The Channel of Concentration (52-9)

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Circuit: Understanding
Channel Type: Generated

The Concentration Channel connects the Root Center to the Sacral Center through the Gate of Inquiry (52) and the Gate of Focus (9).

Gate 9 is determined to maintain its focus on details and facts, while Gate 52 passively provides the power of focusing by remaining still and withdrawn from other distractions.

The 52-9 Channel creates a potential that is fulfilled through Focused Attention when one is still enough to assess all relevant aspects.


In order to improve something and be of service to the world, Logic must be able to sustain its focus and manage the details within a framework.

The Concentration Channel is an Energetic Format* that carries the qualities of all other Channels in the Understanding Circuit. When driven by a Sacral Response, it influences the entire Design with its energy to challenge, correct, refine, or focus on any pattern, form, or activity in which a person is deeply engaged.

Logic is a step-by-step process of advancement, and one must be deeply identified with the formula to take the time to either fully approve or refute it. The Logical process is immensely important in supporting the Collective position of Influence within the whole.


You are continually involved in evaluating the details of anything you are dedicated to. You experience a calm pressure to remain still, not in the form of stress, but rather as a tension that keeps you in place, like a yoga position.

You still your physical body and external senses to use your energy in a precise and focused way and do not like to dissipate this powerful energy by dealing with many things at once. You are like Buddha sitting under the Lotus tree, gathering your energy and waiting for your Sacral Response.

Your Responses reveal what the Focus will be, to which Pattern you will be devoted to perfecting and when to share it. Following your Responses, your true vocation and focus in life will emerge.

You may be devoted to an activity for most of your life or have multiple distinctly different focuses over a lifetime. With this

Defined Energetic Format in your Design, you may find yourself restless and depressed if there is nothing worth focusing on, nothing towards which your Authority deems it correct to direct this energy.


In the Aura, the Frequency Format of the 52-9 Channel can hold or focus energy in a place, allowing a group to concentrate and facilitate a deep review of projects or processes under consideration. If you do not have this Channel in your Design, it might be advantageous to sit near someone who does, to enhance your ability to stay still and focused.

*Energetic Formats exert a powerful influence on all other Channels in the Circuit and in the Design as a whole. Format Channels act between the Root and Sacral Centers: 53-42 (Collective/Abstract), 60-3 (Individual), and 52-9 (Collective/Logical). There are no Format Channels for the Tribal Circuit.


– Temporary and self-imposed Inaction for the benefit of Evaluation –

Quarter: Civilization
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Form
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Service
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Calm
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Demands

Gate 52 is pressure energy focused on Evaluation, the brute force to Concentrate.

There is a passive tension in this connection from the Root Center looking towards Gate 9 for an outlet. When Gate 52 finds something it deeply identifies with, something worth channeling the Energy towards, the tension is balanced between the Pressure of the Root Center pushing you forward and the Strength of Gate 52 helping you stay still and focused.

Before this balance is reached, you may find yourself swinging between restlessness and depression, bouncing from one thing to the next, unable to find the self-discipline to withdraw back into your still and focused state.

There is no physical outlet within Gate 52 that can direct or dissipate this passive tension within you, except focusing on it. Without Gate 9 and Sacral Responses, it’s challenging to know what activity or details to Focus on.


– Potential can be realized through particular attention to all relevant aspects –
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Planning
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Focus
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Identification

Gate 9 acts like a funnel, focusing the immense power of Gate 52 to Concentrate on what is significant and beneficial for you.

The frequency brought by Gate 9 is a Diligence for Details or an ability to focus your Energy. Much of our Logical success as a species depends on conserving precious Energy by paying attention to Details.

You have the Determination to focus the passive yet powerful Energy pouring out from the Root Center in one place.

With the Sacral Capability of Gate 9 to persevere, you can focus your attention for long periods on all the detailed aspects of a project or issue and appropriately test or evaluate formulas.

All of this can be shared with the Collective or applied in your life. Without Gate 52, however, you may not be able to stay still to focus. Your lack of determination can become a source of frustration for you. When you are clear and Focused, your Aura may facilitate the efficient use of physical and mental energy for those around you.

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