Profile 3/6 (Martyr/Role Model)

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In this article you will find a summary table and descriptions of the background, personal and interpersonal areas of the 3/6 profile

Right Angle - Personal Destiny



Behavioral IdentityMartyr
Projected AttitudeAnarchist
Limited PerspectivePessimism
Desired RoleSustainability
Intimate StrategyMade and Broken Bonds
Security StrategyMade and Broken Bonds
Emotional ResonanceLoyalty/Rejection
Awareness ResonancePartnership/Dependency
NatureRole Model
MemoryThe Optimist
SexualitySoulmate or Not
HumanityTrust or Not
Wave ResonanceSympathy/Apathy
Frequency ResonanceLeadership or Not


When the Martyr’s Pessimism meets the Role Model’s Optimism, they together attempt to clarify what they can truly trust in life. Profile 3/6 expresses the possibility that the Trial and Error process can lead to Wisdom. All 6 Lines possess a 3-Stage Life Process. During the first 30 years, they function as 3 Lines. The Martyr Role Model starts life with a double 3rd Line, deeply involved in experiencing Life through one discovery after another, creating and breaking bonds along the way. In the 2nd stage (30-50), the Role Model attempts to climb onto the roof for a break and observes Life. The Conscious 3rd Line continues to engage with Life once again, bringing the 6th Line back into the World. Neither the 3/6 Profiles nor the 6/3 Profiles achieve the purity of roof time that the 4/6 and 6/2 do.

Potentially, the 3/6’s discoveries will be expressed as mature and balanced Wisdom during the 3rd Stage (after 50 years), a time when the 3/6 descends from the roof and fully re-engages in life.

With its solitary and detached perspective, the Role Model judges life in terms of what’s perfect and what’s not, while the Martyr’s trench warfare leads to the discovery of what doesn’t work. Together, they can struggle for a Truth and shape different ways of possible Transition for Humanity if we transcend our Conditioning, embrace our maturation phases, become our Authorities, and live our Uniqueness, consciously and authentically ourselves.


Trust is a significant issue for you, as much as Perfection, which can bring stress to relationships that don’t meet your expectations. When you trust, you feel secure in life. At the same time, you’re involved in a natural process of discovery. You make and break bonds, which might not easily align with your Unconscious Motivation to find a Soul Mate and settle into a perfect life you can trust. Your 6th Line brings a quality of nobility beyond the mundane, and you may be disappointed when perfection breaks down and withdraws for a while, when life simply doesn’t work as you expect. You might be an ‘Eternal Hesitator’ as Indecision is a theme in your life. The 3rd Line wants to get into Experience, while the 6th Line would prefer to observe and not engage. Doing something, however, is better than doing nothing. You’re Designed to gather experiences, but only the experiences that are right for you. Relief from indecision comes when you have a navigation tool like Strategy and Authority.

While your Unconscious 6th Line wants life to be perfect, your Conscious 3rd Line needs to learn about Perfection through the often messy process of Trial and Error.

When things don’t seem to work, the pessimism of your 3rd Line can cloud your view of life, while the Unconscious 6th Line wants to maintain its optimistic nature. Considering your 3rd Line Trial and Error process as positive rather than negative will help you maintain a more optimistic attitude in life. There are no mistakes for a 3rd Line, only discoveries, which are critical for the development of an Expert and Wise Role Model. You must be deeply engaged in Life concretely to learn and develop the mastery of the Self. You’re sought after for your advice and approvals, and when you give (or don’t give) your stamp of approval, your word is respected.

It’s also essential for you to spend time alone. The theme of Made and Broken Bonds is not personal. You’re not leaving the other person; you’re merely returning to your 3rd Line ego-centric process until life engages you again. Sometimes breaking a bond permanently is appropriate, but most of the time, it simply means going for a walk or watching a movie alone and then returning home for dinner with the family. Or breaking a bond to come back together, sooner or later, to reestablish that bond at a more authentic and stronger level.


Relationships that don’t work, especially in the beginning, can be very painful for 3/6 Profiles and keep them away from forming intimate bonds for many years. Knowing how to make the right decisions in the early years of life will help them prepare for the world. Role Models have a deep ability to sustain themselves and not give up, eventually leading them to objectivity. They discover that ‘bad experiences are the most important ones they’ve had.

Society conditions us to believe that ‘mistakes are wrong. If 3rd Lines are not encouraged and educated about their process, bad mistakes pile up in a stack, and they feel defeated, develop an inferiority complex, carrying a heavy burden of guilt and pessimism. They will let go and leave instead of using the Experience as guidance. The 3rd Lines are, after all, the ones with the greatest ability to reveal the Truth through the discovery of what doesn’t work.

Some of the most important discoveries in our world have happened through the Trial and Error process. Being a 3rd Line means being fully involved in the wonder of life.

Martyrs Role Model are both Anarchists and Administrators, who can advocate for a cause even if they wouldn’t personally want to be involved. If the 6th Line understands the Life Process in its tripartite being and lives it authentically through their Authority, a penetrating and optimistic perspective will emerge in the later years, in the form of Empirical/Practical Wisdom. They’ll step forward as Role Models, guided by their discoveries, showing us the potential for perfection in beings at 9 Centers with their potential for flourishing and Truth after 50 years. This is a new maturation pattern that is shaping up, a process in progress that should not be forced.

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