The Channel Of Beat (2-14)

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Circuit: Knowledge
Channel Type: Generated

The Channel of the Beat connects the Sacral Center to the G Center through the Gate of Capability (14) and the Gate of Higher Knowledge (2). Gate 14 is particularly focused on resource availability for Mutation, and Gate 2 is the Driver’s Seat (the Magnetic Monopole) that keeps us united and directs our movement in Time through Space. Together, as the Channel of the Beat, they are ready to take us in a new direction.


Channel 2-14 is one of the three Tantric Channels* in the Bodygraph (The Individual Tantric Channel) and possesses all the characteristics of Individuality such as Mutation, Innovation, Unusualness, Novelty, Uniqueness, and Melancholy.

The Sacral Center is the Source of Pure Generative Energy that gives birth to and sustains life on this planet. The G Center represents Identity, Direction, and Love. The energy generated when you combine Gate 2, Higher Knowledge, with Gate 14, Capability, is a very powerful source of Creative Vital Force that empowers change in our direction.


As the keyholder, you have access to the essential resources needed to turn Mutative Impulse into Material Direction.

You can bring an innovative and empowering direction to people, projects, and the planet simply by listening to your Sacral Response and trusting it, even without knowing where it is leading you or what kind of Mutative Impact it will have on others.

You are capable of supporting your creative efforts or providing materially to encourage others in their personal and creative direction. All Individualists empower through their example, and your first assignment is to be truly yourself, living in your Destiny, Direction, and Purpose. If you try to chase your Destiny, you will end up feeling lost and frustrated.

By trusting that life will make decisions through you, you will empower others in a purely mechanical way. People passing through your healthy Auric Field may find their sense of direction initiated or possess a new direction that unfolds within them.

All you need to do is stay open and responsive to life.


The Collective is focused on the status quo, and the Tribe is focused on security. Channel 2-14 provides Individualists with the Resources and Keys needed to bring new directions to the planet by introducing new critical perspectives into the mix, so we can continue to evolve and face the endless challenges of existence.

In the end, Collectives and Tribes will test and adapt the new perspectives that best apply. Mutation in Channel 2-14 is something that simply happens in the Pulse as a deep response to Life, Identity, and the Direction of the Higher Self.

One moment is here, and the next is gone. We do not know when the new direction will come, where it will lead the Individualist, or how it will change the Collective or the Tribal.

*The three Tantric Channels between the Sacral and G Centers (5-15, 2-14, 29-46) allow the Fertile Power of the Sacral to connect and empower the Identity, Direction, and Love of the Higher Self in the G Center.


– Accumulation and Maintenance of Power/Strength through Qualified Interaction, the coupling of Grace with Control –
Center: Sacral
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Contagion
CJ: Cross of Juxtaposition Empowerment
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Uncertainty

Gate 14 Empowers Direction for the Individualist and Humanity through the distribution of Available Resources. The Gate of Capability ensures that Mutation is supported and shows us how to invest our Resources to expand our horizons. The Sacral Center, when Defined, possesses the Energy to sustain long hours of Creative work, and Gate 14 is Fertile Power at its highest state. This is the gas pedal that controls when and how resources are released.

When aligned with your Design, doing the work you love will generate well-being and strength.

These resources are not directly for personal use but are yours to manage to Empower others, support individual Creativity, Charitable activities, or Leaders with a vision for the future of Humanity. However, simply throwing your money into anything and everyone is a poor investment.

To protect your precious Energetic Life Force from misuse or abuse by others and to remain appropriately aligned to bring out the correct Mutative Direction, follow your Authority. When directed appropriately by Gate 2, your Resources can become a significant catalyst for empowering changes in the world.


– Receptivity as the primary foundation through which any Response is Determined, the root of Action –
Center: G
Quarter: Civilization
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Form
RAC: Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx
JC: Cross of Juxtaposition Driver
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Rebellion

The Higher Knowledge of Gate 2 is rooted in Self-Direction through Love and Beauty via the Magnetic Monopole, the Driver.

The Driver is focused on our moment in time through Space, and built into your Design is an innate sense of Inner Direction that is not simply based on a geographical position.

You cannot change this Direction through your Mind or Will, and if others are not going in your direction, you may come to a parting of ways.

Gate 2 is Connected to the Key of the Vehicle: it starts the engine for the Driver. The Fuel and the Full to keep moving in your Direction come from the Sacral Center through Gate 14.

You may also find yourself directing others to the resources they need to support their creative endeavors, or you may discover that simply aligning with your Direction will automatically Empower or Confirm others in their sense of Direction. You are a Visionary who provides the plan or the big picture for a new path, but you are not here to do the work or make it happen.

Control Gate 14 to find allies, Strength, and Resources needed to bring your Vision to fruition.

If you want to find out which doors and channels you have active, calculate your design here.