The Channel Of Openness (22 – 12)

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Circuit: Knowledge
Channel Type: Manifested

The Channel of Openness connects the Solar Plexus Center to the Throat Center through the Gate of Grace (22) and the Gate of Caution (12).

Openness in the 22-12 Channel depends on the ebb and flow of the Emotional Wave or Mood. It creatively voices Mutable Moods, Melancholy, Passion, Romanticism, and the Drama of the Emotional Wave, either expressing them or putting them into action. In Gate 12, there’s a quality of control governing the opening of Gate 22, limiting its social interactions with people who seem to have greater Mutative Potential.


The literal miraculous qualities of articulation, which developed through the mutation of the Larynx (Gate 12) 85,000 years ago, set the stage for humans to not only communicate their intelligence but to emotionally impact others with the quality of their voice.

The Channel of Openness is the Social Channel of the Individual Circuit, guided by a “when I feel like it” orientation (emotional wave) that is not focused on being social or friendly.

Individualists are generally less interested in mating (Tribal) or sharing (Collective) and are more interested in creating a Receptive Environment for their potential to bring new Transformative Awareness to the Collectives and Tribes.

The key for those with this Manifesting Channel is to wait until they feel like social interaction.

If forced into a social situation when they are in the low flow of their Wave, they can be misunderstood, suddenly become angry, and fail to Empower Others. Repeated social failures can lead to antisocial behavior and isolation.


With your keen sense of timing and the awareness of the openness of your listening, you know when to use your Human Warmth and Social Skills to get people’s attention and how to get close enough to them so that your words catalyze a love for change in their lives.

You use the quality and inflection in your voice to move or touch people to educate, transform, and communicate. When your Mood and Timing are synchronized, you can Empower Others to indirectly experience the full range of Emotions through means such as public speaking, acting, poetry, or music.

The Solar Plexus is your Authority, so it’s imperative that you don’t act impulsively. The measure of patience you cultivate and the creative depth of your feeling that you allow yourself to experience by listening through your Waves determine how powerful your Mutative Individual Impact in the world will be.


Individualists are naturally different from anyone else, so they tend to attract a lot of attention. Consequently, they struggle with a fear of being observed.

They fear that their Uniqueness may be seen as strange and lead to rejection from others. Gate 22 listens with the left ear, and these Individualists hear what they want to hear.

To fully know something, it must be repeated and heard multiple times. They have the ability to truly listen and feel what is said, making them true listeners when they are in the right Mood.

When their Social Interactions are guided by their Mood, barriers fall, and fears dissipate.

In this social opening environment, this existential moment where everything falls into place, the magic of the Mutative Difference of the Individualist has its full impact.


– A quality of behavior most suited for dealing with ordinary and insignificant situations –
Center: Solar Plexus
Quarter: Initiation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Mind
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of Explanation
JC: Juxtaposition Cross of Intuition
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Dedication

Gate 22 combines the potential for emotional openness through listening with social grace and highly attractive charm when in the right Mood.

When your Mood shifts, a dramatically different and sometimes antisocial part of you may emerge. Your Emotional Awareness emerges over time as you move deeper along your Emotional Wave.

Allowing your depth to mature with age, in the company of your creative inspirational muse, hones your ability to recognize the right timing and express your truth precisely when society is ready for it.

Recognizing that timing and acting upon it depends on honoring your Mood. Your Openness and attention to what is essential and new to others are gifts of Grace that can impact even strangers.

You listen to others until they have finished what they are saying, only then bringing out what you have to say. This is Grace in action, as well as the key to your Empowerment.

In fact, it is your responsibility and privilege to use your listening skills to make change possible for others.

Without Gate 12, you might know what you feel but may not be able to express it verbally. Since silence makes you nervous, what scares you most is that there’s nothing worth listening to.


– The quality of control, the importance of contemplation, and inertia in facing temptation –
Center: Throat
Quarter: Civilization
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Form
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of Eden
JC: Juxtaposition Cross of Articulation
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Education

The Articulate, Mutative, and Moody Voice of the Individualist is contained in Gate 12 by natural Caution.

This Caution keeps you silent until your Mood tells you that you really need to say something and to say it in a Unique, Transformative way.

The Vocal Vibration or Tone of your voice speaks louder than your choice of words. Remaining still or contemplating a single perception or Feeling until you are in the Mood to express it creatively, for example, through Poetry or Music, gives your message time to mature.

You have your greatest impact on others as the “stranger of consequences”; as an entertainer, you translate and creatively express the joys and sorrows of loving and living, and then you withdraw.

When you are not in the Mood, chances are your audience will not listen to what you have to say or will not experience the transformation or inspiration that interaction with you can bring.

Impeccable Timing will maximize the Potential Impact you can have on Social/Cultural norms and our way of being with others in the world. You know how to express yourself, but without Gate 22, you may not always be able to clarify what you are feeling.

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