Profile 3/5 (Martyr/Heretic)

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In this article you will find a summary table and descriptions of the background, personal and interpersonal areas of the 3/5 profile.

Right Angle - Personal Destiny



Behavioral IdentityMartyr
Projected AttitudeAnarchist
Limited PerspectivePessimism
Desired RoleSustenance
Intimate StrategyMade and Broken Bonds
Security StrategyMade and Broken Bonds
Emotional ResonanceLoyalty/Rejection
Awareness ResonancePartnership/Dependency
TypeThe General
MemoryThe Savior
Wave ResonanceAltruism/Egoism
Frequency ResonanceDiscipline/Rebellion


If the theater is on fire and the Firefighters haven’t arrived due to budget cuts, the person standing in the middle of the theater shouting “This isn’t fair!” while at the same time organizing a fire brigade and finding all the exits is the Heretic Martyr. Profile 3/5 combines two powerful agents for Change. Resilient, Adaptable, and Mutative, the Conscious 3rd Line primarily focuses on Discovery in the material world and lives a True Physical Process of Trial and Error, enabling it to sustain itself and others with its Discoveries. The Martyrs are equipped to take responsibility when they stand up and speak the Truth about what isn’t working, but they’re not equipped to meet the next kindly. Life collides with them and they with it. Like the 1st and 2nd Lines, they don’t seek anyone. However, they observe the world to be stimulated and potentially changed, ending up colliding with all sorts of Forces. Some of these may not be right for them, and thus they might become pessimistic.

Learning to discern at a young age what works for them and what doesn’t is crucial.

On the other hand, we have the Unconscious yet Seductive 5th Line, which can’t escape from others.

It continuously draws Projections from those who see the Heretic as the General who can ride the white horse, leading them out of Crisis. This can be quite awkward for the 3/5, because from the moment of their birth, people project onto them that they can “solve the situation,” and then the process of the 3rd Line comes into play, and the one who is here to help can’t do anything and makes mistakes.

Maturing through Life, the 3rd Line naturally provides a wealth of Experiential Wisdom. The 5th Line, the General, will be called upon in situations where the Martyr will know and see what doesn’t work. Then it can stand up as the Heretic, take command, and deliver something New and Practical that works. The Anarchist Martyr will do things well for a long time, adapting, experimenting, and refining the process at every step. Being called a great ‘solver, they will provide innovative solutions and guidance. The Profile 3/5 also needs to know when to let go and allow others to continue the Process on their own. They are not continuous influencer network workers like Lines 4, and their great power and effectiveness are disconnected from consequences.


The most challenging thing for you is reconciling your natural 3rd Line discovery dance through Life with the Savior Projections that others place on your Unconscious 5th Line.

In order for you to properly live your role as the Heretic Martyr, you must emphasize what you have learned when Life smacks you, both how and when to correctly apply your discoveries. You need great Discernment when something or someone comes your way, determining whether it’s worth staying there for you, binding or not. You might feel at times that your Discovery process has failed, but your experimentation is a foundation upon which someone else could build. There were thousands of ways the lightbulb didn’t work before they found the way it did work, and yet each of these discoveries nourishes the next. You’re the one who can endure the Trial and Error process as you won’t give up easily.

Even more importantly, you need to enter both your explorations and your rescues correctly through your Strategy and Authority, or you’ll end up becoming pessimistic about Life or likely find your reputation going up in smoke. When a commitment is correctly made, you can enter it with the full force of your Resilience, Adaptability, Determination, Generosity, and Altruism and be supported by life no matter how violently it crashes against you. And even if you’re burned at the stake, you’ll simply move on to the next.

You’re here to fight for a principle and change the world around you by bringing a new value or structure to the collective. You must also be careful not to end up with the Martyr complex, saying “why me” or “why now.” You must discover the principles you can live by yourself and then transform these principles into a Universalizing Force. You’re here to eventually create a new Principle, a new Heresy, but if this Heresy isn’t practical, you’ll pay the price. Your work, or whatever activity you engage in, needs to be stimulating and non-repetitive. Seeing clients every day, for example, can be a good thing for you, as Made and Broken Bonds is your Theme.


Heretic Martyrs are specialists in the material world. When things aren’t working, they’ll break the bond and leave. Their Projected Attitude is best expressed as “never belong to an organization that would have you as a member.” They are Anarchists who must break the bond with anything that doesn’t work to finally discover what works. There’s tremendous value for anyone with the 3rd Line around those who are Consciously Designed to Discover what doesn’t Work. If Parents, Teachers, or others can refrain from calling the 3/5 Pessimistic or negative or telling them they made a mistake, they’ll save themselves time and energy by benefiting significantly from the Experiential Wisdom of the 3/5.

We must offer a special type of Grace to the 3rd Line child. Parents and Teachers must allow them to go through their process with positive encouragement. “What have you learned from this?” or, “Don’t see it as a mistake, but simply a Process.” If they don’t, the psychological damage to the 3/5 child can be substantial. When the Heretic Martyr can’t live up to the expectations projected onto them, they will run away and burn the bridges behind them. If they can navigate the Field of Projections through Strategy and Authority, then the full potential of their Truth along with their adaptability, ability to find a practical way, to continue seeing the beauty and wonder of the material plane will shine as a true gift for all of us. The only thing that needs to empower this Role is positive encouragement.

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