The Channel of Intimacy (59-6)

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Circuit: Defense (Creative Channel)
Channel Type: Generated

The Channel of Intimacy connects the Sacral Center to the Solar Plexus Center through the Gate of Sexuality (59) and the Gate of Friction (6).

The 59-6 Channel is the core of humanity’s creative essence, rooted in a powerful amount of Emotional Sacral Energy called “Intimacy.”

The Sexuality of Gate 59 and the Emotional Wave of Pleasure/Suffering of Gate 6 lead individuals into relationships that are deeply personal, penetrating, and potentially fertile.


A Sacral Center is always the Authority of a person whose Emotional Wave requires waiting for Clarity over time.

If the Channel of Intimacy is conditioned by the Spontaneity of the non-Self and ignores its Sacral Response, it can create confusion and gradually complicate social interactions.

There can be long-term repercussions, such as an unwanted child or a failed business venture.

The true Intimate Potential in this Tribal Channel requires patience and nurturing over time.

For this reason, it is healthy to cultivate friendship with business partners and lovers before diving into the depth of an intimate union with them.


Your desire is to merge, and when guided by the response over time, it can be healthy and deeply satisfying on various levels.

Your Intimacy Availability allows you to easily and quickly penetrate the Auras of others, facilitating Intimacy that paves the way for fertility in every creative endeavor.

This is your natural state and a real asset for establishing relationships of all kinds.

You can also be misunderstood, and your intensity may be misinterpreted by others, leading them to think you’re flirting or being too forward when you don’t intend to be.

Your Emotional Wave, through Gate 6, determines the real-time of each Intimate Emotional release, both drawing you near and pushing you away.

Waiting for the end of your Wave’s Cycle allows you to discern over time whether something has been conceived between you two – and if it hasn’t, the Wave might attract you again to be together.


Although designed to experience a powerful Emotional Wave, those with the Channel of Intimacy may appear emotionally stable.

Their Wave is activated or brought to the Response point by the proximity or touch of another person.

A hug at the right moment or a hand on the shoulder at the right time of their Wave helps them release repressed emotions that cannot be released through words.

This is a form of Intimacy that can be expressed through tears, a heartfelt sigh, or through deep relaxation in a supportive hug from someone.

Doing this maintains a healthy balance between strong (sexual) emotional releases.

The 59-6 Channel is best experienced as an electromagnetic connection between two people when each partner has one of the two gates.


– The Ability to break down barriers to achieve union –
Center: Sacral
Quarter: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Bonds
RAC: Right Angle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Strategy
LAC: Left Angle Cross of the Spirit

The Gate 59 generates our Strategies for Sexual bonds, creating new life.

Also known as the “Aura switch,” it defines the ways in which we penetrate and break down barriers of Intimacy to create offspring or enter into a creative business venture with someone.

The Lines of Gate 59 describe the ways in which humanity establishes bonds.

They are Genetic Strategies, and each Role is individually Focused on selecting the best partner to produce the most vital offspring.

Line 4 requires you to become friends first, for example, and one-night stands, which are correct for Line 6, will not be an option for you.

The only real chance you have in this matter is to enter into every intimate relationship through your Authority.

Tribal Intimacy is warm and deeply felt; it is an Intimacy beyond words intensified by our sensitivity to others through touch, taste, and smell.

Until you pay attention to your Authority and understand the Genetic Strategies (roles) of Gate 59, as well as the role played by the Emotional Wave of Gate 6, Intimacy can lead to anything from confusion and conflict to unproductive unions.

You might automatically find yourself looking for someone with Gate 6 to guide the timing of your interactions.


– The Fundamental Design Component of Progress. The law that Growth cannot exist without Friction –
Center: Solar Plexus
Quarter: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Bonds
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Eden
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Conflict
LAC: Left Angle Cross of the Plan

The Gate 6 in the Solar Plexus Center generates the three modes of Emotional Awareness: Emotions, Mood, and Sensitivity.

This is a powerful combination in a Wave designed to create Friction.

Friction creates the essential warmth for Growth and Fertility and is directed towards Gate 59.

The Friction you create when entering another person’s Aura is Mechanical.

If (or when) the Conflict is resolved or resonance is achieved, there is an opening, and intimacy can proceed.

Until such an opening occurs, you must wait, as both Readiness and Fertility are subject to the Emotional Wave.

Gate 6 is a kind of Diaphragm that can be Open or Closed to Intimacy.

It is the Gate of your pH and establishes and maintains the connections between what is outside and what is inside your Body.

In this way, it determines with whom to be Intimate, when, and the Role/Bond you will play.

Whenever you feel drawn to intimacy, let your Strategy and Authority be your Guide.

Each Gate of the Solar Plexus Center carries a Fear.

The Fear associated with Gate 6 is the Fear of Intimacy, which is why Gate 6 seeks Gate 59 with its ability to break down barriers for Intimacy.

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