The Channel Of The Release Of Emotions (39 – 55)

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Circuit: Knowledge
Channel Type: Projected

The Channel of Fluctuating Moods connects the Root Center to the Solar Plexus Center through the Gate of Provocation (39) and the Gate of the Spirit (55). Inclined towards Melancholy and Uncertainty, Provocative and Emotional, the mood on/off switch is set in motion here. The Emotional wave behind the Passion and Melancholy of Individualism is a Mechanics, an infinite continuum between Happiness and Sadness.


The Channel of Emotional Release is defined as a Provocation that Enhances Spirit Awareness. We are all subject to the ever-changing mood of this Channel, a profound and creative force behind Mutation on the planet, up to 2027.

The fluctuating mood better describes this rather flat Individual Emotional Wave with its high and low emotional changes or peaks, from ecstatic moments of pleasure to melancholic moments of unpleasant uncertainty and sadness. We are not designed to rationalize our moods but to live within the alchemy of the Mutative Pulsating Wave.

Living authentically and fully embracing the emotional wave, those with this Channel will plumb the depths of their Spirit and Truth. “True spirituality emerges from correctness” – Ra Uru Hu. The Spirit finds its balance when we realize that our glass is both half full and half empty, being both emptied and filled.


You know how to draw out and discern the nature of an individual’s or a group’s Spirit. You can understand which people are correct for you through the interaction between you and them and through the Spirit or Mood that resonates with you.

You also know how to get what you want or need from others. One can be provoked to experience pleasure rather than suffering, joy rather than sadness.

Over time, you learn how to successfully provoke and draw out the desired Spirit from others, finding what is correct for you. At the same time, your Provocation opens people to the contagious and transformative qualities you bring as an Individualist and can also bring something new out of them.

The impact you have and the Spirit you provoke depend on your Mood or where you are in your Emotional Wave. To bring out the Correct Spirit, you must be in the Correct Mood. However, you are not a victim of your Mood, and you don’t need to make others victims either. You are well served by recognizing that there is a correct mood or time for everything in life.

When you’re not in the mood to socialize, you can enjoy time alone, in the company of your personal inspiration. This time spent with yourself connects you to mature Emotional Creativity, depth, and truth that are uniquely yours to bring into the world.


As those with the Channel of Emotional Release grow in awareness, they free themselves to embrace the full range of their Emotions and Emotional Impact, reducing the potential for emotional tension in relationships.

Individualists should never make love, eat, work, or play when they are not in the right mood. If they strive to do something when they are not in the right mood, they will not experience the pleasure they seek and will greatly diminish their potential to impact and empower others with a Spiritual Passion for living.

When the depth of Feeling is experienced authentically, it conveys a seductive human warmth or passionate sadness that is often expressed through Music and Art or acted on stage, including the stage of life.

If not embraced healthily, fluctuating moods can become manipulative and obsessed with pleasure. Those with the Channel 39-55 may turn to sex, food, or drugs to compensate for their Melancholy.


– The Value of Impediment in provoking analysis, estimation, and reevaluation –
Center: Root
Quarter: Civilization
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through form
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of Tension
JC: Juxtaposition Cross of Provocation
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Spirit

The Gate 39, powered by the Root Center, is the Pressure to provoke the evolution of Spirit Awareness in revealing itself.

Emotional Awareness is the destiny of humanity, but it is the Individualist through Gate 39 that provokes the Mutative Potential within Gate 55 to Release the Spirit Awareness of the Solar Plexus.

You have the Energy to persevere through your mood swings and draw from Spirit Awareness. Your Provocations reveal which Spirit is Correct for you.

If you are merely a source of irritation to others, they are not correct for you. People may react negatively to your Provocations, but this is your unique gift, even if you need to develop a thick skin to live with it.

Provocation is also how you connect with your feeling and train it; if you are in a bad mood, you will glean unhappiness from others.

It takes time to learn who can be successfully provoked or not, and you can only impact the Collective or Tribal, releasing a true Mutation, when you are in the Correct Spirit or Mood.

This is what makes Mutation Contagious and moves the Potential of Awareness through the entirety.

Gate 39 is one of the three Gates of Deafness, meaning you are not designed to be easily influenced without the ability of Gate 55 to release Emotions, the Pressure from the Root Center could push you towards abuse, such as substance abuse or an eating disorder.

Patience with yourself and your Wave is required for your journey to Spirit.


– Abundance is strictly a matter of Spirit –
Center: Solar Plexus
Quarter: Initiation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Mind
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix
JC: Juxtaposition Cross of Moods
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Spirit

Spirit Awareness is not a Concept (Ajna) or Instinct (Spleen) – it is an Emotion (Solar Plexus). Abundance is a function of Spirit; it is how you perceive what you are feeling and the Mood you are experiencing in the moment.

Gate 55 is susceptible to the Chemistry of the Melancholy of the Emotional Wave, which cycles between Hope and Pain.

One moment the glass is felt half empty, and the next it’s half full. Your Mood determines what is correct for you and when. If you are not in the mood to eat, work, make love, be social, or create, it is not healthy for you to do so.

When you feel like staying alone, do not try to explain or excuse yourself; simply honor the Mood and accept being in the moment with your creative inner Self. Your most creative moment is when you feel deeply Melancholic.

A kind word to those around you when you’re simply not in the mood to be social will help them not take the Emotional Energy they are feeling from you personally.

You are open to people with Gate 39 who provoke you so that you can become aware of your Spirit and Moods for yourself. At any point in your wave, the way your Spirit feels and emotes is not open to comparison, discussion, or influence by others.

Spirit Awareness emerges from asking whether the glass ever truly exists. What you fear most is emotional emptiness or a lack of Passion in life.

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