Planets and their meanings for Human Design

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Sun (Expression of Personality and Vital Force)
The Sun represents our core energy, our primary vital force. The Sun of our Personality shows how we express our Self (essence) in the world, while the Sun of the Design denotes the genetic themes inherited from our father, themes experienced unconsciously.

The Sun is the closest star, and we receive 70% of neutrinos from it, so it has the strongest influence on our life. The Sun represents the theme of our incarnation, how we express our "light" in the world. It is the primary force of Yang.
Earth (Grounding and Balance)
Earth represents how we find the foundation, how we ground the energy of the Sun into our form, our body. The Sun and Earth always work together and are opposite each other in the Rave Mandala.

Through Earth, we can find balance when dealing with the world of form and build stability if we can integrate Personality correctly into our life. Unconsciously, through Earth, we derive our ability to deal with the world of form. Earth is the primary force of Yin.
Moon (The Driving Force)
The Moon represents the force that moves us - the driving force of our design focused through the lens of the gate it activates. Lunar energy is experienced through our form as we go about our daily life through the body's instinctive mechanisms.

The Moon travels through all the body's gates over the course of a month (approximately) and is, therefore, a powerful force in our lives; the energy and themes of the Sun inform the Moon and are reflected by it, giving it expression.
North Node (Future Direction and Environment)
The Personality North Node reveals the perspectives we develop about the world in the second half of our lives, while the Design North Node outlines how we experience and relate to our environment.

The themes of our North Nodes lay the groundwork for the mature way of experiencing life after our Uranian opposition (38-43 years), when we shift from the South Node to the North Node and move toward a place of realization and fulfillment. During the North Node phase, we integrate our learning experiences from the first half of life.
South Node (Past Direction and Environment)
The South Node phase is the evolutionary phase of living the early years of life until reaching our Uranian opposition at around 38 - 43 years. The transition from the South Node to the North Node symbolizes that point where we have reached a place of maturity.

The Personality South Node, through the gate/line it activates, illustrates how we perceive the world around us and the perspectives we develop about it during the first half of life. From the design perspective, it describes the early environments that shape the backdrop within which we experience life.
Mercury (Communication and Thought)
Mercury is associated with the Mind and mental functions. Mercury activations in the chart point to essential concepts that need expression.

From the Personality perspective, the theme of the gate it activates shows what we need to communicate and how we will express it. On the design side, it denotes a theme that is largely unconscious but equally important and therefore creates pressure until it finds a way to express itself.
Venus (Values and Relationships)
Venus establishes our values and influences how we interact and relate to each other, and what we consider valuable. Venus qualities are associated with beauty, grace, and aesthetics.

Venus represents our personal morality, which determines how we relate on an individual and community/collective level. The theme of Venus in our life is described by the gate, and more specifically by the line that is activated.
Mars (Energy Dynamics)
Mars symbolizes the use of energy, from the immature way of using this primal force, completely free from responsibility and often uncontrollable, to a more mature use later in life. It represents the fundamental dynamic drive to use the available energy for our personal life and transformation process.

Over time, we learn to use this energy wiser and more insightfully. The gate Mars activates shows a specific area/theme through which this dynamic force is focused to teach us the correct use of energy.
Jupiter (Law and Protection)
Jupiter is a massive planet that, in astronomical and physical terms, exerts a significant influence in our solar system. Jupiter represents the law and fundamental principles that create, strengthen, and support the law or laws.

It symbolizes the expansion of consciousness and broadens our perspectives so that we can understand our relationship with the whole. It is an extremely benevolent force and can lead to growth if we observe the ethics and morality inherent in our process.
Saturn (Discipline and Limitation)
At around 29-31 years of age, we complete our first Saturn cycle, marking the beginning of adulthood. Saturn is best described as the master of tasks, the discipline that allows us to fulfill our tasks in this life. Anything left unattended will manifest as a limit or burden that hinders our progress until we accept our responsibilities. These limitations mainly focus on the gates activated by Saturn.

Saturn builds structures, and once we take care of and fulfill our responsibilities, we experience the positive side of Saturn - the support it provides so that we can fulfill our purpose in life and live our destiny.
Uranus (Uniqueness, Chaos, and Innovation)
Uranus in your chart describes where you need to follow your path, where you can express yourself uniquely and differently. Uranus disrupts the old order once limitations must be transcended to bring forth the new. This is often precipitated by instability and chaos from which new forms can emerge.

The gate it activates denotes an area where you are subject to perhaps sudden and unexpected experiences typical of this Uranian dynamic, with the breaking of old forms around mid-life and subsequent renewal in the second half of life after Uranian opposition.
Neptune (Illusion and Spirituality (Transcendence))
Neptune in your chart reveals the area where you are most susceptible to illusion and misperception. Neptune conceals or masks the truth until we can perceive a deeper underlying reality. It is an unyielding and powerful force, constantly urging us to abandon our separateness and break the mystery of Maya.* It reigns in both the world of glamour and the realm of deep mystical truth.

Neptune veils the potential of the gates it activates, with the potential for magic emerging from behind the veil once surrender has occurred.

*The illusion or appearance of the phenomenal world.
Pluto (Truth, Transformation, and Psychology)
A key word for Pluto is Transformation. The gate that Pluto activates in your chart is an area where you directly experience transformation and renewal to find the truth. Pluto is an extremely powerful force that brings to the surface everything that is hidden but must be brought into the realm of consciousness. Discovering those deep aspects of your truth is an exploration process that lasts a lifetime to come to terms with that essential truth within yourself.

Quoting about Pluto: Grandma. Grandma is delightful. When you are a child and ask your mother.