shyness/Boldness strategy. Its Hermit Shyness challenges the other to be daring enough to break its barriers to Intimacy, establishing Friendship first. Hermits are only open to a certain type of specific people, and that’s how they enter Intimacy and lasting relationships correctly. The 2nd Line doesn’t pursue, as the Hermit is unaware of the internal qualities that attract the other. Instead, it waits for someone to enter its Cave and say, “You’re for me.” This is also the correct way for the Hermit Opportunist to enter Entrepreneurial Commitments or partnerships, as well as networks that recognize and more easily call it.

Even with their intrinsic, unlearned Gifts, 2/4 children need good education and should be supported and encouraged to study. This preparation will be invaluable later in life when their calls arrive. They need to be ‘lit up,’ but if they’re not interested, they won’t want to join and get involved. They’re generally affable and will get along with the majority, but they need balance between solitude and social time.

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