The Channel of Curiosity (11-56)

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Circuit: Feeling
Channel Type: Projected

The Channel of Curiosity connects the Ajna Center to the Throat Center through the Gate of Ideas (11) and the Gate of Stimulation (56).

Seekers never stop seeking, no matter what or how much they find. Their curiosity continually compels them to seek stimulation, to explore new ideas and ways of seeing things.

This curiosity is not about setting out to find something specific but rather “Look what I have discovered. This is what I find true about it.”


The Collective Social mandate is to Share, and the Channel of Curiosity provides individuals specially equipped to do so: the storyteller and the informal historian.

They are our true seekers and teach from experience. Their stories give us the opportunity to assess whether we want a new idea or belief to inform or transform our lives or not.

Unlike the Logical Voice, which is focused on data and facts, the Abstract Transformative Voice takes all pieces of information and processes them, filling in the gaps.

In this way, information is brought to life as a story that has the power to influence people by stimulating their imagination and emotions. Gate 56 is more fascinated by the seeking than the finding.

It is constantly open to stimulation and the experience itself, but it is not motivated to create these experiences on its own.


Your creativity and presentation style become magical when you weave together ideas and stories from your philosophical reflections on what it means to experience life as a human being.

You possess an enviable gift in taking a sequence of ideas and shaping from them stories that can teach or entertain an audience.

Even if these stories are somewhat exaggerated or contain half-truths, like when your child tells you about their day at school, you will continue to draw others in and stimulate them.

Your ability to believe in something makes it real for you, and you are less concerned with facts than with illustrating and teaching through your stories. Your stories resemble parables for life.

Despite flowing from your personal experiences and discoveries, they are not a useful guide for you compared to how they are for others.

They are stories to be shared, collected, and preserved for reflection and interpretation by present and future generations. This is a unique process for human beings.


We no longer rely on the ballads of bards or minstrels to keep us informed about world events, yet we still admire writers who can weave a long tale and generate stimulating social commentary.

The receptivity of an audience to the magic of the story, however, is determined by the correct timing in which the story is delivered.

When these skilled writers and teachers follow their Strategy and Authority, they will enjoy sharing their extraordinary gifts while effectively informing, entertaining, and stimulating the rest of us.


– A Harmonious Condition of the Individual or Society ensuring Evaluation before renewed action –
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Eden
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Ideas
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Education

Ideas are concepts designed to express what has been felt. In Gate 11, possibilities are conceptualized into Ideas.

These Ideas are not prescriptions for actions because ideas come and go. At this point, in the Abstract Process, you are given a moment of tranquility to evaluate, organizing what you have remembered about the highs and lows of the experiential process.

You are prone to remember what you genuinely liked about what you have seen, leaving the rest out.

This is how ideas over time become ideals, then beliefs, and eventually belief systems. You seek the ideas of others to stimulate your reflections and enjoy stimulating others with your ideas, but not indiscriminately.

Ideas reach the Throat Center as verbal expression, not as Manifestation of Actions, and are designed only for reflection.

Trying to solve your life dilemmas with your ideas will lead you to frustration, further crises, and confusion.

However, you can take great pleasure in savoring the stimulating details of past moments for what they are.

Without Gate 56, you are under pressure to tell your stories, and you might do so impulsively without waiting for the right moment.


– Stability through movement. Perpetuation of continuity through linking short-term activities –
Quarter: Civilization
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Form
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Laws
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Stimulation
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Distraction

Gate 56 is where ideas are gathered together and where visual memory is recalled and verbally narrated.

This is the gate of informal historians. It is the voice of the writer and philosopher saying, “I Believe.”

An idea is not a solution or a call to action, but instead, a journey through time designed to stimulate the transformation of our ideals and beliefs.

Your mind translates human experience into language. When an idea is expressed verbally, the process is complete.

Your emotions influence those new ideas and experiences you seek to explore, and your memories or stories about them are subjective and selective.

What you teach about life includes some facts, but the unique lesson comes from your interpretation of the experience, tinged with emotional implications.

Your stories add colorful threads to the expanding tapestry of human progress.

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