The Channel of Abstraction (64-47)

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Circuit: Feeling
Channel Type: Projected

The Channel of Abstraction connects the Head Center to the Ajna Center through the Gate of Confusion (64) and the Gate of Realization (47).

Those with Definition in the 64-47 Channel are constantly under pressure to sift through a mental kaleidoscope of images from every experience, even their dreams.

They are trying to make sense of the past and gain perspective. They seek a story to share, whether it’s from their own life or someone else’s, perhaps from this life or maybe another.


The Channel of Abstraction is an experiential Mental force that revels in all kinds of possibilities, disregarding rules, until something mysteriously emerges and makes sense. This is a busy Mind dealing with the consequences of being alive.

Mixing the conceptualization of the neocortex (Ajna Center) with the deep Gray Matter of the Brain (Head Center) gives us the true potential of self-reflective awareness.

To be at peace with themselves, those with this Channel must remember that the Mind can never be an Inner Authority for their life and will never be 100% certain of anything.


You possess a highly active experiential Mind that never stops playing with possibilities, and you may wonder if it will ever cease to be engaged.

You may experience significant mental confusion as a result of the constant whirlwind of images through which you move, feeling at times like a drunken monkey stung by a scorpion.

This confusion can mark the beginning of a new inspiring journey for you as you discover what makes sense to you.

If you remain patient with your discovery process, the spaces between points and gaps will eventually connect, and a new and unique sequence will be created or revealed.

Your reward for being patient, waiting for clarity to emerge over time, is the discovery of an inspiring story to tell or a new perspective to share with others.

However, you are entirely unequipped with this Mental Definition to solve your problems or make sense of your life.


In order to release the pressure to make sense of life, those with this Channel of Abstraction must find a way to share their Mind with the external world.

One should not rely on the facts about their random and narrative minds, which, on the other hand, are a gift for Historians.

This is the part of our Genius that finds both inspiration and confusion in our intellectual guidance to break down experiences, looking at them repeatedly from every possible angle, even if most have no value.

Yet it is amazing to hear the active experiential Mind reach a moment of clarity, whatever path is taken to get there, and share that “Aha!” with the Collective.


– Transition, like birth, requires a certain force for crossing –
Quarter: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Bonds
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Awareness
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Confusion
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Dominion

Accepting Confusion, the state before Order is established, is part of the process of Gate 64 and the attempt to make sense of the Constant Flow of Data continuously recycling through the Mind.

Gate 64 is the pressure behind this Flow, not the Gate that resolves Confusion.

Your Mind is filled with a thread of disconnected memories and images from your past that need to be sifted and sorted until you can see or make sense of what actually happened.

In order to enjoy your mental state of Confusion and not be overwhelmed by it, simply allow the footage of your past experiences to flow through your Mind until the message of the film becomes clear to you.

When it happens, share it with others. If you put pressure on your Mind to understand Data with a specific methodology, you might increase your level of confusion and trigger Anxiety.

It takes great inner strength to allow the process of Confusion to resolve itself in its own way and time, thus leaving the peace of the Mind intact.

There might also be an attempt to react in some way once Clarity has arrived, but these “aha” moments are there to be shared, not to act upon them. Without Gate 47, you might try to resolve Confusion prematurely.


– A Restrictive and Adverse State as a Result of Internal Weakness or External Force or Both –
Quarter: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Bonds
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Dominion
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Oppression
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Informing

If Gate 64 is the one that recalls the disorderly collection of footage passing through its life, then Gate 47 is the editor trying to assemble them into a meaningful slice of Human Experience.

You won’t see the whole figure immediately as you timidly start to organize through the collection of images, and it may not be clear at first which footage holds the Key to your eventual Mental realization.

As new details emerge, you may waver between perceiving the event in this or that way, through a mix of recognitions that guide you to different interpretations.

At first, you might feel that, instead of the process becoming simpler, it’s becoming more complicated for you to reassemble mental sequences so that they make sense. If you can step back and have faith, eventually, your cycle will reach that “aha” moment.

The secret is to avoid the pressure to act on every conclusion that comes to you and simply enjoy the exposure of possibilities moving through your active Mind until one jumps out.

Then you are ready, when asked, and it is right for you to share your realizations with others.

Without Gate 64, you might put pressure on yourself, forgetting to wait for the revelation that will truly bring Mental Activity to a temporary Halt.

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