The Channel of Judgment (58-18)

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Circuit: Understanding
Channel Type: Projected

The Judgment Channel connects the Root Center to the Splenic Center through the Gate of Vitality (58) and the Gate of Correction (18).

Logic needs to be able to prove it has the best answers, and underlying the Logical process is an insatiable drive to challenge, correct, and perfect every pattern. The 58-18 Channel fuels the Art of Mastery.


Gate 58 fills us with love and joy for life and puts pressure on us to perpetuate this energy. The insatiability of the 58-18 Channel is an effect of feeling so wonderfully.

It’s as if Gate 58 says, “More and better, more and better” as a Logical impulse to keep us alive, while Gate 18, the Gate of Correction, tempers this impulse by warning us about what is unhealthy, imbalanced, or needs correction.

The Judgment Channel is like a sentinel judging whether what it perceives is preventing life from being joyful for the Collective.

This judgment is based on testing patterns, comparing what is inherently correct and feasible with what has worked or not worked in the past.

This feeling of what needs correction keeps society on track because the 58-18 Channel wants everyone to find satisfaction in the perfected pattern.

The underlying purpose of the Judgment Channel is the Human Design Purpose to reclaim or recover the joy and love that have been lost by living a Homogenized and Conditioned life.


Even for the true perfectionist, perfection can never exist because patterns are subject to continuous change.

Your ability to judge and your desire to correct are expressed when you become dissatisfied or feel the need to challenge something.

When this process of perfection or correction is taken personally and directed inward or towards others in relationships, the result is perceived as a constant search for faults or pervasive dissatisfaction with yourself and life in general.

You will find yourself challenging your mother, father, teachers, rulers, anyone and everything. For Logic, no challenge is too great to be undertaken, and it is fueled by the Root’s desire to perfect the pattern.

When a Critical Evaluation arises spontaneously or is not invited, it usually takes the form of an endless and incessant stream of data about what is wrong that no one wants to hear.

On the other hand, what brings you true joy is being asked to share in this way: “Is there something wrong here?” Those who ask you are people prepared and open to your answers.


To avoid wasting precious energy and use your essential Gifts wisely, you are advised to choose your battles carefully and wait to be invited to share your solution, conceiving solutions applicable to society.

In this way, you will only challenge what others are most open and ready to face and potentially correct.

Two different ways of squeezing the toothpaste tube provide a fun and touching example of how Logic can work to reconcile differences.

The Logical says the tube should be squeezed from the bottom. The Individualist says they’ll squeeze it wherever they like.

The reconciling Collective solution was to invent – sharing it with society – a gadget that dispensed toothpaste through the pressure of a pump.

Mutually accepting the solution restores peace, saves relationships, and likely many others in the process.


– Stimulation is the Key to Joy –
Quarters: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of Service
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Vitality
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Requests

Gate 58 has the ability to sense when something is weak or unhealthy.

Living, you bring a Joyful and Compassionate Audacity to Challenge a Pattern or the Authority behind it.

The pleasure derived from sharing your appreciation for beauty, your sense of wonder, and your enthusiasm for living naturally attracts and delights others.

To fulfill a driving desire to contribute to something of value, you focus your vitality and joy for life on correcting anything that keeps society from achieving and maintaining well-being and health.

Gate 58 provides the fullness that Logic needs to test the vitality of patterns, formulas, rhythms, and directions moving humanity into the future.

It is the most desired Energetic resource. Often, you provide the energy needed to move people from talking about something to actually doing something.

To channel your energy correctly, prudently, and appropriately, apply it where it is most needed. Seek out people with Gate 18 who are drawn to you.

Their Existential Awareness helps you focus your energy on determining what improvements should be made and how to manifest them.

Without Gate 18, you may feel desperately in service, and in order to be so, you push too hard to try to understand.


– Vigilance and Determination to Uphold and Defend Basic Human Rights –
Quarters: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Bonds
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of Service Vessel
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Correction
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Change

Gate 18 loves to discover, name, and challenge what needs correction.

When you experience dissatisfaction with something, it is likely that it has lost its vitality.

Beneath this dissatisfaction lies a deep concern for Human Rights and for what will keep society healthy and in harmony with itself.

Your Gift of Critical Awareness directs you to the source of weakness or imperfection and focuses on thinking about how to correct it, modify it, or replace it.

It is your way of cleaning what is unhealthy or restoring vitality to something that has been corrupted.

Your Gift is enriched by impartial discernment and the guidance of Logic to perfect or refine your Critical Analysis Skills.

Leading to a new understanding through identifying what needs to be corrected is the result of the process.

Gate 18 also represents the Fear of Authority and the challenge to said Authority. As a Collective Gate, it is designed to indicate what needs to be corrected at the Collective level, but when used at a personal level, it tends to backfire.

Without the Joyful Fullness for the Correction of Gate 58, your Dissatisfaction can only become a constant source of error searching.

This is especially true if your precious and crucial Awareness is not productively focused on situations, patterns, and institutions but instead on people’s extravagances and fixations.

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