Profile 2/5 (Hermit/Heretic)

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In this article you will find a summary table and descriptions of the background, personal and interpersonal areas of the 2/5 profile.

Right Angle - Personal Destiny



Behavioral IdentityHermit
Projected AttitudeDemocratic
Limited PerspectiveBigotry
Desired RoleHarmony
Intimate StrategyShyness/Boldness
Security StrategyNurturer/Exploiter
Emotional ResonanceAdvance/Retreat
Awareness ResonanceDetermination or Not
TypeThe General
MemoryThe Savior
Wave ResonanceAltruism/Egoism
Frequency ResonanceDiscipline/Rebellion


In Profile 2/5, we find the Harmony of the two Projection Lines. The true Personal Hermit wants to be left alone to do their own thing and is Unaware of Projection. The Transpersonal and Seductive Heretic is conscious and suspicious of others’ projections but needs to interact with others to fulfill their Karmic Purpose. The Heretic can actually call the Hermit to Action with an Inner Call. The true Universalizing Call is rare, but essentially, the Talents of the Heretic Hermit are properly invoked when the attracting Projection can meet Practical Solutions that their Natural Genius provides. The Hermit, conscious in their withdrawal, not wanting to be bothered, projects the attitude of the Democrat and allows others to assume Responsibility. The Unconscious Heretic is the Savior waiting for their chance to Lead and Universalize their Practical Power.

The 5th Line is always Exalted, as it represents Humanity’s Hopes and Dreams. It’s also the most Transpersonal of all Lines, and its impact can be very profound. When someone looks into the window of a 2/5, they see the potential to call someone to their Greatness. Once called, they can lead any Rebellion against any norm at any cost and provide a Practical Solution that might be outside of all previous ones.

At the same time, what people really want is a General, summoned only when needed. They want a Leader who can intervene in a crisis and then leave again.

The Heretic Hermit must earn the loyalty of those they ‘save’ just as they must be loyal to their Natural Talents and Passions, the core of their Inherent Genius. The 2/5 must know when to release the Leadership role and step back into their Hermitage. This is important both at the Personal level for the 2nd Line, which needs time to withdraw to nurture/grow itself, and at the Transpersonal level of the 5th Line, whose Reputation will suffer when it can’t meet others’ ongoing Projections.


You are one who craves Harmony, and your Hermit tends to mind their own business quietly. You are surprised when your Heretic intervenes to help others. Every time you walk into a room, you encounter an expectant audience. There’s a dual pressure of Projection and Expectation that your special Talents can save us in our time of need. You can attract both group and individual Loyalty or encounter Distrust. Not knowing which of these two Projections you’ll encounter can be uncomfortable for you. The Call is inevitable, even if it might be more annoying than enlightening.

You’re perfectly capable of leading a Revolution – if it’s the right one. Your true protection lies in following your Strategy and Authority to determine which calls are right for you. The Right Call transforms you. Ultimately, your Reputation depends entirely on your ability to provide a Practical and Universal Solution. Neither your Hermit nor your Heretic are very comfortable in the world, and you might appear as a Recluse, seemingly willing to withhold or accumulate your Personal Resources. However, this serves an important purpose, providing you with your Energy, Natural Talents, Reputation, and time to train and be ready for the moment when you’re Projected to provide a Practical Solution, when others truly need it. Knowing what’s Practical and living it in your life is essential. Your Aware Bonding Strategy is “I’m Shy, you must break down my barriers to reach me,” while Unconsciously, you always attract people towards you. Your greatest power, however, is Stranger to Consequences.


Heretic Hermits, when acting in accordance with their true Nature, will have opportunities in life, especially if they have been well-educated in something they naturally excel at and can manage the field of Projections. They have the potential to be both Called and Call others and will enjoy the fruits of Positive Projections resulting from their ability to bring a Practical Solution to the Collective. The 2/5 can be deeply Creative in establishing their presence in the world and excellent in personal marketing. When the majority is in Crisis and the 2/5 receives the call, they can Transform and start calling others to a new Principle. 12/5 are naturally withdrawn, a valuable Strategy for them as this withdrawal always brings the other people in their life to call them. In this way, 2/5s initially have the security of encountering a positive Projection. They struggle to maintain their Innocence in life as Projections ‘accumulate’ and can’t self-motivate due to Desire. They are Heretics who bring Change and challenge what already exists. If the Challenge is Practical, their Heresy will Triumph and continue to Triumph until it’s no longer considered as such.

Heretic Hermit children need respect for their limits and shouldn’t be forced to do something they don’t want to do. They can be the most splendid children ever, but if they’ve had a bad day, their Reputation, even at a young age, can suffer. Once they’ve been knocked off their pedestal, they can stay off it for a moment or a lifetime. Their need to be alone should also be respected, as they deeply sense the Projections of their Parents and those who somehow expect them to be faster, smarter, better, this, or that.

If their needs are not respected, both the Hermit and the Heretic will rebel. As long as the 2/5 follows their Strategy and Authority, when called into a career or relationship, the potential is high to Successfully Universalize something by fulfilling their Purpose.

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