The Channel of Preservation (27-50)

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Circuit: Defense
Channel Type: Generated

The Preservation Channel connects the Sacral Center to the Splenic Center through the Gate of Nurturing (27) and the Gate of Values (50).

The quality and substance of all Tribal activities are enriched through the nurturing and nourishment of Gate 27 with its altruistic concern for others.

The Traditional Values and Laws of the Tribe, necessary to maintain order and enrich, guide, and protect, originate from Gate 50.

Channels 25-50 create different levels of the Caretaker’s role, necessary to care for, protect, and preserve the Tribe and its creative endeavors.


The Sacral Energy of Channel 59-6, subject to the Intimate Emotional Warmth of the Solar Plexus Wave, focuses on Creation and Procreation.

Once offspring is born, the Sacral immediately responds to its vulnerability by stimulating the strong and spontaneous Survival Instinct of the Spleen, with the cold realization that one must take

Care of what has been created. In this way, the Warm Experiential part of the Body Graph is balanced by Existential Awareness and the need to Defend or accept responsibility for those who cannot care for themselves.

This level of Support is necessary for the Tribe, and what it represents, to endure.


You are a person whose Aura immediately inspires trust in others, and people naturally turn to you for Support and Nourishment.

Support, through this Channel, can take different forms: from establishing and defending the values and laws of the land, to being a Conscience for the Tribe, overseeing the growth of the younger ones, or caring for the sick and elderly.

You are capable of taking on countless responsibilities and are susceptible to taking on too much.

Although you are a nurturer by nature, the only way to know if you are taking on the right responsibilities is through your Strategy and Authority.

With wisdom rooted in ancient awareness, informing your altruism and compassion, you innately understand that nurturing begins first and foremost with the proper care of yourself.

Only the Strongest and Healthiest can nurture and lead others to survival, improving Health and Success.

This is called ‘Enlightened Self-Interest,’ and although it may be perceived as “self-indulgence,” it is quite different.

If someone wants your pre-care, they must ask for it. It is only through your Response that you can know if your Energy is Available and if it is Right for you to engage it.


The 27-50 Channel has two strong defense mechanisms. Gate 50 pays a lot of attention to the Tribe’s community.

It creates, defends, or challenges the fundamental Values and laws that govern shared relationships responsible for maintaining and protecting the well-being of all living in a supportive hierarchical community.

Through Gate 27, our children are raised, educated, healed from conditioning, acquiring Common Support Values so they can survive sufficiently to create and raise the next generations.

Nurturing is not limited only to supporting children; the needs of our elderly must also be addressed, and their wisdom recorded.

Everything in the world needs to be grown and cared for, including the preservation of the infrastructures of our communities.


– Enriching the quality and substance of all activities through care –
Center: Sacral
Quarter: Initiation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through the Mind
RAC: Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Nurturing
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Alignment

The Energy of Gate 27 is focused on maintaining and enriching the quality of life through the strength of Caring for the Weak, the Sick, and the young.

There is a tremendous potential for altruism in this Gate, which we see embodied in Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Your Role is to Nurture and Raise through the Force of Compassion; you care.

The Polarity is that you, too, need to be Nurtured and Raised.

You must take care of yourself first to have the energy and resources needed to care for others and then allow your Authority to Guide you on where and when to engage your Energy.

Nurturing without Awareness is a waste of precious resources.

Each line of this Gate represents a way to connect to the Tribal and care for it according to different levels of Need.

Without Gate 50, you might lack the Instinct and Values to create Healthy Bonds around your impulse to care for others, easily risking sacrificing yourself or your well-being.


– The Value of Historical Continuity, whose Traditional Values Serve and Enrich the present and future –
Center: Spleen
Quarter: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Bonds
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Laws
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Values
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Desires

Each act of Intimacy translating into birth requires that the offspring of the union be nurtured to mature age. The Mystical Name of Gate 50 is the Guardian.

As the Tribal Deputy, it establishes what is right and what is wrong. This is where and how the Roles of caring become the source of Moral Conditioning for our Children.

At the core of Tribal Defenses lies the Splenic Fear sent to maintain the possibility of survival by protecting and guiding its youth.

You are here as the guardian of the Values and Integrity of Tribal laws and structures that support the community’s well-being.

Based on specific Lines (see below), your task is to be aware of which values or laws or roles protect/safeguard how the Tribe takes care of itself.

Your instinctive awareness scrutinizes what is corrupt or unjust, who is unnecessary, and who thinks only of themselves or needs to be challenged and changed.

This is your way of nurturing and caring for every aspect of Life within the Tribe.

Without Gate 27, you might try to physically care for others when it is not right for you to do so, reinforcing your fear of taking responsibility that you are not equipped to handle.

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