Profile 5/2 (Heretic/Hermit)

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In this article you will find a summary table and descriptions of the background, personal and interpersonal areas of the 5/2 profile.

Left Angle - Transpersonal Karma



Behavioral IdentityHeretic
Projected AttitudeThe General
Limited PerspectiveThe Savior
Desired RoleAttraction
Intimate StrategySeducer / Seduced
Security StrategyDistributor / Accumulator
Emotional ResonanceAltruism / Egoism
Awareness ResonanceDiscipline / Rebellion
SexualityShyness / Audacity
HumanityWho Nurtures / Who Exploits
Wave ResonanceAdvance / Retreat
Frequency ResonanceDetermination or Not


Living in a dual Projection field, Hermit Heretics must be their own Stimulus and Motivation. When Correct Projection sets things in motion, the Heretic invokes the gifts of the Hermit, applying or Universalizing what comes naturally. 5/2 individuals lead an unusual life of constant Projection. Returning to the metaphor of the house, we have the 5th Conscious Line on the second floor, behind the curtain looking out onto the street, very aware of the people below who are Projecting onto her, as they wonder what is behind that curtain. The 2nd Unconscious Line is on the first floor, with the curtains open, dancing around, unaware of the people looking in and also Projecting onto her.

This rare Profile is called the Reluctant Heretic, as it is quite common for Hermit Heretics to remain detached and not get involved due to uncertainty about whether they can deliver a practical solution regarding the Projections of others. Although it is a Transpersonal Profile, unlike the 5/1 which has Karma with others, the 5/2 carries its own Karma within.

They must live something based on what they have experienced in the past, but it is up to them to discover it.

If they don’t, whatever it is, will not be called and cannot be Universalized.


You are deeply gifted in an unusual way, and it is very important for you to understand how to engage in life. What you are waiting for is the Right Internal Call to something Revolutionary, something that can lead others beyond the Mundane level. Once you have engaged correctly, you are empowered to selflessly nourish those you are here to support, while also providing for your material needs. Unlike the 5/1s who Universalize a Foundation, something they have Investigated and Studied, you Universalize your Natural Talents and Gifts. This is personal, and you can feel very vulnerable. When called upon to step in and help, you are asking people to believe in you. You must stand on your charismatic power alone, and this can create a lot of uncertainty.

Your 2nd Line Genius is Unconscious and buried within you, and it is difficult for you to know when you have received the Right Call. You are Called through the Projection Field, and it is imperative for your Success and Reputation to understand how to make the Correct Decisions using your Strategy and Authority. Only when you have recognized the Right Call can you fulfill the Projection. The 5th Line in your Profile begins with a Positive Projection from others that you can deliver what they need, and since you do not fulfill that Projection, your Reputation suffers. This is a Transpersonal Profile, and your Reputation can suffer deeply, so it is even more important for you to understand how to make the Right Decision based on your Authority and not on the Projection Field. For you, it is a Necessity, and also a relief, to escape from the Projections of others, as you feel naturally and comfortably whole and are happy to be alone with yourself. Your 2nd Line of the Unconscious Body needs its time as a Hermit alone to stay healthy and nurture your natural gifts and talents.

As a Hermit, you are not interested in improving what you naturally do or proving to yourself and others what you believe to be true. And as a Heretic, you are not comfortable with the projections you receive from every crisis person to provide Practical Solutions or to fulfill Hopes and Expectations. If you experience many failures living up to the expectations of others, this will negatively reinforce your tendency toward solitude. You may feel uncertain about what you can actually do and be overwhelmed and confused by all these Projections. If pushed to an unhealthy extreme, you may decide to isolate yourself from all External Expectations, thus enduring the Reputation of someone who falls short of expectations or someone who hoards their gifts and refuses to Universalize them for the benefit of others.


The secret to interacting with a Hermit Heretic is to avoid putting any pressure on them in any way. Wait until they self-engage and observe how they approach a situation or crisis that requires their particular innate Genius. This is how this unusual Profile manifests new revolutionary truths in the world in a rewarding way, maintaining harmony for themselves, as the faith of the 5/2 is that Harmony is rooted in not putting anyone under pressure. In relationships, the 5th Heretic Line relies on its attraction strength to get the attention of others, while the shyness of the Hermit sets a barrier to true Intimacy. However, when a Pursuer or person of interest appears, this Profile can lower its barrier, allowing the Pursuer’s audacity to effectively complete the Seduction and open the way to Intimacy.

The need of the 5/2 child to motivate themselves can be frustrating and demanding for parents. There is immense expectation on these children to show the world their talents or genius and to help others. When they withdraw into their room, instead of appearing busy playing, family members can project onto them that they are lazy. This can make the child 5/2 feel extremely uncomfortable with others as they always feel the pressure of such expectations. They can also be quite suspicious of what others see in them, as they are unsure about their Natural Talents and whether they are sure to meet the Projection. Working with 5/2 Children is best to introduce them to different things until one of them ‘lights them up’. They are extremely selective, but once ‘lit up’, they will self-engage and share their Natural Abilities.

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