The Channel of Logic (63-4)

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Circuit: Understanding
Channel Type: Projected

The Logic Channel connects the Head Center to the Ajna Center through the Gate of Doubt (63) and the Gate of Formulation (4).

This is the Mind that Doubts. Doubt is essential for Logic because Logic can be flawless in its Formulations yet be in error itself! The 63-4 Channel constantly filters Patterns to see if they are consistent or not.

Once a Pattern is Consistent, the Pressure builds up and eventually turns into a Question that demands an Answer.


The Fear of the Logic Channel takes the form of Doubt and shows up somewhere between the Question and the Answer.

This lack of faith must be addressed through logical experimentation that leads to Proof. There is little room for unfounded beliefs.

An Answer is merely an answer until a reliable, consistent, practical, and ‘demonstrable’ Pattern emerges from it.

Collectives fear the Mutative Impact of the individualist because Mutation is a Transformative Process that breaks Patterns.

For example, someone with the 63-4 Definition cannot logically accept the truth of the Human Design System without experiencing and proving it. It must work to be Logical, and it must be Logical to work.


You possess an active Logical Mind that refines in life with a healthy skepticism.

“Will it rain next week? Well, based on typical patterns for this time of year, the current barometric pressure, and cloud cover, there’s a strong possibility, but…”

You are adept at asking questions, researching recognizable patterns, breaking them down into current data, and making an informed prediction about the future to serve the Collective.

This or that will protect us tomorrow? You are always tempted to share both Questions and Answers, whether others are interested and open to you or not.

When your busy Mind cannot solve an issue and release pressure without encountering resistance, you can become anxious.

It helps to remember that since the Logic Channel is a Collective Channel, the pressure to understand a Pattern is best used for the benefit of others.

Since your Mind is not designed to answer the Doubts and Questions you have about your Life and future, keep it busy thinking about other things.


Like an Electromagnetic Connection, the 63-4 Channel creates a rather pleasant connection between two people.

Those with Gate 63 want to share their Doubts, and those with Gate 4 love to genuinely share their solutions.

This Connection works best when both parties understand that it is the sharing itself that brings satisfaction.

Gate 63 cannot expect Solutions from Gate 4 that are necessarily helpful, nor can Gate 4 expect Questions worth answering from Gate 63.

In conclusion, using Strategy and Authority to know when to Share ensures a congenial and successful exchange.


– In the Spiral of Life, all endings are Beginnings –
Center: Head
Quarters: Initiation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through the Mind
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Awareness
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Doubts
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Sovereignty

The Suspicion or Doubt of Gate 63 is simply pressure. And the readiness to question what feels insecure and pay attention until it can be understood and assessed in terms of our future security.

Doubts arise when you sense an inconsistency or weakness in existing patterns that propel life forward.

This is an essential ingredient in the Logical Process of Understanding, and logic is the common thread connecting all forms of life on the planet. The Doubt of Gate 63 can be directed outward into the world or inappropriately focused inward on your life and possibilities.

Your Doubt becomes an urgency to formulate a question aimed at something that is not clear to you.

If you don’t arrive at a proper logical answer that works for your question, the pressure in the form of suspicion continues to grow.

Your Future-Focused, with an ability to see patterns that exist in the present, means that if something seems weak and doesn’t withstand scrutiny of your logic, or if it does not ensure the future of society, you will reject it for another pattern.

When part of a group engaged in long-term planning, your Aura will contribute fully, prompting the formulation of answers in the process of gathering ideas to project possibilities into the future.

Without Gate 4, Mental Anxiety can emerge as your personal need to have answers to life’s pressing questions.


– The Energy to deceive and triumph despite Ignorance. Freedom from punishment –
Center: Ajna
Quarters: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Bonds
RAC: Right Angle Cross of the Ship of Explanation
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Formulation
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Revolution

Gate 4 applies Mental Awareness to Questions filled with Doubt about the future; formulates Logical answers.

Each Answer, each Formulation, is only a Potential that must eventually be tested and supported by Facts.

This means your Answers might be what people seek, but they might not be.

You use your Mental Intelligence and Mental Awareness to judge what seems suspicious.

Either way, doubtful Pressure can last a lifetime and needs to rely on your Authority to guide you towards the Correct Question(s) to focus your Energy on while waiting for the right time to share your answers.

Fundamentally, the Answers you formulate are designed to be applied to questions coming from the people around you.

Rarely can you formulate answers that provide solutions to your Life Questions.

Understanding and accepting this truth can bring the comfort of letting answers come and go in your Mind until the time is right for them to surface through sharing that is requested for the benefit of others.

If you don’t have Gate 63, you might spend a lot of time searching for the next Question you can answer or become anxious at the thought that your life will always be chaotic.

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