The Channel of Rhythm (5-15)

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Circuit: Understanding
Channel Type: Generated

Rhythm Channel connects the Sacral Center to the G Center through the Gate of Fixed Rhythms (5) and the Gate of Extremes (15).

Gate 5 relies on its fixed habits, while Gate 15, with its Love for the Extremes of Humanity, levels the playing field by incorporating the diversity of Society into the Flow.

Here, we find the rhythm of Life, deeply magical and Universal, binding all forms of Life together: from a single cell to the complexity of Human beings.


The Rhythm Channel is the foundation of all bio-vital processes, closely connecting us to the flow of the natural world through each Sacral Center response. It is not subject to mental arrogance, nor to the highs and lows of the Emotional Wave.

The Magnetic Monopole, with its singular attraction holding everything together in the illusion of separateness, is located in the G Center. The Collective Magnetism of Gate 15 is a Projection from the Monopole of Universal (non-personal) Love for Humanity and its potential; thus, it propels us forward.

Its Frequency magnetically draws everyone into its rhythm, like an impersonal way of sharing the flow of Life. This rhythm of Life is naturally and fundamentally Logical, based on repeatable patterns in continuous evolution and designed to guide every living being towards the future.


You are constantly moving along the river of life, vitally and closely connected to its continuous flows. To others, you appear as the owner of your sense of time, which is entirely determined by your Internal Rhythm.

If these Patterns or Routines are natural and correct for you, then you should not allow anything to interfere with them. You cannot connect with the patterns of Natural Rhythm if you deviate from your Innate Response, as your Sacral guides and tunes your time.

When aligned with your Flow, everything you do feels simple and natural, benefiting those around you who are brought into their own rhythm and time.

If you live the distortions and incorrect timing of the not-Self, you may find yourself disrupting the flow of everyone, starting with your own. Then life around you can become confused and chaotic.


The Auric Magnetism of this Channel is designed to attract people into a continuous but flexible Flow that propels humanity towards a vital and secure future.

The Social Collective Flow provides unlimited opportunities for connections. The ideal Logical Pattern consists of people flowing together with the opportunity to bond with each other equally, living authentically and deconditioned.

Logic confirms that all Natural Correct Rhythms and Patterns, regardless of how fixed or extreme they are, expand the way Love is Manifested in the World.

An Electromagnetic Connection between Gate 5 and Gate 15 can be challenging, as one person will be fixed in their patterns while the other needs to remain flexible within their Extreme Rhythms.

When put together, however, they experience the potential of the Rhythm Channel to determine the Flow that propels those around them, even in the case of an entire group. The 5-15 Channel draws others into the Environment of its Flow and determines the course the group will take.


– Fundamental Tuning into Natural Rhythms; Waiting as an active state of awareness –

Center: Sacral
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of Awareness
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Habits
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Separation

For Gate 5, Waiting is not stopping; it is an active state, like being pregnant. Gate 5 is an energy that likes Fixed Rhythms and Rhythm.

This is what gives you the Tenacity to remain true to your Internal Rhythm in order to stay Vital, Healthy, and always in your Flow. You find great satisfaction in mundane rituals and routines that tune you into the vibrations of all life.

Being forced to deviate from your natural rhythm can be physically, mentally, and emotionally destabilizing for you and may manifest as insecurity, unhealthy behaviors, or physical disorders.

Do not question your natural routines or allow others to lead you away from them.

For example, a friend with the Extremes of Gate 15 might not understand why you are so fixated on your daily rituals and routines. Their Rhythm automatically interrupts your healthy routines and might even tempt you to abandon them.

Conversely, you might find yourself wanting to influence their unpredictability with your fixed way. Keep in mind that their Flexibility and adaptability, even if you perceive them as unpredictable compared to your fixed way, are what keeps them healthy.

Understanding and appreciating what each of you brings to the Flow helps embrace and transcend Inherent Challenges.


– The quality of behavior expressing the appropriate balance between extremes –
Center: G
Quarter: Civilization
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Form
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Extremes
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Prevention

Gate 15 is the Love of Humanity. It has the ability to accept and find a place in society for the entire range of Human Behaviors.

Its lack of fixed patterns ensures that each of us can contribute in the different ways that Love exists in the world.

Love in Gate 15 is not about how we connect to others, but instead about projecting Transpersonal Love for the diversity of Humanity in the world.

This starts with loving the extremes of your Rhythm; for example, sleeping ten hours one night and two hours the next. You are able to accept the extremes of others without judging them, thus bringing diversity into the Flow of Life.

The Magnetic Monopole Amplifies the Magnetism of your Aura, which attracts people to you and your recognition of diversity.

When guided by your Authority, Gate 15 increases your potential to influence how Extreme Rhythms or Patterns are made ‘soberly’ and are balanced and integrated within the Collective.

Through Understanding and Acceptance of the different and opposing Rhythms that are part of Humanity, you will fully embrace and promote for all of us what it means to be Human.

Without the Discipline of Gate 5 and Fixed Rhythms, you might consider your continuous change of Rhythm as a cause for your loss of focus, which is necessary for you to achieve Mastery in some area of your life.

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