The Channel of Acceptance (17-62)

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Circuit: Understanding
Channel Type: Projected

The Acceptance Channel connects the Ajna Center to the Throat Center through the Gate of Opinions (17) and the Gate of Details (62).

Logic influences the thought process of humanity and shapes how humanity arrives at understanding.

Acceptance here means mentally organizing information based on already verified details, and it is a continuous internal process.


As the Right Angle Gate, Gate 17 visualizes patterns while Gate 62 translates and manifests details through words.

Gate 62 is responsible for language creation, the means through which we name, organize, evaluate, communicate, and give meaning to what we see and experience.

Whatever the 17-62 Channel successfully organizes within its figure can comprehend it, while what it cannot integrate into its perspective in this way, it will not understand.

Gate 62 is also one of the three gates in the Design of Mammals that connects with that of Humans, in this case with Gate 17.

This species connection leads to the domestication of animals, which in turn leads to the organization of sustainable communities. This particular connection also enriches animal training by connecting them to the mental, to higher cognition.


Your mind is always engaged in organizing details in your mental storage system, continually adjusting your ‘big picture, incorporating what others think or say within it.

This is how you keep constantly vigilant in your internal processes. All new data must be logically organized and integrated to fit into your perspective.

When you tell someone, “I just don’t understand you,” you are simply saying, “I have not been able to organize my perception of you (or what you are saying or thinking) in a way that fits within my worldview.”

With a constant pressure on your Throat Center to speak, you will find satisfaction and a sense of release in sharing your opinions with great detail or explaining what you do or do not understand something.

In both cases, it is particularly important to pay attention to your timing and the receptiveness of those listening to you.

You possess a highly sought-after gift for the logical organization of things, such as entrepreneurial groups, events, projects, and other people’s spaces, but you may not be particularly interested at the moment in keeping your space neat and tidy.


People with the Acceptance Channel have the foundations built within them to teach or present information to others.

They have the gift of translating detailed visual patterns into language like formulas, theories, or hypotheses, so they can be tested for feasibility.

Waiting to be invited to speak ensures successful timing, effectiveness, and clarity in their sharing, and decreases the chances of encountering resistance or simply boring others with unwanted trivialities.

Logic naturally maintains its position. Debate and argumentation, fundamental forms of criticism and friction that are necessary for logic to scrutinize an existing pattern, remain a common source of stressful interactions between people, especially if taken personally.


– The ancient law that those who want to rule must know how to serve –
Quarters: Initiation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through the Mind
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Service
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Opinions
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Change

Gate 17 seeks an Opinion or Concept among the many we can believe in—one that will survive both testing and criticism and soothe our fears of the future.

Gate 17 is designed to structure a response into a Concept, a working pattern, or a possible solution in preparation for the reinforcing details of Gate 62.

At this point in the logical process, the mind has identified a doubt about the future, formulated a potential solution, and now feels a pressure to express it as an Opinion.

What it needs next is the ability of Gate 62 to translate the Concept into language, to support it with facts and details, and present it to the public for examination and analysis.

Your right eye fully understands the world at a glance, seeing it as a collection of recognizable patterns.

If a pattern or opinion cannot withstand the scrutiny of logic, it will or should be rejected. Unfortunately, you cannot always translate your visual images or what you understand into language.

Without Gate 62, you will find yourself searching for a name to represent your concepts, facts to support your opinions, and meaningful meaning to communicate your suggestions.

Mental anxiety for you arises from the fear that no one will understand and evaluate your inputs.


– Caution, Patience, and Detail produce excellence beyond any limit –
Quarters: Civilization
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Form
RAC: Right Angle Cross of the Maya Vessel
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Detail
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Obscuration

Gate 62 says “I Think” and is designed to name, make concrete, and communicate a visual pattern. It selects and organizes details as facts to better understand and explain complex concepts or situations.

When connected to the ability of Gate 17 to structure concepts, the supporting details of Gate 62 make these concepts tangible, rich in meaning, and understandable, so they can be repeated and tested over time.

Understanding is a logical gift and it’s yours. When you address complicated situations clearly, with appropriate and well-organized details, your opinions enhance our understanding of the world.

When you wait to be asked to speak, you increase the collective potential for receiving what you are sharing and avoid the embarrassment of compulsively blurting out facts and details that are unwanted, unnecessary, and could obscure people’s understanding.

The quality of your opinion always depends on your grasp of the facts, but not all facts are equal.

It helps to remember that you may have all the details in hand, but without Gate 17, you might not be able to put them into their appropriate structural context to express them in the moment.

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