The Channel Of Exploration (34 – 10)

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Circuit: Centering (Creative Channel)
Channel Type: Generated

The Channel of Exploration connects the Sacral Center to the G Center through the Gate of Power (34) and the Gate of Self-Behavior (10). Gate 10 Initiates Behaviors (such as Roles) from our depths, leading us to Accept, Honor, and Love ourselves.

Gate 34 provides the Power or inner strength to stay true to the convictions that form our self-confidence and acceptance.

The pure Energy of Gate 34 for Self-Empowerment and Identification interacts correctly with others only through a Sacral Response.


The 34-10 Channel enhances the Exploration and Perfection of personal behaviors necessary for survival in society. Those with the 34-10 Channel are here to love themselves and trust their inner convictions, especially when guided by their Sacral Response and Personal Authority.

As the Creative Channel for the Centering Circuit, it exerts its influence on all other circuits in the Design. This is not an Energy that must be imposed on others, but rather creatively focused on ways to stay centered on the Convictions that are correct for the Individual.

This focus leads to a level of self-mastery that empowers even those with strong Tribal Connections to love and honor themselves, despite the strong Tribal emphasis on loving and serving the Community first.


You are here to follow your Convictions, no matter how unusual they may be, to Act Independently as yourself despite interference. The guidance and timing of your Sacral Responses are what make this possible in a fulfilling and guilt-free way.

Living authentically, you demonstrate to others the benefit of an interactive self-improvement behavior through Response/Reaction.

This empowers people to connect with their Convictions and love themselves. Your Generative Aura, combined with the Channel of Exploration, can attract a great deal of attention.

Whether this attention is positive or not, with its true potential to Empower and Change that only the individualist can bring to the world, depends entirely on your willingness to patiently tune in to your Responses. You and those around you will recognize

Immediately when you live the opposite: a rigid and unsatisfying expression of not self of this Channel that can seem selfish and self-centered, as if saying, “I will be as I like, you can be in any way, as long as you don’t interfere with me and my way.”


The Centering Circuit is designed to empower independence and autonomy, based on self-love, in those who interact with it.

The Channel of Exploration describes the kind of world Individualists would most like to be part of, where everyone is able to live their Uniqueness without dealing with resistance and interference from others.

If there is an Electromagnetic Attraction between two people, the Channel imparts an Individualistic flavor to relationships, which can lead to the breaking of old forms or traditions in its quest to explore new territory.

If individuals with strong Collective or Tribal ties come together in this Connection but do not understand the Power of Response, their relationship can pose unexpected challenges.


– Power is Great only when it is shown or used to serve the common good –
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
LAC: Right-Angle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix
JC: Juxtaposition Cross of the Confrontation of Power/Force
LAS: Left-Angle Cross of Duality

The Gate 34 is a Powerful and Remarkable Source of Energy that Empowers us as Individuals, showing and celebrating our Uniqueness in the world. Two qualities distinguish this Gate from the other eight in the Sacral Center: its asexuality and the inaccessibility of its Power to others. When connected to Gate 10 in the G Center, your Energy is focused on Social Behaviors or Roles that support your strong convictions.

When connected to Gate 20 in the Throat, your Power will be determined to act on your own, to transform your thoughts into actions and express your ability to manifest and thrive. When connected to Gate 57 in your Spleen, your Intuition will enhance your ability to listen to what you need to survive perfectly at all times. Without the direct Intuitive guidance of the Spleen, this incredible force to act could become unhealthy, invasive, and provide misguided instructions.

You may feel lost in your momentum, consuming Energy that serves no one. Though admired and even requested, your Energy simply isn’t available to others. It must remain pure in its Power and always accessible to you as you seek to be independent and unique, to act according to your convictions and triumph, which means surviving as yourself.


– The underlying code of Behavior that ensures successful interaction regardless of circumstances –
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love
JC: Juxtaposition Cross of the Confrontation of Behavior
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Prevention

Gate 10 is the most complex in the G Center and is one of the four Gates of the Cross of Incarnation of the Vessel of Love. This is the Gate of Self-Love. The six potential Behaviors or Self-Roles (listed below) are guided by the intuition of Gate 57, enhanced by the Sacral Response of Gate 34, and manifested or expressed through Gate 20. Within the structure of these Roles, humanity is exploring what it means to live as Beings at 9 Centers, self-aware Forms with the potential to Awaken and experience genuine self-love.

With your Strategy and Authority in play, Gate 10 increases your Potential to let go and thus live Authentically as yourself. As you recognize, accept, and love what makes you Unique, you also empower others to love themselves. True Awakening through letting go is not a commitment to become something; it’s a commitment to be yourself.

Gate 10 places a strong emphasis on loving self-acceptance and will deeply impact how humanity moves through the 21st century. You are the one who recognizes that Awakening is not possible without Self-Acceptance. As you embrace and honor the joy of exploring life in a Self-Aware Form, you increase our potential to live as ourselves, awakened in the moment.

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