The Channel of Initiation

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Circuit: Centering (Creative Channel)
Channel Type: Projected

The connects the Heart Center to the G Center through the Gate of Shock (51) and the Gate of the Spirit of the Self (25). The Competitiveness of Gate 51, the drive of the Ego to be first, is connected to the Universal Love of Gate 25 and the ability of the Higher Self to see and Love the Beauty in the Animated and Inanimate alike.


In the 51-25 Channel, Initiation becomes an Art. This is the ability to recognize a person’s potential for Individuation and, when invited, to provide the ‘shock’ that Initiates and Empowers them towards it. There is a natural competitiveness in this Channel that challenges humanity to move forward, to be first or to win, and that has transformed the Material and Mundane world we live in.

This is the only Channel of the Ego Circuit that is not part of the Tribal Circuit, yet it represents the deep relationship between the Tribal and the Individualist. Both Channels of the Centering Circuit (34-10 and 51-25) are very powerful transformative forces that exert pressure on humanity to continue evolving awareness deeper into Form.

Self-Mastery and Mastery of the World go hand in hand.


And in your nature is the drive to be competitive, and you may excite and empower competitiveness in others. If you enter into competition correctly, it stretches you, tests you, and even pushes you to transcend your normal creative limits and barriers of physical resistance.

Each discovery brings euphoria and a new awareness of the depth of your Spirit. With each triumph comes a personal, even mystical, sense of your Uniqueness, which in turn becomes an example of courage so that others may follow.

You may also find yourself Empowering organizations with your courageous ways to achieve your personal goals. However, it must be remembered that Initiating Individually is a Mystical Process at the heart of Mutation and cannot be controlled. If it is your Destiny, it will be an outcome of your authentic life. If you seek Initiation, you will not find it.

It must find you, so you can surrender to it. If you seek to Initiate others without their invitation, they may fail, leaving you resentful and unfulfilled.

Your Strategy and Authority are the most powerful mystical tools you possess, along with the understanding that to survive the shocks of Initiation you will encounter along the way, you must attend to the needs of your heart, both physically and metaphysically.


Initiation towards Individuation leads people from “We are” to “I Am.” True Shamans are particularly Gifted Innocents capable of surviving the leap into the void (the unknown) that such individuation and transcendence requires.

So, skillfully, they will Initiate others to deep levels of self-awareness. Whether one leaps like a brave warrior or like a fool does not matter; the descent will always be a shock in both cases.

Initiation or Shock can come through an ‘invitation’ that is not our choice, such as a car accident. Life itself is the most powerful mystical force of Initiation to Empower a Behavioral or Directional Change that we may encounter.

Those with the Initiation Channel are here to hear the asking of their Own Spirit (Higher Self) and, in the process, to Empower and Transform the Collective and the Tribal.

Living from their center through Strategy and Authority, perfectly aligned with their unique geometry, is what allows those with the 51-25 Channel not only to encounter but to survive these transcendent encounters with the Forces of Universal Consciousness.


– The Ability to Respond to Disorder and Shock through Understanding and Adaptation –
Quarters: Initiation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through the Mind
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of Penetration
JC: Juxtaposition Cross of Shock
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of the Messenger

Gate 51, the Gate of Shock, is the Energy for Individual Initiative. Sustained by the willpower of the Ego and Courage, it embodies the power to compete, guiding you to be one step ahead of everyone else, risking going where no one else has been, in order to find or create a place for yourself.

You are designed to withstand shock and shock others, to move others out of the complacency of their safe shells and direct them towards personal transcendence and self-love.

Love for Life itself and the constant competition that comes with mastering the material world excite and empower you.

In contrast to the Courage and Willpower that energize you, there is potential to be reckless, endangering your vulnerable heart, both physically and spiritually.

The secret to keeping your heart healthy is to center yourself by tuning into your Strategy and Authority, and feeling inside when you have the will to engage in battle and when not.

This guidance will allow you to adapt to the nature of each shock or disorder you face and give your Heart the rest it needs to recover from your engagements with the world.

Without Gate 25, you might find yourself seeking the realm of the Spirit for guidance and direction.


– The perfection of action through Genuine and Spontaneous Nature –
Quarters: Initiation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through the Mind
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of the Ship of Love
JC: Juxtaposition Cross of Innocence
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Healing

The love of Gate 25 flows from full acceptance of one’s form and living letting go into it.

A Gate of the Higher Self, its fundamental role is to Transform People through Individuation.

Your Innocence is not designed to bring Love into the world in any specific way, but instead to Love without Discrimination. You have the Potential, and Empower others with the Potential, to love Life and everything in equal measure.

A Flower can be Loved as deeply as a Man. This quality of Love is often projected as Indifferent or Cold, but it is neither.

The Mystical Potential of this Love is Transcendental and Universal, and the Innocence of your Spirit is always tested.

You possess the ability to face these Initiations from Life like a Spiritual Warrior, motivated and ready to compete for the Spirit (your Individuality), whatever the circumstances.

Then, when the Warrior or the “fool” of Gate 51 prods you to leap into the void or when you encounter Life’s Initiating Challenges, you will be able to land on your feet and intensify your Innocence so that it transforms into a Wisdom that can Empower others on their journey.

You may emerge a bit wounded from these Initiations, but your ultimate triumph and survival will enrich your Spirit and the Spirits of those around you. The result is that you are alive with the wonder and Love of Being.

If you want to find out which gates and channels you have active, calculate your chart here.