The Inspiration Channel (1-8)

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Circuit: Knowledge (Creative Channel)
Channel Type: Projected

The Inspiration Channel connects the G Center to the Throat Center through the Gate of Self-Expression (1) and the Gate of Contribution (8). Gate 1 is the Entry to Creative Expression, a Mutative perspective either through the Aura presence of those who possess it or through a Form that can be promoted and displayed for everyone to experience. It takes courage to stand out from the crowd and inspire others to be equally bold.

For this Channel, living as an Individualist is an Art and means being Designed to gain public attention.


The 1-8 Channel provides a public outlet for both Creativity (Gate 1) and the potential for Leadership (Gate 8) inherent in the Knowledge Circuit.

Through the Voice of the Model to follow, it says: “I know I can (or cannot) make my Creative Contribution” to the evolving objectives of the group. People with this Channel make an impact on the world around them by fully living and expressing the Unique Nature of their Identity.

This Impact is not achieved through words or explanations but through Example, modeling their Unique Direction. They do it, live it, and when the 1-8 Channel is Connected to an Engine (for example, through the 2-14 Channel), their Contribution can be very Impressive.


The nature of the Individualist Direction is to move towards beauty, strengthened by your truth and rooted in the moment. You are Designed to model what it means to be a self-expressed and creative Individualist and rightfully attract the attention of others. In doing so, you potentially change their perspective.

You inspire new Directions in others and free them to express their Creative Uniqueness, like a pianist who, through an extraordinary performance, inspires someone in the audience to take piano lessons. For this type of Individualist Leadership based on Example to have an impact, it must come from a place of authentic personal Authority, free from casual and Conditioning Influences.

It is also essential to recognize that your potential to Inspire or Empower others is actually a realization of your Dedication to living your Individuality, which naturally attracts attention, and the recognition of others of your Individuality.

The 1-8 Channel lacks the integration of social skills, and it is incumbent upon you to develop the necessary skills to effectively communicate what contribution you have to offer here, including cultivating patience to wait for the right moment to do so. The key to your development is to be Recognized, Accepted, and applauded for your Individuality and the Creative impact you promote.


Individualist Style Leaders (transformers or enhancers through example) attract others through Initiating changes in how people see and act.


– Creation as the primary force. Potential energy to Manifest Inspiration without Limitation –
Center: G
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx
JC: Cross of Contribution Opposites
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Challenge

Gate 1 is the drive and deep need to focus on expressing oneself in Creative and Unique ways. You are not concerned with being the best, which is a comparative feature of the Collective.

You simply want to live your true creative nature, your Authentic Individuality. When you are happily absorbed in “doing your thing,” you are not aware that you are drawing the attention of others.

It is precisely when you are honest about your Creative process that what you are doing and how you are doing it has its great Impact. When you embody new ways of expressing your authentic self, you empower others to consider new perspectives or new ways of being in the world.

You can also change their Creative Direction. Your Creativity inspires others through example, and for your impact to be appropriately felt and appreciated, it must be seen or heard.

This requires interaction with the world and waiting for an invitation. Without Gate 8, what you probably find less appealing is marketing your work. You will often be attracted to people with Gate 8 because they are better equipped or in a better position to promote your work for you.


– Core Value realized through individual efforts for group objectives –
Center: Throat
Quarter: Civilization
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Form
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Contagion
JC: Cross of Contribution Opposites
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Uncertainty

Gate 8 says “I know I can contribute or not.” Your contribution will come both by publicly displaying your individual lifestyle, direction, and creation and by empowering and promoting others (Gate 1).

You are drawn to what is new, unusual, and innovative, and you will find yourself drawing the attention of others to it, like a gallery owner or an art agent.

Since you have people’s attention, all you can do is set an example. If others want to follow you, they will. This is how you silently impact the Collective and shift the tribal orientation over time. Unless Innovative Individual Contributions are somehow accepted and incorporated by the Collective and the Tribal, they will not take root.

The path of Leadership in recognizing and showcasing what is transformative and unique can be lonely, as you must first be recognized and then invited to publicly showcase what you know to be of future value. Without the Invitation, societal attention may be negative.

If the creative meaning of self-expression of Gate 1 is not defined in your Chart, you will seek its qualities of Inspiration. In any case, your key role is not as an Artist but as an Agent promoting the vision of other artists.

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