The Channel of Wave Length (48-16)

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Circuit: Understanding (Creative Channel)
Channel Type: Projected

The Wavelength Channel connects the Splenic Center to the Throat Center through the Gate of Depth (48) and the Gate of Skills (16).

Gate 48 is always observing for Vital Information, and Gate 16 continually considers new ways to experiment and perfect its Skills.

When connected to the Judgment Channel (Channel 58-18) with its ability to Challenge and Name what is not working, this Talent Design can use its Depth and Skills to find a potential solution to a problem or to encourage, correct, and refine something that requires improvement.


The Depth available in Gate 48 is an Inner Intelligence that cannot be grasped by the Mind and is only accessible when one has surrendered to the natural Body Instinct.

When one is deeply Identified with a Skill, which is available in Gate 16, or practice, there is a gradual transformation in precision and excellence that is communicated as Talent or the end result of perfecting the Skill or Pattern.

A Skill can be anything from playing an instrument to understanding a scientific formula, making your life extraordinarily beautiful in the world.

Mastering an area of the logical process often serves a broader purpose and enhances the lives of others.


You are designed to combine Intuitive Depth with repeated experimentation and practice, striving for mastery in perfecting an Instinctual Skill.

The key to successfully developing your Talent is through complete identification with something you love to do, as it takes great dedication and constant repetition to achieve Mastery.

Bringing your Depth to Technical Mastery or perfecting a Skill transforms your Skill into Talent.

When your Enthusiasm is combined with long-term dedication to refining your Talent, the mastery of the pattern eventually transcends the pattern itself, freeing you to Express your Unique Wavelength.

At the cellular level, it takes the body seven years to transcend a Technique; it may take a lifetime to delve into your Depth.


Those with the 48-16 Channel have an innate need to be recognized by others, to be asked to share their Talent, and to be rewarded with resources to continue their process of practice and refinement.

They may lack direct access to their Energetic Resources (‘Motor Energy’).

For example, if a parent does not purchase an instrument and provide music lessons, it will be much more challenging for a child to develop their budding talent or the dedication needed to perfect their Skill.

Or to pursue the exploration of patterns on behalf of humanity; patterns that could prove crucial in facing our future with relative certainty.

Money is a form of recognition, and Talent flourishes when energized by recognition and rewarded materially.

Developing social skills often helps the success of the Artist in competing for the economic resources needed to continue refining their Talent.

The 48-16 Channel also represents the master-apprentice relationship. The Master shares the expertise gained through the constant refinement of a Skill, through teaching or guiding the gifted young student.

During this phase, the focus is usually on technique, and Talent is considered only 1% gift (inspiration) and 99% work (sweat).

In this way, the pattern is passed down in the process of refinement and continues until each new master adds their unique perspective and level of Talent to the Creative Logical process.


– The Necessary and Quality Foundation Essential for Establishing the Common Good –
Quarters: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Bonds
CAR: Right-Angle Cross of Tension
CG: Juxtaposed Cross of Depth
CAS: Left-Angle Cross of Attempt

Gate 48 provides significant awareness rooted in a Deep Instinctive Memory, giving you the Potential Depth to bring real Logical and Functional Solutions to societal problems.

Above all, you want to Express and Share your Depth to help others Recognize, Correct, and Perfect the world we live in.

Without Gate 16, however, you might experience a sense of inadequacy, fearing you may not be able to explain your solution, or periods of frustration when you realize you have to wait for others’ recognition of your Depth before you can Share it.

You might become overly concerned about the development of the Skill you feel is lacking.

Relaxing into a waitful activity (desired) will draw people to you to Initiate your Depth. This way, your Potential Solutions can emerge naturally and clearly as foundations for Assessing, Perfecting, and Guiding others’ Skills.


– The Noble Art of Enriching Life through Harmonious Channeling of Energy –
Quarters: Civilization
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Form
CAR: Right-Angle Cross of the Planning Vessel
CG: Juxtaposed Cross of Experimentation
CAS: Left-Angle Cross of Identification

With Gate 16, you can eventually leave your mark on the world as a keen critic, expert performer, or through your talent and enthusiasm for living.

However, you don’t start life this way. You need to Identify with a Skill or Skills, dedicate yourself to repeating the Pattern, and focus on practice until you reach a point of Mastery that transcends the Skill itself and becomes Art.

The world awaits that moment when the dancer becomes the Dance or when living your life becomes your masterpiece. You are seeking the perfect way to Express your Competence.

Without Gate 48, you might become self-critical in feeling that you lack the adequate Depth.

You are also looking for the Source of material support that allows you to focus on perfecting your Talent, Theory, and Solution, so you can make all of it available to the world.

You seek people with Gate 48 to bring their Depth and Dimension to your Skill as much as to direct, correct, and encourage your Disciplined Practice appropriately.

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