The Mutation Channel (3-60)

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Circuit: Knowledge
Channel Type: Generated

The Mutation Channel connects the Root Center to the Sacral Center through the Gate of Acceptance (60) and the Gate of Order (3). The potential for Evolutionary Change that comes through this Unpredictable, Mutative, and Melancholic Channel depends on one’s ability to accept Limitations (Gate 60) and transcend the Confusion of new Beginnings (Gate 3).


Gate 60 is the center of all evolutionary possibilities, while Gate 3 always pertains to the attainment of what is new and potentially Vital, one possibility at a time. The underlying current or Frequency governing this Adrenalinic Generated Mutation Channel is the Energetic Format* of the Individual Circuit. Its powerful pulsating, on/off energy associated with Melancholy permeates how those with this Channel experience their unique Design. This is an Energy that also deeply Conditions or Impacts everyone around it.


Your key to living with this Melancholic Process, a mechanical mood that shifts, is to avoid giving it a reason. It’s better to remain patient and vigilant as you await the new Mutation coming onto the scene through you. Time spent alone with your reflections, when the Mutation Pulsation is off, can strengthen and enrich your inner journey. Although you may not always see it, something stirs beneath, and what is not yet ready to emerge continues to gestate and grow.

This endless movement from chaos to order to chaos again is the Nature of the Energetic Format that always generates the possibility for something new to come into the world. You only need to accept the Intrinsic Limitation that does not know when this change (this pulsation) will occur, surrendering to your Sacral Response that brings the Energy of Change for all of us.



Like music, Mutation takes place suddenly, unexpectedly, in the empty spaces between impulses or notes. It forces everyone to adapt, change, or be left behind.

Those with the Mutation Channel feel the pressure to bring innovation and renewal into their lives, work, family, and the world around them. The Constant Pressure of the Root Center creates internal tension during the off periods of the on/off pulsation, and it seems like nothing is happening.

This is experienced at a chemical level in the body as Melancholy. As Agents of Mutation and Change, Individualists may find themselves trying to explain their moods, getting trapped in the shadows within them that they normally avoid.

If they give in to these shadows or don’t wait for the Right Response, the pressure to change the way things are done can lead to deep personal frustration and depression, as well as instability and chaos in those around them.

*Energetic Formats exert a powerful influence on all other Channels in the Circuit and in the Design as a whole. Format Channels operate between the Root and Sacral Centers: 53-42 (Collective/Abstract), 60-3 (Individual), and 52-9 (Collective/Logical). There are no Format Channels for the Tribal Circuit.


– The fundamental challenge of Initiation is to transcend Confusion and establish Order –
Center: Sacral
Quarter: Initiation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through the Mind
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of Laws
JC: Cross of the juxtaposition of Mutation
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Desires

The function of Gate 3 is to transcend Confusion and establish Order so that something new and potentially Vital can take root in the world. You have a unique Individual Knowledge connection, personal innovation, and the potential to make a significant contribution. Waiting for the right moment for something mutative to happen can feel like an eternity.

You need patience to accept the occasional energy bursts from Gate 60 and the unknown timing of its limited releases of Potential. There is a creative on/off pulsation that prevails here, and the potential for something new is neither logical nor experiential. If you don’t wait for the right time for the necessary structures for true Mutation to establish, your enthusiasm for change will simply destabilize those around you rather than empower and influence them.

You may experience Melancholy and even Depression when you feel that there is no energy filling your potential for bringing about Change. This is a time for you to delve deep into your personal process, spending time with your creative muse. You cannot predict, control, or rush the Mutative Moment. It has its own time. And anyone who enters your Aura at the right time can be changed without you even lifting a finger.


– Acceptance of Limitation is the first step toward Transcendence –
Center: Root
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Mutation
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of Laws
JC: Cross of the juxtaposition of Limitation
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Distraction

Gate 60 creates the necessary pressure for pure Energy to take Form. Here, the Root Center holds back the full, enabling the pressure to build under each possibility. The Creative Mutative Process is subject to pulsation, and you will never know when something with the potential to become a Mutation will be released. A Vital Mutation transcends existing limitations when empowered or ordered by Gate 3.

Mutation takes place in the “spaces between the notes” created by the on/off pulsation of Gate 60. The Pressure from your Root Center creates a deep restlessness in you to move forward, and all kinds of limitations can be perceived as barricades. If you become impatient with the Unpredictable Mutative Process, the intrinsic Melancholy in Gate 60 can intensify and become Chronic Depression.

When you feel that you cannot make changes around you, look inward. Accept the mystery of the Mutative Process and trust that Transformation happens within you and through you in the world around you. Gate 3 plays a Key Role in bringing Order to the Potential Chaos that comes from Mutation. Without it, you may feel incapable of moving forward.

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